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Defence lab Sheffield, Retford, Worksop  logo

Defence lab Sheffield, Retford, Worksop

Worksop - Sheffield - Retford , uk

Defence lab Sheffield, Retford, Worksop  logo

Defence lab Sheffield, Retford, Worksop

Worksop - Sheffield - Retford , uk



Defence lab is a leading self defence system based around society and the today's environment, looking at multiple opponents, fitness, fun and taken on by the UK police force. We cover all aspects of martial arts and self defence. This instinctive system is easy to pick up, highly addictive and great for door work, children, or just having a good time and making friends, the classes are always informative and get you thinking, while learning and pressuring what we are do.


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Eileen Howarth

25 September 2017

First two sessions done. Very interesting. Dealing with realistic street fights. Something definitely to progress with. Good self defence moves.


Craig Davey

Great instructors and a very friendly atmosphere .


Matty Jax

brilliant get your self their !! It's a 10 from Len


Daniel Gareth Williams

Awesome atmosphere great instructors,great people I'm addicted


Peter J. Fisher

Awesome martial art with great instructors........


Simon Risebury

Excellent real world martial arts and fitness training ,everyone super friendly and world class instructors what more could you want


Andrew McNulty

Awsome self defence techniques and a brilliant way to get fit also a good friendly atmosphere


Thomas Lidgett

Great people with world class instructors. A good way for self protect and self confidence.


Lorraine Pymer

Fantastic instructors my son Scott loves it great training and lovely friendly people


Hazel Risebury

One word ~~ Awesome. Everyone gets on and we are taught with fun and friendship. The work and fitness IS the very best, BY the very best, instils discipline and confidence.


Stuart Cleveland

Brilliant skills taught in a fantastic atmosphere.... one of the world's greatest DL instructors assists here on a regular basis ....how good is that!!
Well done defence lab!!


Dale Robson

An awesome place to Train, Learn and have Fun! Self defence, Fitness and Martial Arts made available for everyone, i cant recommend enough!


Denise Shakesby

Both my boys (age 11 & 5) attend Defence Lab and absolutely love it. They have so much fun, and are constantly developing new skills and building their confidence!


Darren Burton

Awesome place to be and to make great friends, need new goals in life, defence lab will take you there


Marc Wilson

We took our 9yr old son to defence lab today for the first time and it was fantastic, he really enjoyed himself and can't wait for his second session, really friendly instructors and great fun


Nathan Dl

I love doing defence lab ����


Phillip Shakesby

My two boys train here. They both love going and the training is delivered in a fun way so that they enjoy learning self defence skills without getting bored. The staff are brilliant with the kids! More...


Chris Hookem

Defence Lab is an amazing, global network of self defence & fitness classes open & available for anyone. The classes are great fun, fantastic for fitness & promise to welcome you into a friendly, community based atmosphere. Defence Lab is the gold standard of martial arts & our classes are taught by 5th Degree Black Belt, Martial Arts Hall of Fame, & International Crew (CI6) member Paul Strauther. You won't find better quality anywhere else! More...


Rachel Beanland

My 4 year old son goes to the DL kids & really loves it, it's great to see him so focused & self disciplined to do the combinations, the trainers are so good with kids too, even manage to get him to join in on the odd off day he's had.... I go to the adult combat sports on a different night & absolutely LOVE it, i wasn't fit at all when i joined & still a long way to go to where i want to be but can already see a big improvement, with combat sport (which is only excersise i do) & healthy eating I've lost 11lb so far & feel so much better for it.....everyone is great from the trainers to the other combat sports legends the support & motivation is above & beyond x x More...


Sally Page

My 2 boys love doing defence lab. The instructors are great and make it fun for the boys while there learning.
My youngest boy had no conference at all until he started here and it's brought him right out his shell.
I would recommend it to anyone

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I like the fact that people get what they want from our classes, it might be a police officer training as what we do makes sense to him and can help in situations, a mum and daughter who want to get fit and build confidence, they may feel vulnerable sometimes, and don't want to feel a target, when we get the feed back and they say they feel better it's great. Or someone who's shifted that stubborn weight but said they've enjoyed doing it, and learned self defence in the process and are still learning something that is valuable, going to the gym is not he only way to get toned.

I personally wanted to give back to people and my passion is martial arts, after working in many places I wanted to work for myself and have job satisfaction, seeing how you can change someone for the positive always made me feel good. So for me this is something that is very rewarding, and you make so many good friends from teaching martial arts

Well they should make there own mind up, but regardless of what you've tried before you should give Defence lab a try ! It's amazing, positive and does things a bit different, it gets you thinking again, we like to get people asking what if ? And enjoying the classes and achieving things that they may have never thought they would be doing or could do. So come along and give us a try.. Its all about you and your goals


book a workshop with us, let us come and do some DNA fight science with you and teach you how to get home, or improve your martial arts, it really does add to everything