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My name is Tom Lakos. I am the owner of ProTom Fitness and the Creator of 4 Core Fitness® ltd, rated 2nd best personal trainer and training company in the UK*.

I have a wealth of experience and vast knowledge in the area of physical training.


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7 March 2019

Pro Tom is Excellent and without a doubt deserves 10/10!! I was unsure at first because I had trained with other trainers before and it didn’t go so well but I found Tom and he is incredible! I have now been training with Tom for over two years and it’s the best money I have spent. He is really knowledgeable about what he is doing and pushes you to your highest possible potential. He sets out a nutritional plan, gym plan and stretch plan as part of the package. There is always time to train so when Tom isn’t available he has other trainers who are to the highest quality also! If you want a personal trainer then I highly recommend Pro Tom! :) More...



6 March 2019

It is such a pleasure to train with Protom fitness and 4 core. The professionalism and work ethic is second to none. Each client is treated as an individual with what ever goals they want to achieve. The enthusiasm and genuine passion for fitness that Tom and his other trainer show is outstanding. I love training individually or at the group sessions there is always a upbeat atmosphere. You can ask Tom anything about the human body and he will probably know the answer. He is very knowledgeable. He will push you to meet you goals. He has questionable music taste but he knows his stuff.I have been training with Tom for 2 years now and he really cares about people and wants them to achieve their full potential. Whatever that might be strength training, kicking boxing, fat loss or just general keeping fit he will keep you on the straight and narrow. :) More...

What can I say :) You have been always hard working so the glory is yours really :) You took on board everything we said and planned for you, the music was part of the plan :) haha :) thanks for being a loyal and hard working client!


Lisa Curtis

6 March 2019

Best trainer I’ve had. After coming back from LA I needed a trainer who knew how to teach boxing..Tom has taught me so much! I also like how he’s so focused on doing each excercise correctly. You’ll get one hell of a workout with Tom and it’s good to know you won’t leave with an injury. More...

oh we always have so much fun :) Not sure about 2 days later when your muscles are complaining a little bit :) You are very good in boxing now and very skilled as well! It is a pleasure to train teach you more and see you flourish :)



10 September 2018

Excellent PT and kickboxing with Pro Tom Fitness
I have been training with Tom for around 1 year now, with a mix of kickboxing lessons, group PT and strength training PT. He is highly knowledgeable, with a focus on core and functional strength and proper form along with high calorie burning and strength building, utilising either HIIT, martial arts exercises and traditional strength exercises as well as a range of other techniques you won't find in a 'normal gym' (medicine ball training for example). I found Tom's workouts unique and they always kept me motivated. He genuinely cares about his clients and is very focused on proper form so a great person to see if you have ever had an injury. Highly recommend Tom at Pro Tom Fitness. More...


Karina Tyma

3 August 2018

I've been working with Tom for 4 years and I started when I was 14. Great experience and great fitness sessions carefully designed to my age, needs, and squash.

And how many more years :) you helped me to design and come up with so many new excises and moves :) here is the proof of your hard work and being a Squash champion :) https://www.instagram.com/protom_fitness/


Gemma Hyde

3 August 2018

If you are searching for personal training you must try 4 Core Training. I booked a block of home PT sessions and couldn't have found Tom more professional, helpful and passionate about me achieving my goals. I struggled a little with work commitments and wasn't the easiest client to fix timings with but Tom recognised this and would kindly make suggestions to sure I had a time which worked for me. The sessions were fantastic - varied and exciting which is really important if you don't like the same workout every time (I've had trainers like these in the past and it gets boring quickly). 4 Core Fitness also offers multiple locations to train at making things very flexible and different to other companies. Overall a fantastic experience and I will be going back for more training sessions in the near future. A well deserved 5 stars! More...

It was lovely to train you, i know life and work in general is always trying to get you off the path, but we just need to make sure we plan things into the diary and ahead! We will miss you but we hope we will be training you again soon. Take it easy and keep up the running :) Tom



17 July 2018

I love everyone that trains me and they are all lovely but make you work as hard as you can and they really make me laugh even when I’m in a grumpy teenager mood . Always will recommend training with protom fitness because it’s the best change I have ever made because now I feel more confident with my body shape and fitness level . Thankssss x More...

Actually 3 years now :)


Jamie taylor

15 July 2018

Had my first Thai boxing session with tom and must say what a great guy, very good instructor would well recommend to anyone who is looking for something in the fitness sector whether it be pt sessions or classes .

Thank you Jamie. I hope we will train you soon ;) tom


Matthew Budd

13 July 2018

Tom and his team are an absolute inspiration. They are motivated and encouraging helping you to achieve your fitness goals but also encouraging good form and correct posture at all times. Which ever path you decide to take with Tom and his team whether it is group sessions or private tuition you will thoroughly enjoy a hard, testing and rewarding session.

Absolutely love training with Tom and his experienced and knowledgable is very refreshing compared to some “Personal Trainers”

Thanks Matt but people like you is easy to train. You are a keen learner and we are perfect fit for you. We miss you a lot but hope you will be able to come back to train with us soon. Tom


Ben Mainwaring

Really loved my first session with Dom doing group thai kickboxing Saturday morning . Dom took the time out and spent the full session with me as a new member,teaching me good form & correcting bad habits . I walked out of class buzzing . I can’t wait to go back for some more thai boxing classe and get stuck in ! Would recommend to anyone ! More...


Georgina Blake

I have had such a great experience with Tom. I would recommend him to anyone. He doesn't only care about your fitness but your body as a whole, he plans every session and exercise to your individual body. He would much rather you took your time and ensured you completed the exercise correctly and safely. He will help you get the results you are looking for. I can't thanks him enough for what he has done for me! He takes pride in what he does and how he helps people which is what makes him the perfect personal trainer. More...


Roxy Wright

Tom is the best coach I have ever trained with.... I look forward to Monday’s every week (burn off my wine!)


Jamie Taylor

Had my first Thai boxing session with tom and I must say what a great instructor we’ll recommend for anyone who is looking to take lessons really looking forward to going back after some time out�


Charlotte McGill

I can honestly say that Tom is the best PT I have trained with. I first came across Tom because a colleague won 2 free sessions with Tom in a raffle and gave them to me. I did the 2 sessions and then signed up for 2 sessions a week for 3 months, which led up to and finished after my wedding. I have enjoyed every minute of the sessions and no two sessions were the same. Tom focuses on technique and I learnt how badly I was doing some exercises. Tom really cares about your body and really helped me through some back and neck issues I was having. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to anyone. Tom gets results and I had many comments leading up to my wedding at how in shape I looked. I am really going to miss the sessions. More...

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I could probably write a book here, but you can find all our work on our website and Instagram, it is massive. Have so many videos and testimonials.

Follow your trainer or trainers instructions, and make sure the appointment for your training is set in stone in your diary!

When people listen and take on board our teaching. The best part when they also test it, apply it and in the end they understand how to continue the journey with or without us or the team.

You probably laugh on this but I born to be a trainer, all my life I was so active and through my wast amount of studies become clear. Doesn't matter what is the end product like, sport performance, loosing weight, able to move without pain etc. There are rules and technical , Bio-mechanical beauty in every movement and if we do things wrong we will heading toward a physio or a chiropractor hand. When I personally fed up with the crippled fitness industry where people are numbers or where trainers simply move people instead of train them and educate them. I set up my own and providing return on people investment on them self, value for money. You are not a number, you are an individual and everyone need a different approach. Just because we know Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt training routine about how to get six packs or toned body it doesn't mean it will work for you the same way. My job is to help you how to get there, my business is stands out between many because we care!

I have a brain and a very good eye for detail and attention. Helped so many people with different frame, different problems and so many different goals. I am not one of the top coaches but I belong to the best one's. Brutally honest and if I cant help you I will tell you, I don't want your money. I am looking for another success story! Anyway if you consider to hire me, please go to our website and read about me and have a look into my work. I personally can't take you serious if you don't know why do you want me and not another trainer! We only respond for inquires if you specifically shout out to us on your Bark form.