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I offer bespoke and tailored training plans.

I train you in the comfort of your house, in my private studio or in an open space based on your preference.

I am creative, professional and easy to talk to.


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27 July 2019

Vin is an excellent trainer. Sessions are fun and the training is having a very positive impact.


25 March 2019

Done 6 sessions so far. Excellent.

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It is very important that there is a good level of communication, understanding and trust.

After a test session where I assess fitness level, we discuss and find the best plan of action for you to achieve your goal without compromising your lifestyle and personal commitments.

Everything has to be tailored and with a specific target.

Consistency, positive thinking and confidence.
With these three: results are guaranteed.

I love the fact that I get to know amazing people, I can relate to them and see changes in them, physical changes as well as changes in their mindset.

I have been obese most of my life, fitness changed my life and made a better man.
I want to help people to experience the same.

I'm simple and easy going but at the same time determined and focus.
I'm not judgemental as I had my own fitness challenges.
I listen to them.