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Delivering Dreams Since 1990

Every person has their own unique and special dream of health. Many of us never get to realise that dream. At ChimpTamer I aim to fix that. I specialise in turning dreams into reality. With a focus on health, fitness and an increased quality of life I'll work tirelessly with you to achieve your goals.



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Nutrition sets the tone for our lives.

In order to function properly and healthily, in order to perform at our best, and in order to give ourselves the best possible chance of avoiding disease we must ensure a quality diet containing the right things in the right quantities.

The methods used will vary significantly from one client to the next. Each person has their own goals and dreams. My job is to match the right approaches to the client and there are many to choose from. The approach tends towards one of coaching where the client is guided towards sustainable health. I use nutrition coaching, strength and conditioning programmes, endurance training, guidance in mindset to develop a healthy personal relationship with food and exercise. Within these areas there are many different techniques and tools to use and my role is to select the best fit to the client and to be adaptable to changing needs.

There is no real secret (despite what you see in the media every day). Getting the right balance of good food, adequate exercise and healthy habits will allow your body and mind to achieve their optimum potential. There may be occasional issues which make the task slightly harder but the majority comes down to making the choice to be healthy and being consistent with it.

Seeing clients achieve things that they may have only dreamt were possible and then exceeding those dreams.

Working to my own schedule and being free to choose my own client base is important to my own goals. Being in control of my own life and future allows me to do better for my family and to provide them with a stronger future. I've been self employed since 2001 and love the freedom this way of living provides.

Clients should choose to work with the coach or trainer who provides the best fit for their needs. If these needs are to work with a coach that puts them first then I might be a good fit. If these needs are to work with a coach who maintains current knowledge and understands the science behind how we function best then, again, I might be a good fit.

An initial conversation with the coach should be a two way process. Its an opportunity for both the client and the coach to decide whether they can work with each other. For the client to achieve the maximum in success its important that they can trust the coach.