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We provide fast, profesional & affordable pest control for homes a small businesses. We deal with rats, mice, squirrels, birds, cockroaches, bedbugs, beetles, wasps, ants, bees, fleas, flies and much more on a regular basis.

We are members of the British Pest Control Association.

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Chris Chrs

26 April 2019

Excellent service, very reasonably priced! really reassured and honest would highly recommend. really knowledgeable, informative and hilarious.


Vincent Donnelly

27 March 2019

Fantastic job highly recommend very friendly cheers


Graeme Cameron

27 March 2019

Had a rat or 2 round the back garden, guys were out next day. Really friendly, happy to answer questions, problem was eradicated in 2 visits. Massively better price than others called also. More...


J Mcginty

25 February 2019

Gaz is absolutely brilliant and I honestly can't recommend him highly enough! Friendly, knowledgeable and honest. Always arrived on time and is really thorough in his work. And he always responds quickly if I had any questions. Look no further folks! Thanks a million Gaz More...


Alice Lister

25 February 2019

Gaz swiftly dealt with three large squirrels who had unfortunately been residing in my loft. Friendly, efficient and affordable service, thanks a million!



28 September 2018

Gaz is fantastic. Identifies issues, takes care of them, advises you on how to solve future problems. Highly recommended.


David Blainey

26 May 2018

Guy tried to talk me out of a visit. From my description and his knowledge he was worried I had bees and not wasps and he (the owner) would have to charge me a call out fee of £20. I progressed anyway. Transpired it was wasps. Quick removal, and now no sign of the wee buggers. Clearly knew they're stuff- and appreciated them trying to not waste their time or mine. More...


Elliott Russell

26 May 2018

I had a problem with rats in my laundry. The guys from City Pest Solutions sorted the problem quickly and effectively. I hope we don't ever have a problem again but if we do then they will be the first people we call


Kerr Hamilton

26 May 2018

We had a bedbug infestation in our assisted care facility. After several failed pest control treatments from our previous contractors we still had bedbugs. Then we found this company and I am so glad we did. They heat treated and sprayed all our affected areas and I'm pleased to say we've not seen a bedbug since. Thank you so much guys. More...


Barry Mcgloan

11 May 2018

I had mice in my loft.
The guy came out & dealt with the problem swiftly & for a good price


Joel Shaw

30 October 2017

The best service out there. Yasser is knowledgable and passionate about pest control. He uses the best treatment and importantly you can trust him - he won't rip you off. He saw us through to the end of a traumatic time in our newly bought flat. The problem is now gone thanks to him and his team. Anybody needing pest control, please call him - we have tried other services in the past and they don't compare. Honest, affordable and the best! More...


Jia Jia

7 October 2017

Very good service! Sorted our problem with two visits!


Jen Bee

26 May 2017

Coming home from the hospital with a newborn baby to a flea infestation was extremely stressful to say the least. City Pest Solutions explained to to me that they could be out the next day. With their excellent knowledge and experience, they were very reassuring that the chemicals they used were not harmful to the baby. I cannot thank them enough for taking care of the problem so quickly and professionally, and at such a fantastic price. I will definitely recommend them to our friends & family. More...


Triona Ryan

13 September 2016

yaz is a really knowledgeable person and knows his craft! would highly recommend, we had cockroaches in three of our 6 tenement flats and Yaz sorted it out for us leaving us feeling confident and in good hands. He negotiated wonderfully with our neighbours who couldn't speak english, to make sure we had a good combined approach to the problem. More...


J Ashraf

20 July 2016

Yas provides a great service - Even came out late evening to help me out!
Trustworthy and honest guy and competitive rates.
Would recommend him highly!


Andrew Dunipace

18 July 2016

I discovered a wasps nest in my garage and needed it dealt with quickly. Yaz agreed to come after work hours and dealt with it completely. He quoted me £40 but on the day only charged £35. Lovely guy and would recommend him to anyone. More...


barry hamilton

17 July 2016

Yaz's service is unbelievable as are how low his prices are.

He dealt with a problem infestation that an other company had been unable to successfully treat!

Yaz was totally upfront and honest on how best to treat the infestation successfully.

I'm sure the man knows far to much than is healthy about bed bugs!

Would recommend to anyone.


Matt Ngai

13 June 2016

Fantastic service. Yas is friendly and has genius level knowledge about all kinds of pests (in our case, mice, which he was able to dispatch very quickly). I would absolutely recommend him to anyone: great prices, flexible schedule and friendly service to boot. I hope I don't have to use his services again, but if something else pops up, they will be our first call. More...


David McGuire

21 April 2016

Absolutely fantastic service.

Yaz from City Pest Solutions was very knowledgeable and professional. We were quoted an extortionate amount for bed bug treatments from a much larger multi-national company, so had to look elsewhere, and we are very happy we did. We have just completed our third treatment, and Yaz is confident we are pest free. It should be noted, that we had the caught the infestation at a very early stage, and erred on the side of caution with our decision to have the third treatment. He explained everything he was doing, and gave great advice on what we could do to give us the best chance of eradicating them first time. His prices were a fraction of what was quoted by others, and extremely reasonable and competitive. More...


Sam Wilson

10 November 2015

Efficient, friendly and educational service with a smile. Went above and beyond when called out to remove a wasps nest. 5 stars is too few.


Logan Mitchell

4 November 2015

Knowledgeable staff were able to easily identify the source of the problem and educate us on the pest and the proposed treatment. This local company is really striving to make a name for themselves, and in doing so offer a good and efficient service, the staff are honest and fair and provided a good treatment plan for a very reasonable price.
It is always a fear not knowing why a big company charges extortionate prices for the same treatment as a local company, you wonder if you'll lose out by not paying that extra costs, but no, City Pest Solutions are the type of local company that tries to outclass the big companies and is certainly one local company you can trust.


Mel beebee

31 October 2015

The second pest control expert I've had and by far the best.
Professional and affordable.
£30 to remove silver fish as opposed to around £90 from the first guy for exactly the same treatment.
My sister has also used city pest solutions for beetles and also had a great service.
I would highly recommend.


Bilal Ahmed

4 July 2015

I run a small business and have used these guys for a long time. Very reliable and affordable for my small business. Highly recommended.


Paul Burningham

17 April 2015

Very good pest control service. Had a wasp problem and called City Pest Solutions as they were a local Glasgow pest control service and they came out that day and got rid of the wasp nest in no time at all. If I have any further pest problems I know who I'll be calling! More...


Subhan Mirza

4 March 2014

We had bugs in my small business and after first treatment there was results. After second treatment they were virtually all completely gone. Highly recommended.


Romans Bondarevskis

7 November 2013

I had a great experience with this company. The pest controller has successfully managed to drive rats out of my room. Great communication and follow up visits kept me at ease, as a company's representative informed about all the actions that are taken. All in all, I really recommend this company to sort out your vermin problems.

Again, many thanks for the great service rendered!!!

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