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Jamie Brown is the co-founder of fashion tech startup Chicmi, and provides consultancy on marketing, technology, scalability and growth to some of London's most exciting tech startups.

Jamie Brown Reviews

Jamie Brown Reviews

Review of Jamie Brown by Sree Sreenivasan
5 01/07/2018 Sree Sreenivasan

This is the temp store while the legendary flagship one is being revamped. The five stars are for the staff here, who are always excellent and helpful. Tonight, I worked with Firuz and Gilberto, who rock stars of customer service. Thanks, all.

Review of Jamie Brown by Joel Ickes
3 19/06/2018 Joel Ickes

No customer restroom (I was here 3 hours), and to consider the hundreds of dollars we spend on your products every year. I really needed to take a dump. Make your customers comfortable.

Review of Jamie Brown by Michele Kainz
5 15/06/2018 Michele Kainz

I was interested in the hype about the store. My expectations were exceeded. Staff was friendly, offered free courses and were willing to deal with small purchase of pencil part. Highly recommended!

Review of Jamie Brown by Conrad Fallon
1 13/06/2018 Conrad Fallon

Unfortunately there was no option for zero stars, what a bummer. I decided to visit the apple store on 5th ave AKA (The Zoo). It is infested with tourists. The only appointment left was for 9:45 pm. I had a problem specifically about the fan and I asked them if they could replace it. They insisted on putting new software in the computer instead of fixing the hardware inside the computer. They then kept me waiting for almost two hours while I sat there. They cannot name it the Genius Bar because all of them are far from "geniuses." Instead of fixing the problem they made excuses on how they cannot fix the problem. If you like unresolved problems then this is the place for you. They then insisted on loosing ALL OF MY INFORMATION AND FACTORY RESETING MY COMPUTER! THEY LOST ALL OF MY INFORMATION! I then went all the way home to then find the problem was not fixed. My computer was still broken I went back to the store at 12 am for them only to finally take my computer and fix it. ABSOLUTELY THE WOST EXPERIENCE EVER. I was there until almost 1 in the morning. I went back the next morning and they refused to give me my computer. I talked with the manager who was the only nice person there. Everyone else was very rude. NEVER GO HERE, THIS PLACE SUCKS! BTW a new fan is $50 and they made me pay $512. AWFUL SERVICE!

Review of Jamie Brown by Lee Mckee
5 05/06/2018 Lee Mckee

This is a beautiful store huge glass apple store. It is a very busy location so i would say an appointment is very necessary but when you get past that. Everyone here is knowledgeable and polite. I purchased a Macbook Pro and received great service. Always looking forward to something new from Apple.

Review of Jamie Brown by Maria Augusta Pacheco Figueiredo
1 01/06/2018 Maria Augusta Pacheco Figueiredo

After buying US$ 2500 in Apple products, I needed to fix the back glass of my iPhone 7. Got in line and, after a 50 minute wait, I'm informed that the only way to fix the glass is... to buy a new phone! "Replace the whole unit", they said. Apple 5th Ave: where costumers are just as disposable as their phones!

Review of Jamie Brown by Kitty Kat
1 20/05/2018 Kitty Kat

Unfortunately the team member who checked out my item was not the one who actually assisted me in picking the item out. In fact he was far more helpful and patient than the initial other two persons I spoke to. The first team member who assisted me had given me the wrong item-according to the guy at the register. I was told to go back upstairs and pick up a different charger. When I did so, I decided to ask yet another team member for some assistance. This time, I was given the wrong item yet again!!! And reassured that it would work with my device. And of course, I made it home and found out he was completely wrong. This is not the first time this has happened and if I can avoid going into the store completely, I gladly would because, all the Apple items I have purchased online seem to work far more efficiently than the items I have purchased at the store. Which is sad, you would think speaking to the representatives at the store would be a reassuring experience without any feelings of anxiousness. Now I’ll have to take yet another trip to the store to exchange the charger when I could be working on something right this minute.

Review of Jamie Brown by faith white
5 19/05/2018 faith white

Fifth Avenue is a wonderful place to take a stroll. For those who like to shop, there are many opportunites. It is so much fun to look at the store windows and see how they are set up. One gets a good idea of some of the styles that are in fashion.
A must for every visitor to NYC. Beautiful street and wont disappoint - loads to please the window shoppers as well as the shoppers :-). A must

Review of Jamie Brown by Alan Randle
5 17/05/2018 Alan Randle

Apple fan, so I must say this was amazing to see this store. Apple stores are Apple stores, but none compare to this. A definite must visit while you are in Manhattan for sure!

Review of Jamie Brown by Luxi Ye
5 04/05/2018 Luxi Ye

Joseph Lee was extremely helpful. He patiently listened and empathized with my phone issues, processed my case with care. The experience brought retail customer service to a new level!

Review of Jamie Brown by zhould1990
5 29/04/2018 zhould1990

Great Apple store. Service is good and the stuffs here are very well organized and informative. I got my iPhone 6sP battery replaced within 1 hour. Very efficient and is totally satisfied.

Review of Jamie Brown by OC McNally
5 17/04/2018 OC McNally

never ever had a bad apple experience. by far the best train n wanna be working for a progressive company humans to interact with. I respected all the brain works Apple display in products and in the form.of human capital on the sale n service floors. Go Apple Make America ( the world ) healthy again.

Review of Jamie Brown by C Falletta
1 12/04/2018 C Falletta

Very dissatsified - waited over 1 hour despite various staffers telling me only 5 minutes with no follow up except for text messages asking if I want to delay appointment time. When asked one of the staffer his name he refused to provide. Store manager not effective at all with staffer or organization of store and customer satisfaction. Worst store experience ever! Apple sadly not what it use to be!!

Review of Jamie Brown by Kabir Aswani
4 05/04/2018 Kabir Aswani

The beautiful Apple store on Fifth Avenue replete with the best consumer technology in the world. Great store and lovely ambience. Gets crowded as hell but is definitely worth a visit. The customer service is pretty good and they seem to genuinely care for your queries. It was amazed at how large the store was and the modern minalist decor really added to the charm of this place. I really should've bought an iPhone from here and now I live to regret it ????

Review of Jamie Brown by Nick Bovonsupakitkul
3 04/04/2018 Nick Bovonsupakitkul

A little too crowded for most of the time. With current construction going on, access is a bit difficult. However, the store looks nice and spacious if not too many people. A lot of tourists though.

Review of Jamie Brown by Chia Joel
5 31/03/2018 Chia Joel

Great design and huge apple classic transparent glass apple store. Apparently biggest in the world!

Appointment highly recommended as its very packed here!

Open 24 hours so that's very sweet.

This is a classic icon to visit if you are an apple fan!

Review of Jamie Brown by Maria Luisa Severino
5 13/03/2018 Maria Luisa Severino

The store on fifth avenue is always super crowded, you have to make an appointment. I took my phone to repair the screen, and I received an outstanding service. The employee help me and took care of everything in a very professional and friendly way. After 30 min I had my phone back and fixed.

Review of Jamie Brown by kirit raja
5 13/02/2018 kirit raja

The biggest Apple Store in the world!
Fifth Avenue Store of Apple is one of the most iconic retail locations in all of New York City. Store was opened on May 19, 2006 and soon after, it became a monument of Apple’s success.
Store itself is actually underground. Though, the enormous glass cube is one of the most photographed places in the city, as well as one of the most visited by tourists and locals alike.

Review of Jamie Brown by Faran Afzal
1 02/02/2018 Faran Afzal

This place is terrible I went in last week to change my battery for my I phone 6s after waiting 4 hours hey checked my phone and told me it was never going to turn on. I then asked for a charger and plugged it in and in less then a minute it turned on nd the genius told me the battery won't help I'll have to buy a new phone because a new battery won't help and they wanted me to wait another 2 hours so they can replace the battery at that point I couldn't wait anymore I had work in the morning. So the next morning I went to a Chinese guy around the block from my house and got a new battery in the matter of 15 minutes and my phone works fine now So thanks for nothing. Never again

Review of Jamie Brown by Chez Don
5 17/01/2018 Chez Don

This place is normally busy, it's a good idea to make an appointment. If you miss your appointment by 10 minutes it will be cancelled. I didn't know this so don't be me! Also they have an amazing staff or atleast the people I had the pleasure of meeting! They are awesome! 😆

Review of Jamie Brown by Kristine Ravanera
5 03/01/2018 Kristine Ravanera

By far my most favourite Apple store (possibly in the world!). It's accessible (although parking can be really difficult at certain hours) and carries all Apple products and even Apple-compatible accessories. There are a multiple number of sample devices that are available for testing and the sales persons are very permissive in letting people try them (our sales person let my 4 year old niece play with an iPad and even pointed out the games and drawing stuff on the device). The best part is that it's open 24 hours so just in case one needs to buy a gift at any time of the day, you can be assured that you won't be left empty-handed.

Review of Jamie Brown by Matt Sebastian
5 02/01/2018 Matt Sebastian

One of the most popular and busiest store around here, staff is very helpful and knew what they wee doing. It's best the make an appointment before come here. It's a great experience and amazing how fast the lines move. Location is super great right by Central Park and famous plaza hotel with many more in the area.

Review of Jamie Brown by Kromah Musa
5 27/12/2017 Kromah Musa

Haven't been to many apple store but this particular store seem to be the busiest store of all. Before going(depending on the reason of your visit) I hightly recommend that you make an appointment with the genius bar else you will stay for hours or you might have to wait until the next day. It's always busy but trust me, you will walk out satisfied.

Review of Jamie Brown by Cerys Matthews
4 19/12/2017 Cerys Matthews

I've used Jamie before, and he's excellent at what he does. Only giving him four stars because I recognise that I may he biased

Used this pro
Review of Jamie Brown by Kristine Ravanera
5 13/12/2017 Kristine Ravanera

By far my most favourite Apple store (possibly in the world!). It's accessible (although parking can be really difficult at certain hours) and carries all Apple products and even Apple-compatible accessories. There are a multiple number of sample devices that are available for testing and the sales persons are very permissive in letting people try them (our sales person let my 4 year old niece to play with an iPad and even pointed out the games and drawing stuff on the device). The best part is that it's open 24 hours so just in case one needs to buy a gift at any time of the day, you can be assured that you won't be left empty-handed.

Review of Jamie Brown by Allie Day
5 13/12/2017 Allie Day

Kevin F and Chris P were of INCREDIBLE help to me. Their kind demeanor, festive red Holiday shirts and knowledge of Apple products was astonishing. Their candor of the outcomes of the difficult storage issues and the options I had was very much appreciated. 10/10 would come back!

Review of Jamie Brown by Shannon James
5 09/12/2017 Shannon James

Large apple store. It's amazing how popular this place is but truly understandable. The staff was helpful and knew their products and well. Easy to find and lots of staff make this place worth going to for any of your Apple products or questions or just to browse.

Review of Jamie Brown by Amna Shafi
5 01/12/2017 Amna Shafi

After “moving” to a better location like a few feet away, the wait times are so much faster. I had a problem with my phone. I was in and out within an hour or so. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review of Jamie Brown by Fabrício Santos
1 30/11/2017 Fabrício Santos

Once the official store is being rebuilt they're working the next door, the store was too crowded. When I finally managed to talk with an employee to buy the new iPhone X I was told no, he said there was no one available at that time, I kept walking around the store, few minutes later when another man asked the same employee to get him an iPhone X He got a positive answer from him. Why different treatments?

Review of Jamie Brown by Bobby K A
4 28/11/2017 Bobby K A

Iconic apple buzzing with a lot of energy and attitude. You can see some real cool and latest stuff. You can connect to the net for free with any of the on display screens and do your local stuff which is great for a traveler.

Review of Jamie Brown by Sonia Briggs
5 24/11/2017 Sonia Briggs

The 1st person I encountered was not helpful. But the second one name flynel was exceptional. He made my spending easier. Made sure I got all my issues resolved and in good time.

Review of Jamie Brown by John Roen
5 20/11/2017 John Roen

Revising my review. This store is special and that is owed to the staff. Exceedingly polite but real, professional but warm, funny and reliable. This is the only 24 hour store in the US in the center of the nation's largest city. And the staff meet and exceed the expectations at every turn.

Review of Jamie Brown by Jordan Qiao
1 10/11/2017 Jordan Qiao

Ridiculously bad/slow service, they basically bounce you from one line to another, but at least they are nice about it. Until A staff member named “Princess”, she was exceptionally rude. I asked her I have waited for a while, how long will it be (since my husband is waiting with my son in the Park), she told me I don’t know, ask that guy, I said but that guy told me to just wait here, she said with an attitude as if she couldn’t be bothered along with a smirk as if she holds the key to my freedoms in this Apple Kingdom, there you go, just -wait -here -then”, then I explained I waited a long time just need an estimate, she said “then go ask that same guy ... and wait here” then she walked away ...

Wow... Steve Job would’ve been disappointed that his customers are getting the same service and attitude as at the DMV.

Review of Jamie Brown by Martin Mucha
2 01/11/2017 Martin Mucha

Unfortunately the store’s customer service quality is declining. I spent 30 minutes trying to buy an iPad without a chance being helped at 9:30PM.

First you cannot walk anymore freely throughout the store, try different products and order, now you have to order directly at the main entrance. If you ask for help, they send you back. Customer support couldn’t sell me anything, because she is here to help and not to sell. After 30 minutes I left empty handed.

After 10 years of being a loyal customer, the place changed from college and helpful to shiny corporation. Hope things will change!

Review of Jamie Brown by Rubi K
1 31/10/2017 Rubi K

It was my favorite Apple store in New York City until yesterday October 30 2017. when I decided to return my Apple Watch that’s never been open.
I came around 7pm and left 2 hours later with out any help ..
it was the line with two people and I had to wait for 45 minutes until somebody start helping me . i handle on the box with order number he spent about 30 minutes looking on it ,it made me so uncomfortable because he turn his back and start talking with someone else and looked suspicious on me not even sure why. Then he decided to help some other customers and told me that he need an invoice, so I had to go through all my emails and find the invoice when I handle him he said that he’s busy and someone else name Eric will help me because he has another customer.
After 30 more min. waiting for Eric( because he also was with a customer) he decided not to even look at the invoice Eric said that i have to do it online.
Question why do i need to wait for 2 hours if you’re are not looking to help ??? Can’t you say it right away that you don’t want to help !
I wish i can give Eric a 0 star for customer service , for spending 2 hours with no help .
Shame on you !!!
Your customer service is sucks

Review of Jamie Brown by Abuelenin Atef
5 24/10/2017 Abuelenin Atef

The store manager “Jesus” is polite, courteous, and accommodating. I was misinformed over the phone about the availability of the iPhone 8 plus and walked in the store about 3 weeks ago at 3am to purchase the device, but the store manager was able to help me out. I’m indeed grateful for his ability to hold his temper as I was very angry at the beginning but he was able to turn my negative experience into positive.

Review of Jamie Brown by Siamrut Patanavanich
5 17/10/2017 Siamrut Patanavanich

Beautiful store. Open 24hours a day I think. Great for if you have an emergency with your device but try to book on advance.

Review of Jamie Brown by Agapito Garcia
5 14/10/2017 Agapito Garcia

Apple does customer service right. Outstanding products and service make Apple a premium buying experience. This is one of the more convenient locations too service your product, go for a few distractions like lunch or window shopping (no pun intended) while you wait for your product to be fixed.

Review of Jamie Brown by Juan Aquino
4 14/10/2017 Juan Aquino

Overall the customer experience is great as in any other Apple Store, though pretty crowded. I rated the place 4 stars since after moving from their main place to the building they don't have a bathroom!!! same on you apple! every time you have a problem with a gadget you most likely will end up waiting in store for 3+ hours, the very least they could do if to offer bathrooms!

Review of Jamie Brown by Nehal Ahmed
4 06/10/2017 Nehal Ahmed

This used to be Apple's iconic glass cube underground store, sadly which is not the case anymore. It's still a pretty busy store, has all Apple products and accessories available. The genius bar was very crowded. Plenty of Apple geniuses are around and ready to help.

Review of Jamie Brown by Ali R.
5 03/10/2017 Ali R.

Great location, great staff. Had a pleasant experience here. Mind you I'm a Windows guy but wanted to stay familiar with macOS. I'm sure any Apple store would have offered a great experience.

Review of Jamie Brown by Rene Nel
4 01/10/2017 Rene Nel

Love this Apple store purely because of the great service one gentleman offered. Very helpful staff, came in booked an appointment and came back in an hour. Although I can say, not all the staff share the same compassion and care. Some have an attitude which is not nice to be greeted by from someone you’ve never met. Also a smile goes a long way.

Review of Jamie Brown by Mike Litoris
5 27/09/2017 Mike Litoris

NOTE: This WAS the best Apple Store in NYC—as of September 2017 this Apple Store isn’t an Apple Store anymore—it’s a huge mound of dirt with lots of cranes and bulldozers and other cool construction stuff. (This is a belated review for the good ‘ol Apple Store that is no more)

Review of Jamie Brown by Nikoloz Nadiradze
5 01/09/2017 Nikoloz Nadiradze

Had to take friend's laptop for minor issues and taking into account how crowded this place is usually, it was quick to get service.
Especially I liked the way service was provided - instead of forwarding you, qualified for your certain task personnel is coming to your desk and solving your problems, answering questions etc.
The only problem was parking for the car, so I had to take train, but this doesn't affect stars for Apple - sorry, it's the city, 5th Ave. :)

Review of Jamie Brown by chris weller
4 30/08/2017 chris weller

I'm not a fan of Apple but had to get an iPad changed. This place is So Busy! That said, the staff are very professional and it works. I was in and out in 25 minutes with a new iPad. Definitely worth taking out Apple Care when buying Apple products.
Great Customer Service.

Review of Jamie Brown by Elizabeth
5 25/08/2017 Elizabeth

This is the best Apple store I've ever been to. All staff and technicians were so prompt to me and my boyfriends needs. My boyfriends phone had a battery issue and they took care of it right away. I bought a few things for myself and the whole process was quick and I was on my way. Very cool store in a great location.

Review of Jamie Brown by Gregory Ortiz
5 19/08/2017 Gregory Ortiz

Best Apple Store I've ever been to. They're great at everything, especially customer service. I went in with my iPhone broken and they replaced it no problem. Love it.

Review of Jamie Brown by Star JB
2 09/08/2017 Star JB

Expect to wait an hour minimum... the appointment time doesn't make a difference, they pick and choose who they'll see first.... fixing means you're coming out of pocket or waiting 10 days

Review of Jamie Brown by Pixey-Louise Moore
4 07/08/2017 Pixey-Louise Moore

I visit this location several times a year and usually it is because I have a device problem. I always have an appointment but I sometimes still have to wait a while. The last time I went with my iPad problem they didn't solve it and told me they are no longer providing service for it. Some big company huh? Very disappointed as I thought a big company like Apple would stand behind their products all the way like so many other big companies do. All in all I really like their showroom on Fifth Avenue and you can see, touch and test out a lot of the Apple products on display there.

Review of Jamie Brown by Pixey-Louise Moore
4 07/08/2017 Pixey-Louise Moore

I visit this location several times a year and usually it is because I have a device problem. I always have an appointment but I sometimes still have to wait a while. The last time I went with my iPad problem they didn't solve it and told me they are no longer providing service for it. Some big company huh? Very disappointed as I thought a big company like Apple would stand behind their products all the way like so many other big companies do. All in all I really like their showroom on Fifth Avenue and you can see, touch and test out a lot of the Apple products on display there.

Review of Jamie Brown by Randy Castillo
1 06/08/2017 Randy Castillo

Horrible Apple Store to go to see Genius to work on your phone and repair a cracked screen. I walked in late for my appointment and was put in standby. Which is understandable cause I was 35 minutes late to to traffic and finding parking. I waited 3 hours out of the approximately 1:15 wait time. Just to give in my phone to have it repaired then have wait another 2:30 to have it repaired. This location is defiantly under poor management and under staff for such a big city

Review of Jamie Brown by Joshua Harrold
5 29/07/2017 Joshua Harrold

This is an amazing Apple Store. Even though it appears to be a temporary location while they build a new one right next door, it is still nice, big and open. This is probably one of the most crowded Apple Stores I've ever been to. Definitely a site to see.

Review of Jamie Brown by Alexander Ball
3 12/07/2017 Alexander Ball

I miss the glass cube. Hope they'll bring back something unique. as for the product: it's apple, people generally have a love or hate attitude
(for the products I have, I give full five stars)

Review of Jamie Brown by Amir Yacobi
3 08/07/2017 Amir Yacobi

The service level deteriorates from an iPhone model to it's successor. I guess they pay their employees less and have difficulties retaining talent. When I bought the iphone 4 I was amazed with the level and knowledge that the staff demonstrated, not anymore

Review of Jamie Brown by Steve Hershman
5 28/06/2017 Steve Hershman

What a great apple store! While it's busy, they've always been able to fit me in an fix whatever I needed. The glass box entrance is legendary for a reason!

Review of Jamie Brown by Daniel Aguilar
3 26/06/2017 Daniel Aguilar

I've been to the Apple stores in San Antonio and Austin. This NYC location has nearly 10 times the amount of real estate and only occupies about 40% with products or interactioncenters, resulting in a very underwhelming experience for what would be a staple location.

Though big wig business moguls surely have their reasoning why they don't, it would be rewarding for customers that stores such as Apple and Nintendo to sell some exclusive items for these unique locations.

Review of Jamie Brown by Gajanan Aiyer
5 21/06/2017 Gajanan Aiyer

One of the best instore experiences at an Apple Store. Is it because it is a flagship store? I doubt anybody waits more than 2-3 minutes to be attended to. The store is divided into 2 parts - the lower part upfront focusing on sales, and the upper part behind focusing on support. The sheer grandeur is impressive.

Review of Jamie Brown by Anton Istya
5 17/06/2017 Anton Istya

The best apple store in my opinion, it's their land marck store open 24/7 with fast and as Apple is know for good service) I personally am not an Apple product user but most of my surrounding are and i have found myself with them in this store quite often my experience never disappointed me.

Review of Jamie Brown by Arun Kumar
5 11/06/2017 Arun Kumar

Never been to an Apple store before, so it was quite amazing to see the store and it's ambience. Without any new products released in the past week the crowd was overwhelming. Staff was helpful for any assistance needed. Hope to see such stores in my country too.

Review of Jamie Brown by Bernadette Garcia
5 27/05/2017 Bernadette Garcia

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The teachers that give the hourly classes are wonderful, there isn't anything to be nervous about. You can go in knowing nothing and go out feeling that you can conquer the world. Great!!!!

Review of Jamie Brown by Elisa Perisset
5 11/05/2017 Elisa Perisset

Awesome shop. Quite different from the others yet quite the same. I wouldn't buy here, it is usually really crowded. But I think it is a must.

Review of Jamie Brown by Mikayla Garren
5 04/05/2017 Mikayla Garren

Love this place. The employees truly care about your situation and try their hardest to take care of you quickly. Expect to wait for a long time, though. Many people have lots of questions about their phones.

Review of Jamie Brown by Tomas Van Basten
1 22/04/2017 Tomas Van Basten

Before I used Apple as an example of how to train my teams w Customer Service. Now, in all fairness there is many more customers and not enough customer service.

The very Law that set Jobs apart from the rest was The Law of Diffusion of innovation, which is now working against 🍎now . 50,000 reporters as the Early Adopters, who care, who listen, who are obsessed, now tell a different story.
The same Law will unfortunately tell customers what Apple really cares about and thats only profit and greed.
Is Apple remarkable? Is there current service system worth leaving a remark about?

It's disappointing. Apple is more concerned w the profit versus the customer satisfaction.

I guess they can make this adjustment w twice as much capital as EXXONMOBIL.

Unfortunately money and power has the ability to disregard the absolute system of Character.

I hope Mr: Cook can adjust his processes to take care of the customer and not the profit. This is what made Apple #1.

Mr. Cook? Do you have a comment?

Review of Jamie Brown by Shaked Bar-Tal
4 18/04/2017 Shaked Bar-Tal

The store is huge. If you are a fan of apple product or even if you are just visiting Manhattan you should walk inside and visit the store. One side note for anyone who want to sit outside of the store on the stairs apparently you are not allowed to do so. If you do so the police officer outside the store will asked you to stand up. If you need a taxi there is a guy outside the store who will ask you if you need a taxi. I must admit that I was surprised to find out that the store as big as it is doesn't have a visiting restroom.

Review of Jamie Brown by Elliot Franco
5 17/04/2017 Elliot Franco

For a store that is always busy they sure have it staffed well. I have never waited more than 5 minutes for someone to help me. Keep Up The Good Work! You got a customer as long as you keep doing the right thing....

Review of Jamie Brown by Prof. Arun C. Mehta
4 13/04/2017 Prof. Arun C. Mehta

Visited in June 2013. Very spacious store. One can see lot of people around. Google salesmen are very informative and happy to answer all queries. But products displayed here are available every where. Nothing special.

Review of Jamie Brown by Sagrey Turjo
5 01/04/2017 Sagrey Turjo

The store is great. Very nicely designed. They employees are always ready to assist with any issue. I bought the iPhone 5s from there 2 years ago. Still running great. Great store. and the around of the store is very nice too.

Review of Jamie Brown by  T Marshall
5 18/08/2016 T Marshall

With huge and in-depth knowledge of all thing related to Internet Marketing and the ability to turn abstract ideas into concrete, easy to understand solutions, Jamie Brown one undoubtedly one of the most innovative and inspiring individuals involved in the Internet industry today.

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