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At Sunny Bird PR we create strategies for brands to connect to their consumers on a regional, national and international scale.

Through a blend of excellent press and opinion former contacts, media relations, content creation, social media, case study management, speaker opportunities, event management, video and more. We help companies from fresh-faced start-ups to established global brands reach the right audiences.

When choosing to work with Sunny Bird PR, you’ll be choosing a team who has as much interest in the success of your business as you do.

Contact us: Sunny Bird 01202 293095

Food & Drink:
Hershey's, Innocent Drinks, Jacksons Of Piccadilly, Jacobs, Options, Ovaltine, Twinings, Douwe Egberts, Finsbury Food Group, Meridian Foods, The Village Bakery, Bells Of Lazonby, Ok! Foods & Flour Power City, Pana Chocolate, Naturelly Jelly Juice, T Plus, Conkers Gin, POW (Powerful Water Company).

Travel & Health:
Amante, Cinnomon Hotels, Exclusive Hotels, Ski St Anton, New You Boot Camp, Epic Running Camps, Homefield Grange, Pilates En France, Detox International, Revival Boot Camp. My Food, Exante, Natural Ketosis, The True You Diet, Patrick Holford, Coeliac UK, Ramsey Health Care UK, Good Night Anti Snoring Ring, Brighton Implant Clinic, Bliss Sanctuary Bali & White Leaf Retreat, The Green House Hotel.

Palmers, Colgate Palmolive, Buxton Mineral Water, Glo Minerals, Gold Star Salons, Sebastian Hair Care, Nottingham Laser Clinic, Breast Cancer Haven, Crystal Skins, Feather & Black, Samsung, AllerSafe, Babypots, Wet Pots, Good Night Anti Snoring Rings, Wingman, The Book of Everyone, & Regrowz.

PR Courses:
Are you looking to raise the profile of your business or yourself, build credibility, drive sales and secure new customers? Whether you are just starting out or have been on the entrepreneurship block for a while, one truth always stands: media attention is an invaluable asset— especially if you want to scale, speak on stage, land book deals, and be seen by millions.

Sunny Bird has created the 'Reaching Millions PR & Publicity Course' to show you exactly how to attract positive attention from the press. This half day event will show you exactly what it takes to land TV, radio, podcast, print, and online media that can change everything for your business.

Sunny Bird PR Reviews

Sunny Bird PR Reviews

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Callie
5 14/08/2018 Callie

Sunny Bird PR changes the way customers see and perceive a brand; creating punchy pitches, PR stunts and attractive press releases that get snapped up by the press of all genres. Sunny Bird PR is perfect for any business wanting to gain publicity traction. Couldn't recommend this fabulous agency more highly!

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Elspeth Helay
5 06/06/2018 Elspeth Helay

Working with Sunny Bird PR was a breath of fresh air for us. We had tried PR before but not had any tangible results. The team at Sunny Bird PR worked with us to understand our objectives and then set KPIs to make sure that those objectives were met. The level of communication from them was exceptional, we had emails every Monday letting us know what they working on for us that week and then another email every Friday telling us what they had achieved. By the end of our project, the objectives had not just been met but had been exceeded which resulted in our product obtaining new listings and sales through the website doubling. Cannot recommend them highly enough!

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Lucy Appleton
5 05/06/2018 Lucy Appleton

Sunny is amazing to work with, she is full of creative ideas and know-how. Her vibrant work ethic is above and beyond and communication was helpful, professional and prompt which helped achieve fantastic results. Sunny has a wealth of experience and this really shows.

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Charles Fynn
5 Charles Fynn

The team at Sunny Bird PR are a pleasure to work with. Having collaborated on video production projects we can see first hand the quality and professionalism they put in for their clients to ensure their video content gets the media coverage and awareness it deserves. Highly recommend!

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Alice Hunter Morrison
5 Alice Hunter Morrison

I hired Little Bird to help with publicising my first book, Dodging Elephants. The results were amazing, with coverage in 4 national newspapers and a 1/2 hour interview on BBC Radio. They really went the extra mile for me and did much more for me than the 'billable hours' dictated. I totally felt that they had my best interests at heart and were doing the very very best for me. Would I recommend them? 100%. Would I use them again? Absolutely!

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Simon Maudsley
5 Simon Maudsley

Absolute pleasure to work with and they deliver results that many PR agencies have failed to come close to! They have always gone above and beyond the call of duty for Wingman and have been fantastic in helping us develop and fine tune our approach to generating credible media coverage

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Tara Howard
5 Tara Howard

Amazing. Sunny Bird really knows her stuff!

Review of Sunny Bird PR by James Elsaba
5 James Elsaba

We at Total Home Loans really love the teamwork ethic and are really impressed with Sunny Bird PR's results keep up the great work!

Review of Sunny Bird PR by Sarah Ali Choudhury
5 Sarah Ali Choudhury

Sunny Bird PR offer exceptional service, they think outside the box and they are so exciting to work with. I've worked with lots of PR companies in the past but am delighted to say that I've found my match. If you are looking for a PR company look no further, you won't find better than Sunny Bird PR. ���

Sunny Bird PR

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Sunny Bird PR Q&A

Sunny Bird PR Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love helping brands and people find their voice, telling people about other peoples brands, connecting clients to consumers, putting bums on seats, ultimately making sales and money for clients!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I had my own retreat business that i launched with pure PR. We generating just under 1 million pounds in our first year. It taught me the power of PR and inspired me to help other businesses.

Why should our clients choose you?

I'm passionate about what i do, results focused, honest, reliable and realistic!
When choosing to work with Sunny Bird PR, you’ll be choosing a team who has as much interest in the success of your business as you do.
On the back of our PR campaign for Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring we secured over £4,000,000 worth of national PR coverage across national titles including the Daily Mail, The Express, The Sun, You Magazine, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, This Morning and Loose Women amongst many others. This boosted their sales by 850%.
A recent national and international campaign for our client The Book of Everyone broke a record of securing 383 pieces of coverage across 38 countries in just a 3 week period. Our client was featured across all national titles and TV such as Lorraine Kelly, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Times Magazine US. This led to a sales increase of 2,656% from the same period the year before. One Daily Mail article alone was shared over 22,000 times, encouraging a 1,850% increase in Facebook social media engagement.
Don’t just take our word for it check out our testimonials and winning campaigns!


The Green House Hotel

THE BRIEF The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth came to us with two objectives; the first to gain editorial in the wedding media and secondly to raise the profile of the hotel. THE CHALLENGE Our challenge was to achieve coverage in the wedding media. Due to its unique audience the wedding media provide precious little in the way of free space for brands trying to get a glimpse of the limelight and our challenge was to do just that. THE SOLUTION As we always do with new clients and new challenges, we researched the market then sat down as a team to work on our strategy. One of the golden rules of PR is finding something new to speak to journalists about; they need new news for their readers. With that in mind we assessed the unique offerings of a wedding at The Green House Hotel and unsurprisingly it was their green credentials that set them apart from the herd when it came to wedding venues. The next step was, how do we make this into a story? We worked with a Bournemouth-based organisation called Count On Me who counts carbon for a living with the aim of reducing companies’ carbon footprint. Using their formulas and spreadsheets we could then accurately work out the carbon footprint of a wedding at The Green House Hotel. That however wasn’t enough; we still needed to make it topical and relatable. To make our story topical we calculated the carbon footprint of the royal Kate & Wills’ wedding to create a comparison and an interest angle. And the best way to make a story relatable is by using case studies so we sourced three; one couple who had a luxurious wedding in Ibiza, another couple who had a more modest wedding in Dorset and our third couple who got married at The Green House Hotel. The carbon footprint was worked out for each of the case studies which gave a fair mix of comparisons for The Green House to be held up against. As our final asset we researched the most popular wedding destinations and calculated like for like carbon comparisons for each. To pitch this story out we researched each wedding title as well as journalists in mainstream publications that had featured weddings and contacted them with an individually tailored pitch suited to each of their titles or style of writing. THE OUTCOME Our hard work paid off with this campaign and we achieved an incredible 11 pieces of coverage in wedding titles reaching over 100,000 of The Green House Hotel’s target audience. Alongside an impressive collection of wedding coverage, the Sunny Bird PR team has also secured over 60 pieces of hotel coverage in just 6 months averaging out to a huge 10 pieces per month. The coverage achieved reached over 2.5 million readers and included reviews and roundups and has an advertising value of over £96,000!

Ramsay Health Care UK

THE BRIEF Ramsay Health Care UK asked the Sunny Bird PR team to help promote its surgical weight-loss procedures throughout the UK. THE CHALLENGE To make weight gain, and in turn surgery, a newsworthy topic to reach the media’s biggest outlets. THE SOLUTION As soon as our client Ramsay Health Care UK asked us to promote weight loss surgery on a national level, we knew we would require some hard-hitting statistics and relatable case studies. The first step was to survey 2000 women who had experienced difficulties with weight loss. The survey results revealed that 75% of women were ashamed and embarrassed by their weight gain, a shocking figure which was ideal for attention-grabbing headlines. After brainstorming how the story would resonate in print and on television, we finally settled on radio as the most appropriate platform for two reasons. Firstly, because of the phenomenal audience reach and secondly, due to the sensitive subject area, we thought case studies would be more comfortable with the prospect of radio meaning they would come across more confident and genuine on the air. Before we could begin pitching the story to the stations, it was vital we had all our assets in place. This included a press release highlighting the most shocking statistics, and a regional break down, and most importantly a selection of interviewees. To give an expert opinion we used a lead consultant weight loss surgeon from Ramsay Health Care who was happy to talk about his work and pass comment on the statistics from a professional perspective. From our survey we sourced three case studies, one for each key region we were targeting, and were careful to research their background and ensure they were a good fit. Prior to the radio day we agreed three core messages with our client and briefed all radio spokespeople on the objectives before going on air. These were to highlight Ramsay’s weight loss procedures; the high quality of care Ramsay provides and the website address. We embargoed the survey results for a chosen date meaning we were able to conduct all the radio interviews on the same day from one central London location. THE OUTCOME Throughout the course of a morning we had 13 interviews set up. This included two national stations, Sky News Radio and talkRadio, along with 12 regional stations in areas where Ramsay hospitals are based. The interviews were a mix of live breakfast shows and pre-recorded slots for the afternoon drive shows. Well-briefed and confident spokespeople ensured every interview ticked our key messages including directing listeners to the Ramsay website. Overall, we reached 3,980,000 listeners, which if the same air-time was bought in advertising would have cost £75,272.

Las Iguanas

THE BRIEF Las Iguanas came to us in advance of opening its first Bournemouth restaurant asking for support on the all-important launch event. Our regional knowledge was required for a marketing strategy, regional media relations and most importantly, getting VIP guests to the launch event. THE CHALLENGE To source the most appropriate marketing solutions based on the core demographic of Las Iguanas as well as sourcing VIP guests. THE SOLUTION To obtain the best advertising for the launch we researched the demographic for Las Iguanas, approached all suitable media outlets including print and radio, sourced media packs, listening figures, advertising packages and advised on where best to place the marketing budget. Las Iguanas targeted the Sunny Bird PR team with securing 40 VIP attendees from a select group of local journalists, local bloggers, local businesses, local tourist attractions and the Bournemouth University journalists. The team thoroughly researched the guest list and sourced contact details to invite each guest personally. These invitations were managed, followed up, confirmed with table bookings and reminder emails to ensure attendance. To enable first class coverage, the Sunny Bird PR team researched local event photographers and recommended the best to Las Iguanas. This photography could then be used for press, bloggers, by the Las Iguanas team as well as by Sunny Bird PR to promote the launch afterwards. The Sunny Bird PR team also liaised with local press to secure coverage in advance of the launch. THE OUTCOME We were originally tasked with a target of 40 VIPs, the team smashed this and had 70 VIPs attend on the night! The evening was a great success, we had our VIP bloggers posting photos on their social media channels all evening showcasing the food, cocktails and entertainment. The Sunny Bird PR team followed up with each guest individually the next day, thanking them for attending and sharing the post-event press release and photography to secure post-event blogs or coverage. Coverage appeared in the local paper, local magazines, online as well as on the blogs and social media channels of Bournemouth’s best bloggers. The Brand Communications Manager for the Las Iguana group commented: “Thank you ever so much for everything it really was a brilliant evening and I’m just so happy with how everything went.”

Three Pregnant Dads!

THE BRIEF The Book of Everyone came to us with the objective of launching its latest bespoke book; a personalised gift for Mother’s Day called ‘The Book of Mum’. THE CHALLENGE To ensure the brand wouldn’t get lost amongst the Mother’s Day gifts already on the market. We needed to really grab the media’s attention and get people talking about the brand. THE SOLUTION The strategy was based on our client’s key objective: to promote the Book of Mum as a personalised gift to show the Mum in your life just how much you appreciate them. Our client (three middle-aged men) wanted to show their mums and wives and all mums out there, how much they appreciated them by putting themselves in their shoes for the entire month. We needed some exciting brand activity in the run up to Mother’s Day – the concept of ‘The 3 Pregnant Dads’ was born. Our clients (against their will) wore “Empathy bellies” that weighed 33lbs/15kg for the duration of the month. This included; when attending client meetings, using public transport and even when heading to the pub! Everything was filmed and documented for the bespoke landing page that they created,, that linked to their main website, The campaign was rolled out to the blogging community to educate them on ‘The 3 Pregnant Dads’ challenge. We enticed them to set their very own mini challenges for our Dads during the month which could be filmed. These included activities such as pregnancy yoga and pregnancy simulation! Once we had built momentum through the blogging channels and via social media, we offered exclusive documentary clips to the Daily Mail Online and lined up an interview with LK Today releasing details of the campaign to the world. THE OUTCOME We secured 383 pieces of national and international coverage across 38 countries within a 3 week period. ‘The 3 Pregnant Dads’ were featured across all national titles and TV, including Lorraine Kelly, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Huffington Post and Times Magazine US amongst many others. One particular feature received comments along the lines of, "That is not real pregnancy, these men have no idea what it takes!" In response, we booked the Dads in for simulated pregnancy pains and filmed the whole experience, creating even more column inches! Our 3 Pregnant Dad’s campaign led to a 2,656%, increase in sales, 2,000 shares on one Daily Mail article alone as well as a 1,850% increase in Facebook social media engagement.

Dorset Cruises

THE BRIEF Dorset Cruises based in Poole, Dorset wanted to reach a national audience to tell them about its specialist gin cruises around Poole Harbour aboard the vintage vessel. THE CHALLENGE Our challenge was to pique the interest of national journalists who are more inclined to feature either nationwide or London activities and events. The second challenge was making sure we were heard in an already gin-saturated market. THE SOLUTION The Sunny Bird PR team liaised with key journalists providing them with imagery and other necessary assets to place the feature. To achieve more extensive features the Sunny Bird PR team also invited a select number of journalists down to Poole to experience the Gin Cruise for themselves. THE OUTCOME In just one month the Sunny Bird PR team achieved 30 pieces of coverage for Dorset Cruises in major national titles such as Stylist Magazine, Metro, Evening Standard, Huffington Post,,, Good Housekeeping, Prima, The Sun, Harper’s Bazaar and Thanks to the coverage achieved, Dorset Cruises reached an incredible 35.9 million readers. This exposure returned fantastic results for the company: “The extensive national coverage and extra exposure of Dorset Cruises they achieved not only filled up the dates that we had planned for the year but also meant we had to put more dates on due to the demand. "On the back of the PR we sold out for the whole year in just one month and sales went up by 567%.” – Jon Morgan, Dorset Cruises


THE BRIEF Start up company thortful is an online card company that focuses on supporting creative talent and having a card for every occasion. They came to us to help launch their brand to the media, opinion formers and target demographic. Their objective was to build brand recognition to boost card sales and boost repeat online purchases. Our challenge involved introducing an unknown card company to mainstream media whilst creating multiple opportunities for thortful to be featured within key titles, without just relying on key seasonal times of year. The online card marketplace is crowded and thortful needed a creative PR campaign that would promote the USPs behind the brand and truly make them stand out amongst the competition. THE SOLUTION The Sunny Bird PR team held multiple 1-2-1 media meetings in London to introduce the brand and the card range to key journalists. Sunny Bird PR ensured that thortful was front-of-mind in advance of all key seasonal times of year (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.). As well as promoting the general card range, Sunny Bird PR also developed a number of creative PR campaigns that would garner as much coverage for thortful as possible. This included the following: itv.jpgbusiness andy.jpgblogger.pngget this.jpgfront.jpggjm.JPGare you ok.pngfathersday.pngFullSizeRender.jpg - Product placement and card round up pages Product placement and card round up pages were sourced and over 6 months the team met with all key journalists face-to-face on media meetings. After seeing and feeling the quality of the cards first-hand, thortful was front-of-mind for their upcoming features. This approach secured coverage in titles such as S Magazine, Fabulous Magazine, Notebook Magazine, Metro and Stylist. Many journalists requested card samples for themselves and family members as a result and it was a brilliant way to introduce the media to the brand. - Father’s Day ‘the best advice your Dad ever gave you’ The team travelled 1,000’s of miles across national train networks to collect the best advice people had received from their fathers. This campaign resulted in some great quality coverage within the Mail Online as well as social media and consumer engagement. - Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sunny Bird PR enlisted a thortful creative to curate a range of empathy cards. The idea behind the campaign was to create a range of cards that is different to the traditional ‘get well’ cards on the market. The creative herself previously suffered from cancer and was positioned as an authentic case study. This campaign resulted in 20 pieces of coverage in titles such as Mashable, Metro, Elle Online, and Good To Know. - Gary James McQueen ‘Are you OK?’ card range The team collaborated with the nephew of the late Alexander McQueen to create a collection of ‘Are you OK?’ cards to tackle mental health stigma and to give thortful the opportunity to be positioned within the fashion and health titles. A mental health charity partnership was secured to add authenticity to the collaboration and the collection was featured in 17 titles, including; Hello Fashion Monthly, Emerald Street and Country & Town House Online. - Launching the Father’s Day Sock Card Father’s Day 2017 saw the launch of the Father’s Day Sock Card – a gift and card in one. The team issued personalised samples to leading TV producers and male presenters who were also fathers. Not only did the team source the names of the influential fathers, but the card designs were chosen for them based on their public persona and taste. This activity resulted in stand-out coverage on ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in a Father’s Day gift guide. The programme was watched by over 3 million viewers and thortful saw a direct increase in sales as a result. - Launching the Keepsake Cards Sunny Bird PR pitched the Keepsake Cards as an alternative Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day ‘gift and card in one’. The press feedback for the Keepsake Cards was very strong, especially among the supplements. All key journalists received personalised Keepsake Cards and we offered them the opportunity to order a free Keepsake Card as a gift from thortful for a loved one of their choice. The activity was in line with thortful’s key messaging of always being thoughtful and it resulted in some great coverage, including pieces in S Magazine, Notebook and Fabulous. - Trade and Business outreach Sunny Bird PR targeted key trade and business titles to ensure that thortful was positioned as a voice of authority and a start-up that was shaking up the card industry. The founder, Andy Pearce, was pitched as a successful entrepreneur and the face of the brand which resulted in standout coverage being achieved within the following titles; Marketing Week, Growth Business, Fresh Business Thinking, Progressive Greetings, Entrepreneur & Investor, Campaign Week and Enterprise Nation. - App reviews One of thortful’s secondary objectives was to encourage sales through the thortful app to boost repeat purchase. Sunny Bird PR targeted journalists who often write app reviews specifically and also seeded the app and a free code to key mummy bloggers. This activity resulted in positive app reviews both in key national newspapers and on high circulation blogs. These reviews often included direct hyperlinks to the app store so that the app could be purchased. The blogger coverage also provided an opportunity for a ‘step-by-step guide on how to use the thortful app’ to be published which educated the reader on the pros of using thortful over the competition. Coverage secured included; Metro, Mummy Constant and The Mirror. THE OUTCOME Sunny Bird PR ensured that thortful was regularly featured with key titles throughout the year. This resulted in 103 pieces of coverage with a circulation of 249,370,993. The coverage spanned from high circulation online titles such as Mail Online, Mashable,, and a prime daytime TV slot on This Morning’s Father’s Day gift guide that resulted in a direct spike in thortful website traffic and Father’s Day sales. “Since we have been working with Sunny Bird PR we have seen a direct impact on our sales and website traffic as a result of the PR coverage generated. We have achieved coverage in our target titles such as The Mail Online, Independent, S Magazine, Notebook, Mashable, Elle, Glamour, Metro, Hello and on ITV’s This Morning! Sunny Bird PR has been an integral part of establishing our brand. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any business looking for a solid PR company”. Andy Pearce, Founder of thortful.

We Organised Bournemouth’s Biggest Ever Public Street Art Project

THE BRIEF Ambassadeur Art Gallery came to us with an idea, their artists wanted to paint a giant work of art on Bournemouth’s Pier Approach which could be perfectly viewed from the Bournemouth Eye. THE CHALLENGE Our challenge was to make this happen! The first challenge was to get the council onside and enough artists on board to complete the project in minimum time. The second challenge was ensuring that the project could be linked back to our client, Ambassadeur Art. The third challenge was to achieve national coverage for a regional event. THE SOLUTION The Sunny Bird PR team worked with the team at Ambassadeur Art as well as the tourism department at the council to make this project happen in just a few weeks. To ensure efficiency the Sunny Bird PR team worked on a comprehensive timing strategy for the whole project ensuring that actions were completed within the tight time frame given. Sunny Bird PR used social media through paid for posts and organic posts to promote the event and to enlist the help of volunteer artists to help work on the project. To tie the project to the gallery, Sunny Bird PR ordered Ambassadeur Art branded balloons and flyers to be handed out on the day. To ensure media attendance on the day, Sunny Bird PR called all the broadcasters and regional press to book them in for the big event. To create the best photo opportunities for the media the Sunny Bird PR team knew they had to get as many people down to Pier Approach at one time. The finished artwork was a giant Spiderman so free ice creams and face painting was offered to anyone arriving in fancy dress as a superhero on the day of the big reveal. Time lapse videos and drone footage was also organised to give to the media and for use on social media. THE OUTCOME The whole event was managed from start to finish without a hitch, the big reveal was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Bournemouth who shook hands with an artist dressed as Spiderman as he arrived via the pier zip wire to deliver the final flourish to the painting. The supersized superhero was surrounded by families and children dressed up as superheroes making for great photos and video footage. The careful execution of this event led to over 20 pieces of coverage in just two days with a reach of over four million people and exposure on TV, radio, online and in print.

Author of ‘Dodging Elephants’, Alice Morrison, came to us for support in launching her latest book.

THE BRIEF Author of ‘Dodging Elephants’, Alice Morrison, came to us for support in launching her latest book. We were enlisted to boost her profile, achieve coverage and review and create media interest in the run up to the launch. Alice's ultimate goal for us was to acheive her a presence on TV. THE CHALLENGE How could we make ‘Dodging Elephants’ stand out from the thousands of books released on a weekly basis? THE SOLUTION Our strategy was based on our client’s key objective: to promote ‘Dodging Elephants’ as an inspirational book proving that ‘if she can do it, anyone can’. Alice has a great backstory which was the perfect backdrop to her book; Alice quit her job and her life in the UK to take on a momentous physical challenge – the Tour d’Afrique. Alice had little training for this cycling adventure but that didn’t faze her, she just went and did it anyway proving that determination goes a very long way (12,000 kilometres to be precise). The other great assets that Alice gave us along with her own empowering story were her incredible photographs from her trip. We all know a picture can tell a thousand words and Alice’s evocative images of Africa were really powerful. We approached national titles, supplements and women’s titles with the ‘inspirational woman’ angle, we approached sporting and cycling titles with the ‘novice takes on world challenge’ angle and we approached the Scottish titles with the ‘Scottish born’ angle. Each approach was carefully thought out and offered on a personal basis to journalists with accompanying images, links to the stockist, extracts and offers to interview our charismatic author. THE OUTCOME In just two months working with ‘Dodging Elephants’ we achieved six pieces of national coverage including a double page spread in The Scottish Mail on Sunday (83,079), a half page in the Scotsman Magazine (22,740), a full page in the Daily Express (419,328), a piece on The Express Online (36,927,044), a half page in The Herald (32,141) and a half hour interview with Alice on BBC 5 Live. This coverage reached over 37 million people and equates to over £60,000 in advertising value equivalent. Following the outstanding coverage achieved by the Sunny Bird PR team, the BBC contacted Alice and commissioned a documentary following her travels and adventures to be aired on BBC Two.

Launching an alcohol brand!

THE BRIEF Conker Spirit is a Dorset-based gin distillery that came to us looking to boost the brand within the national media. In the past, the brand had achieved regional exposure but were now looking to be featured within national newspapers and supplements for the very first time. THE CHALLENGE How do we take a relatively unknown gin, in an oversaturated market and get the national press to fall in love with both the brand and the gin itself? THE SOLUTION The team established a 'hit list' of journalists across key national newspapers and supplements. Many food and drink writers are very well established so it often takes a lot of persistence to get a meeting with them. Luckily our team doesn’t take no for an answer! We set up a number of targeted one to one media meetings in London which enabled us to get Conker Spirit’s Dorset Dry Gin in front of these key industry influencers. Armed with tonic and lime, we had the press try the gin first-hand, whilst we explained the Dorset heritage behind the product branding and the inspiring story which brought the company into existence. This enabled the gin to stand out from the competition and position the founder as somebody who follows his passion. THE OUTCOME This approach resulted in Conker Spirit being featured across an impressive 29 titles in just the first six months. A full page in the Telegraph Food & Drink section as well as The Times business section was achieved. Following this, coverage has also been achieved in Stylist Magazine, The Grocer, Exclusive Magazine, I paper, Country and Town House, S Magazine, Foodism, The Telegraph, Stella Magazine, Fabulous Magazine, Great British Food and The Mail on Sunday amongst others. Not only did we introduce Conker Spirit to key publications but we also secured the brand as the sole gin sponsor at the Q Music Awards. Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin was the gin of choice on the night, Conker Spirit had its own bar in the VIP area and then sponsored the Q 'Hero' award which was issued to Meatloaf. The on-going successful PR campaign for Conker Spirit has resulted in over 182 pieces of coverage being achieved with a total reach of over 356 million. Thanks to the our PR efforts, the national media has well and truly been Conkered!

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