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Our hardworking construction crew works on residential and commercial projects, including new building construction, additions, renovations, custom carpentry projects,kitchens, bathrooms, gardening and landscaping. We're proud to construct and improve peoples homes and more that serve our community.

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Simon Greatbatch

13 June 2019

Not often you find a multi talented builder whose attention to detail , time keeping and cleanliness of the building site matches your expectation. Great Job and thank you once again


Robert Doyle

13 June 2019

Excellent work; competent, efficient and tidy. A pleasure to have Bogdan working in the house.


Roland Young

13 June 2019

Bogdan (now owner of NL Homes) and Rod Ross (Owner of Touchwood Build) we’re behind the construction from scratch of my third bedroom extension with two new bathrooms, one being an en suite. However not only did they do that but they also redid the garden and did the paving. Whenever we came across an unforeseen problem, it was resolved there and then and the project was completed within budget and on time. It was a pleasure to share the space with them and their team during those five months, so much so, that I have now entrusted my flat to Bogdan who is now my tenant whilst I live and work abroad. You can’t get a better recommendation that asking someone who did your build to move in and look after tour treasured property. Can’t fault them! More...

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I have over 8 years experience in UK construction industry

All our projects are carried out with professionalism,focusing on client needs with care and consideration to them and their property.

the most loved thing is that after i finish the job something good is left behind me, something which the client can enjoy for a long time.

having my own business means that i can interact directly with my customers ,finding their needs quicker and accurately , offering them the best options and solutions. And realistic speaking the money is an important factor too.

have a look on my website and reviews see what my customers says. That is what matter most.