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How much do Photographers charge? 2023

Average Price
£115 - £800

How much does a Professional Photographer charge?

Want to hire a photographer but not sure of the cost? Read our handy price guide to find out how much your photographer will charge depending on the type of shoot you require them for.

What is a Photographer?  

On the surface, it might seem like a photographer is simply someone who holds a camera and takes photos. However, the reality is that there is a lot that goes into getting the perfect shot. A photographer will be someone who has creative skills and a wealth of experience. Find a Photographer near me.

They will understand aspects such as image composition and lighting, plus have a thorough understanding of the technical components of a camera. For example, what lens and shutter speed to use depending on the time of day and the type of shoot. Most of all, a photographer will know how to capture the perfect shot. They work behind the camera to direct the image and put their subjects at ease. A photographer can be self-taught or have a formal education that may span other creative disciplines such as graphic design and videography. 

How much do Photographers charge?

The cost of a photographer will vary depending on the type of photography, their experience, and how long you need them for. Some photographers may also work on an hourly basis, but most will give you a flat fee. 

Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of a Photographer based on the prices of local UK professionals: 

Type of PhotographerHighest average priceLowest average price
Wedding£800 £500

Portrait photography is typically the cheapest, starting at just £115 on average. The reduced cost is due to the simplistic shooting methods involved. If the photography is digital only (such as to display the images on your company website), then this will be even cheaper.

On the other end of the scale, wedding photography is the most expensive averaging between £500 and £800. This is because wedding photography is usually a lot more demanding than other styles. The photographer will then need to edit the photos and get them printed, which takes a lot more time and effort overall. The cost of hiring a photographer will also depend on their experience. If they are particularly renowned in their field, expect the cost to be much higher.

What changes the cost of a Photographer? 

No two photoshoots are the same, and there are various reasons why you may wish to hire a photographer. Here are some top points to consider, along with how this may impact the price: 

  • Type of photography 

  • Location 

  • Time required 

  • Shots required

  • Videography 

Type of Photography 

There are many different types of photography, such as portrait, fashion, landscape, commercial, wedding, or events. Some photographers may offer various types of photography but usually, they will specialise in a particular area. 

Commercial photography tends to be the least expensive type, especially for jobs such as corporate headshots. This is a job that can be set up relatively easily and completed quickly.

On the other end of the scale, wedding photography is the most expensive type. However, this ties in with the wedding industry as a whole which sees most services increase in price if they are related to a wedding.


If you are hiring a photographer from outside the area, then the cost of their travel will need to be factored in. Often it comes down to choice as to if you like the style of their work, you may be willing to pay slightly more to hire them for your project. 

Time required

Photographers can work either on an hourly, half-day, or daily basis. For larger projects, they may also work on a fixed fee. The longer you require them on set, the more they will charge you. 

Shots required

Some photographers may work on the number of shots required. If so, they will usually have a price package for the likes of 10 shots, 50 shots, etc. 


Although photography and video are two separate entities, your photography may offer video in addition to photography. This will require an extra member of the team to capture both, which will be more expensive. Though, it could still be cheaper than hiring a separate company to record your event and edit the footage. 

Is it worth hiring a Photographer?

These days, everyone thinks they are a photographer because of the camera on our smartphones. However, to capture truly breathtaking photos this takes the work of a skilled eye, not to mention the right equipment. A photographer understands the light, composition, emotion, and purpose behind each image. They can set the shot up properly so all of these elements are considered. So if your event or project is important, then hiring a professional photographer will certainly pay off. 

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