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Green Earth Gardens is an environmentally-focused, top-quality garden design, management, and consultancy service driven by ecology and nature conservation and operating in Cornwall, UK.

The aim is to create beautiful Cornish gardens that thrive with life and provide diverse resources to benefit their owners from foods to medicines.



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Working with clients to find the right balance between the desires and needs of people and of nature. Creating beautiful, immensly usable gardens that nurture us as humans, and which act to protect and conserve local wildlife, and increase our self-sufficiency. Plus establishing the subtle and adorable native UK wildflowers.

To hone and develop my approaches and methods of natural, wildlife conscious gardening and use my Permaculture design skills and knowledge of practical ecology and wildlife conservation.

To recieve a bespoke, highly trained service that is also friendly, effective, and reliable.

To be part of the solution to the environmental challenges facing our global society, including pollution and biodiversity loss.


Innovative, ecologically-inspired design work specialising in edible and useful plants, wildlife attraction, and naturalised landscapes.

Comprehensive garden management following the principles and guidelines of the Organic movement. Harnessing natural processes and respecting the natural environment.

Whether it's simple advice, surveys for wild plants and habitats in the garden, reptile surveys, or full Ecological garden reports, we offer a range of services to fit your exact needs as wildlife-enthusiasts and nature-lovers. Re-connect to the nature that created you, starting in your garden!