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How to improve your building security

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Mika, Staff Writer

Monday, 25 January 2021

Crime can happen anywhere, but is most likely to occur in buildings where there is a lack of security! That’s why it’s time to get clued up to make sure your building isn’t at risk from theft or damage. 

Here are our top tips on how to improve your building security to tell you more. 


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) can be installed throughout your building. It should cover all your main entryways and any areas of vulnerability. These days, it’s possible to install remote CCTV that can transmit images to your phone if any movement is detected. This can also link to an operations room so that police can be called if necessary. Without CCTV, it’s very difficult to identify intruders or provide evidence to police which is why it’s essential. 


Criminals are much more likely to strike in areas which are poorly lit. Lighting can come in the form of street lighting or motion sensor lighting. If you install more lighting, this will give you better quality CCTV images too. Ideally, bright white lighting should be used over yellow lighting, as this best mimics daylight. If anyone does try to break in or cause damage, there’s nowhere to hide if they are well lit! 

Windows & Shutters

Regardless of your building type, you should look to install security proof windows. If your building uses single glazing, intruders will find it very easy to break in. The more layers of glass (and the tougher that glass is) the better. Also, shutters should be installed over shop windows or doors which do not have additional security measures. Commercial properties are a great example of this, especially if the building is a period property with less secure features.

Restricted Entryways

Depending on the nature of your building, you might not want just anyone walking into it. For example, residential apartment blocks or workplaces. There are various security measures you can take for your entryways. For example, key fobs or pin-activated entry systems. Doors can also be fitted with alarms that will alert you should anyone try and force entry. 

Hire A Security Guard

Tech offers up many solutions, but nothing quite beats having an actual human on patrol. As the eyes and ears of your business, they will deter any would-be criminals in their tracks. If you have a particularly large site or high value assets on the premises, then a security guard is a necessity. Security guards can also offer visitor screening services, making their work very flexible as well as value for money.

To sum up

We hope the above tips have given you some helpful starter points when it comes to improving the security of your building. Whether you’ve only just moved in or if you’ve been there for some time, you can never get complacent when it comes to your security. 

By far the best way to go is to combine tech solutions with hiring a security guard. With all avenues covered, your building is less likely to be a target of criminal activity.

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