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Nicholas Newman is a Freelance Journalist available for work who specialises in features about EU energy, transport and economic development issues, with emphasis on the geo-political and economic realities that underlie current controversies and policies.


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I am well versed in researching, analysing, sourcing, project management, pitching, proposal writing, feature writing and white papers, reports for clients. I am expert in market developments in Europe, Central Asia, Asia-Pacific regions of the world.

Provides critical reviews from the potential users point of view about the latest books.

If you'd like to talk to your customers, potential customers, staff, investors or any other business audience using clear and effective copy that is built on a wealth of marketing knowledge, then contact me.ASAP. I provide copy in various formats including advertorials, whitepapers, reports, press releases, books etc.

I am available for both short pieces of 750 to 1000 words and long pieces up to 5,000. I am well versed in researching, analysing, and sourcing my publications from a broad range of international, national, local and on-line business press and corporate clients. I write reports, whitepapers, features, press releases and edit books for clients.

Copy editing (also written as copy-editing or copy editing, and sometimes abbreviated to ce) is the work that an editor does to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text. Unlike general editing, copy editing might not involve changing the substance of the text.

Writer for many energy magazines including Power Engineering International, Petroleum Review, Energy World, Clean Tech Poland and Economist Intelligence Unit about the issues that matter to policy makers, investors and operators concerned with renewables.