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Cosmic Audio Ltd are a multi-faceted company, specialising in a wide range of services, from audio recording and production to live events, from iTunes aggregation to record label promotion, from the smallest wedding to the largest festivals.


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Steve Dearnley

28 July 2018

Cosmic Audio is superbly equipped, is spacious, and has a great vibe. Mark and James are not only very knowledgeable, they are also really nice guys who put you at ease. No cabin fever, no stress! Highly recommended! More...


Steve Dearnley

23 June 2018

Fantastic studio! Really nice guys who are very knowledgeable and put you at ease. There's a great, stress free vibe here and the equipment is top notch. Highly recommended!


George Vassiliou

13 March 2018

A superb recording studio

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Reading the crowd - years of experience allow us to determine what the crowd are enjoying, and then base any upcoming song choices on that! If early 00's Hip-Hop is going down a storm, we'll keep them coming! This is something that only years of experience can offer. Our knowledge comes from spending many days and nights playing to varied crowds in venues of all sizes, of many different age groups.

Seamless mixing between tracks, keeping the beat going all night long. We can effortlessly mix between new & old, and no genre is out of the question. If you want a funk hit straight after that EDM banger, we'll play it!

Seeing the look of joy on the crowd's faces as we play hit after hit! Working with a great sound and lighting system enables us to really push the limits to what people have seen before from a mobile DJ.

The need for something above all others. We want to provide a mobile DJ service that blows all the others out of the water. Combining that with a love of performing, we had a plan for

Having not only a DJ but also a dedicated lighting engineer means that every song has some life. It's not just "hitting play". Every song is unique, bought into a vivid landscape of colour by the incredible light show, and our top sound system means you can party hard as you feel the bass rumbling through you.