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Talking Therapy UK (Online Therapy)

Canterbury, Kent, Kent

13 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Talking Therapy UK (Online Therapy) logo

Talking Therapy UK (Online Therapy)

Canterbury, Kent, Kent

13 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


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15 December 2019

I would highly recommend Paul to those seeking help.
Paul was quickly able to make me feel comfortable, safe and confident to fully engage in the therapy. He is a compassionate and supportive professional, using a touch of humour to build rapport, which I really appreciated.
Online therapy was practical, easy to do and It was incredibly reassuring to know Paul was contactable any time between sessions.
I also feel very confident in the knowledge that I can easily reach out to Paul again should I need you.
Paul is definitely worth contacting if you’re considering support.

Thank you Chesca. That is lovely feedback. I am here if you need me in the future.

12 September 2019

Paul is incredible, he made a scary thing seem completely chill.

He has already really helped me so far and I look forward to working with him more in the future.

2 May 2019

Helping me to give myself a second chance at life. Paul has won my trust, loyalty, respect and admiration. Don't be afraid to try the newer, more cutting edge therapies if he suggests them- the dude knows what he's doing! He accepts you entirely for who you are and guides you down the path to doing that for yourself. More...

3 April 2019

I reached out to Paul as I was finding life difficult emotionally following both the loss of my mother and also following my wife suffering serious illness.

Paul introduced me to Brainspotting and his techniques immediately had a positive effect. It helped to uncover previous forgotten memories and emotions that enabled me to have a new perspective on how to deal with my issues.

I chatted to Paul via Skype and would highly recommend for those who are short on time or unable to travel.

Paul, Thank You for all your help!

Thank you Dan, for your kind review. I am available if you ever need me in the future.

3 April 2019

I have found the appointments with Paul to have had an incredibly beneficial impact on my mental health and consequently on my daily life. I would highly recommend Paul, he is astute, compassionate and easy to confide in. More...

Thank you Sistine, I am available for more sessions if and when you need me. My best. Paul

28 March 2019

I've had one session so far and it has had a massive positive impact on my PTSD, I already feel brighter, more hopeful and I understand my condition properly for the first time. Paul is so empathetic, professional, and knowledgeable, that I immediately felt completely at ease and was able to get the most from the session. I would thoroughly recommend him. More...

Thank you so much Diane for trying me out. And such a kind review. Generally speaking the Brainspotting and ImTT can clear out the pain and fear parts of trauma memory very fast and in a gentle way. Even one session can make a big difference. I look forward to working further with you.

31 December 2018

That intangible essence I found finally in Paul is a combination of intuition, curiosity, empathy, patience, humility, trust, wisdom and ultimately love. In the end it comes down to the spiritual commitment to do this work that makes Paul a therapist and the intelligent application of his gifts that makes him successful. The humility to realise his limitations does nothing to deter his resolve to learn. More...

Thank you Chris. Your insightful feedback has always helped me learn more and improve my practice and skills. Even helping me to improve the online experience for my clients in general.

29 December 2018

I have really benefitted from Paul's therapy. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with childhood trauma, PTSD and a BPD.

Thank you B.B. for your kind review. It has been a real privilege working with you.

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I like helping people to get well and stay well. People feel alone with their thoughts and feelings. They don't know what to do. BUT there is always a rational sensible reason why they think and feel they way they do. There is ALWAYS a good reason. Even if it seems irrational at the time. Once people realize this, there is an instant freedom they experience. They begin to have compassion with themselves. The mind has a HUGE capacity to heal itself. It does. I assist this natural process.

Working for the NHS has meant I have gained a lot of experience. My private practice has allowed me to specialise and develop my skills and expertise in my chosen areas.

I use evidenced-based therapies proven to work. I have a lot of experience. I believe clients see my hope and confidence in what I do and they begin to feel hope too. I love seeing people getting well and staying well. I am trained in a variety of newer brain-based therapy methods that assist the mind to heal itself. Those therapies are called Brainspotting and ImTT. I am trained in newly developed addiction focussed therapies too.