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I teach Tai Chi & Qigong, for good health, great energy and longevity, as well as better flexibility, balance, posture, good sleep, stress relief and so much more. I am based in Epsom and teach classes & groups as well as 1 to 1 personal sessions, in both art forms.



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By helping them improve their energy and flexibility, thus keeping their body strong and healthy and their energy vital and vibrant.

With my Transformational Coaching. Supporting them to make better choices, understand themselves better and create what they would love, rather than what they think they ought to have, be and do.

Staying healthy, from the inside out. Working with your energy rather than against it. Working only on the outer body, the cosmetic stuff can only go so far. After a while and as we all get older, you need to look after your internal health and your energy system.

Also, your mind. The choices you make and how you live your life, hence coaching is a very important factor in this, as well as training, and listening to your body.