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How to make your company headshots look professional

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Mika, Staff Writer

Monday, 8 March 2021

Company headshots allow you to put a face to a name for all those who work for your business. They appear on the likes of ‘about us’ website pages, search engines, company social media feeds or whenever your business appears in the media. 

Therefore, the images must be not only high-quality, but deliver the right aesthetic to accurately represent your business. If you need to take some company headshots, here are some of the top aspects to consider.

Don’t use selfies

Selfies were thought to be invented by Paris Hilton back in the day. Now selfies are something that a lot of people take and post on social media. The problem is, they are rarely seen as professional, especially if they are provocative in nature or have an inappropriate background.

Plus, selfies aren’t universal in terms of quality, angle or tone. While it’s one thing to look friendly, posing or worse still using filters doesn’t exactly scream corporate. In the worse cases, it could even harm the reputation of your business, since the photo could say exactly the opposite of what your company is about.  

Get the lighting right

Lighting and photography go hand in hand. It’s possible to use natural lighting or artificial lighting for headshots. Harsh yellow strip lighting won’t do anyone any favours, and could even cause the image to look a little pixelated.

Ideally, the lighting should be white lighting which mimics natural lighting, only it’s much stronger. The lighting also needs to be set up in a way that doesn’t create a shadow behind the person’s head. 

Consider your attire

Some businesses have a strict dress code, and others are more relaxed. For example, a law firm could wear sharp suits, whereas a marketing firm might wear jeans and a t-shirt. Mixing things up is fine, so long as your employees look cohesive. You might even want to consider getting company t-shirts printed since this will make everyone look the same for the shoot.

Decide the tone

Do you want your company headshots to look relaxed, neutral or serious? It of course very much depends on the type of business you own and the services you carry out. However, each headshot will need to follow the same theme. 

The personality of the professional should also be captured within the image since it’s intended to explain more about them, especially when accompanied by a bio on your website. 

In doubt? Hire a professional Headshot Photographer!

Most businesses don’t have a photography studio in their office. To create a quality looking headshot, you’ll need a DSLR camera, lighting and possibly a backdrop. Plus, you may want to edit the photos afterwards. 

Headshot photographers are extremely experienced in everything from getting the right angles to cropping, lighting, photo editing and more. So, if you want the job done efficiently and to a high standard, it’s well worth investing in their services. After all, the results will be displayed to your clients, suppliers and the general public. So it pays to get it right! 

To sum up

A great headshot should speak volumes about your employees, as well as your company values. Even though all businesses require different things from their headshots, the need for a crisp image that’s tasteful and on-brand remains consistent. Hiring a professional headshot photographer is the best way to make that happen.

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