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Located right on the outskirts of Canary Wharf, 28West is the perfect place for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual bar booking for you and a group of friends after a long day in the office, or something slightly more special like a birthday or even a wedding, their dedicated team are on hand to insure that your every need is met – and your friends are impressed.

From their classic cocktail bar to their expansive riverside terrace (it's heated, we tell ya!) they've got spots for your every eventuality – whether it’s a group of two or 300 guests.

Offering bespoke packages for corporate events, weddings and private parties, including bespoke menus that can be created with you to suit whatever cuisine/theme you want, they've got their dedicated team of hard working helpers on hand to ensure that your every wish comes true, and that your every need is met along the way.

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Review of 28West  by Adam Steinbeck
1 week ago

Prime river position and it's lovely to sit out front on a warm day. Generally understaffed and have found it difficult to receive food while still hot. Probably best for a casual drink.

Adam Steinbeck
Review of 28West  by Annette B
1 week ago

Great brunch with unlimited prosecco and Bellini for 2 hours. Nice staff. Great location especially when the sun's out.

Annette B
Review of 28West  by Daniel Palmer
1 week ago

Great view of the city up the river and in the evening you get great sun sets. The bat has OK beer and good select of spirits

Daniel Palmer
Review of 28West  by Nishi Singh
2 weeks ago

Went with a groupon voucher, making the place very good value for money. The service was good, food was also good - overall would recommend but not at regular prices.

Nishi Singh
Review of 28West  by Matt Draper
4 weeks ago

Great Riverside bar. So nice on a Friday afternoon in the sun. Reasonable prices given that its a canary wharf bar.

Matt Draper
Review of 28West  by Tom Nightingale
1 month ago

Likeable and nice by the water. Decent cocktail selection but not the most popular part of the wharf

Tom Nightingale
Review of 28West  by Peter Spindley
2 weeks ago

For a canary wharf bar it is reasonably priced with conscientious service. The bar is by the river and has an extensive terrace with views of the river towards the city

Peter Spindley
Review of 28West  by Andrei Dumitrache
8 months ago

Nice Thames side bar. Good view of the city, especially nice in the summer. There's a decent selection of drinks. Sometimes there's quite a big wait at the bar and the bartenders can't really keep track of who's next to be served. I've had plenty of people cutting in front which is especially annoying when you've been waiting for 20 mins to place your order. If you're ever in the Wharf after midnight on a weekend, this is the only nice place still open for business.

Andrei Dumitrache
Review of 28West  by Judit Németh
1 month ago

Pros: really nice location, quite big outside seating area facing the river, nice drinks on the menu.

Cons: Based on our experience the quality of the food doesn't match the price of the food (warmish fries, chewy meat in the sandwich for a fortune), and the staff was very scornful.

Judit Németh
Review of 28West  by Vytautė Volkavičiūtė
1 month ago

Really nice food, waitress Alexandra was amazing and really helpful!!!

Vytautė Volkavičiūtė
Review of 28West  by kahwah chan
5 months ago

Nice place by tue waterfront ideal fir summer noghts decent pricing food available djs on certain nights

kahwah chan
Review of 28West  by Brenda Andrew
4 months ago

Big portions quality food staff very accommodating

Brenda Andrew
Review of 28West  by raymond dunthorne
1 year ago

A great place to have a cheeky pint on the way to the Thames Clipper service on your way home from work. Lovely, friendly staff, who have a fare old bit to put up with, what with multiple office parties at those seasonal times of year. I don't go this way now and this bar is one of the few things I miss about Canary Wharf.

Note the lovely river view from the outside bit at the front, where there's river life to spot. The speed boats, Thames Clipper, Thames Tugs kind of life that is. I could happily sit there for hours in the right weather.

I'd pop here if I had a wait of more than 10 minutes for my Thames Clipper to Bankside. I called it 'the waiting room'. You can see the boat across the river arriving at the previous stop (if you're heading west that is) and finish your pint and walk straight on to the boat if you time it right and have your ticket ready.

raymond dunthorne
Review of 28West  by Alastair Matchett
3 months ago

Souless during the day with a 'what are you doing here' attitude from the staff.

Alastair Matchett
Review of 28West  by Elisa Cairoli
8 months ago

Nice food and good portions. Staff is kind and location is great. Beautiful view on the city and literally on the Thames. Cocktails happy hour until 7.

Elisa Cairoli
Review of 28West  by Tim Mak
8 months ago

Good bar with indoor and outdoor area. They have foosball and good seating. Good place to chill with friends.

Tim Mak
Review of 28West  by Valentin G
7 months ago

Wonderful place, it has it all - food, drinks, and a view. I would recommend it to my friends.

Valentin G
Review of 28West  by Edgar Garen
9 months ago

Nice bar.. Good outside lounge chilling area and big space inside. Prices aren't too bad... But don't expect pub prices of course

Edgar Garen
Review of 28West  by Jelena Fammelle
6 months ago

Wanted to have a cocktail with my partner and his parents (senior age), but before we have even approached the door still smoking at the stairs, a security guard rushed towards us and told us the place was closed for private party and we couldn't get in. There were no signs anywhere and crowd looked unconnected. A total evening spoiler.

Jelena Fammelle
Review of 28West  by Edita Nemethova
8 months ago

Lovely place on the river side, with outside seating area. Good selection of drinks.

Edita Nemethova
Review of 28West  by Giovanna Bittencourt
8 months ago

Good for groups and get-togethers. Perfect for a Spring/Summer afternoon out.

Giovanna Bittencourt
Review of 28West  by Juliet Grimes
9 months ago

Fab fab fab... brunch and unlimited prosecco... food fab. Service fab. Highly recommend....

Juliet Grimes
Review of 28West  by Lesley Hartshorn
9 months ago

Great brunch venue. Perfect location to eat outside, staff were charming and couldn't have been more helpful,food was scrum..

Lesley Hartshorn
Review of 28West  by Igor Gama
10 months ago

A great place to enjoy the Full English breakfast. The food was delicious, however, the portions could be bigger.

Igor Gama
Review of 28West  by Vinny Sagar
11 months ago

I have only come here for drinks. It has a nice view of London and lively atmosphere. During weekdays its busy with after work people with cheesy music but better in the weekends

Vinny Sagar
Review of 28West  by Gus Bounas
11 months ago

Our all time favourite in Canary Wharf. Not as crowded as other places in the wharf. And the vibe is great.

Gus Bounas
Review of 28West  by Alisha Maher
10 months ago

Rebecca, a bar member was amazing. No waiting for drinks, food was great and atmosphere was spot on!! Love love love! Probably because of Rebecca and the class service with all the mimosas

Alisha Maher
Review of 28West  by Wayne Cheung
1 year ago

Was there for team drinks. It has a large drinking/standing area, decent atmosphere, the chips were quite nice. No complaints, decent if you happen to be in the area.

Wayne Cheung
Review of 28West  by Ben Truman Hughes
11 months ago

fantastic for lunch in the week because it is normally empty when the rest of the lunch places are too full to sit. also great for evening drinks with its fun and vibrant atmosphere. they sometimes have music events and there are fuzzball tables inside to play on. Great stuff.

Ben Truman Hughes
Review of 28West  by stringal! c
12 months ago

Absolutely horrific experience on sunday!!28th May 2017
bought Groupom tickets as a gift for a friend and myself..got there tje website had let.me book for 17.45 via top table we ouldnt get brunch as it stopped at 4pm the manager was awful and rude and wanted us to have the a la carte exlensive menu bot even at a reduced price offered us complemenatary drinks 2 for 1 but as mine wasnt on 'the list' he took it back !!...when my friend asked what he was going to do with it he said he was going to throw it away!!..😲..so why not just let me ha e it???we suggested that in this age of digital technology because their website is linked to top table put a pop up to stop grouppn bookings for brunch he said he would e-mail my suggestion 'right away'..dont believe him..instead he took the time to find my e-mail to embarass me further to prove i was wrong and make himself look good!!...i woild have used tje coupon up to this point...now??..tjey will NEVER see us again!!....hope he enjoys the losr business and all the people we will tell tjat wont go there..good job!!

stringal! c
Review of 28West  by Jehyson Oliveirs
1 year ago

Great place to have a drink but had a poor experience with food yesterday, ask for a portion of calamari, been charge £7 for only 6 rings soaked in oil, very poor quality, ask the waitress if she could do something but she said she coudn't do nothing! I just asked her to remove the plate full of oily calamari off my table!
Come guys, It's ok to charge £7 for 6 rings of calamari, but at least serve a decent food, you are making alot already...

Jehyson Oliveirs
Review of 28West  by Caroline Shrader
1 year ago

Decent food and nice space but music really loud really early

Caroline Shrader
Review of 28West  by Marco Relly
1 year ago

I went for a kizomba, afro-house party in the location and was amazed by the spacious environment. The atmosphere was great, the people friendly and the staff responsive. Very well located for workers in the city, an improvement could be done for car parking information - very hard to find where to park a car. Great night but closing time is a bit early for hard party goers.

Marco Relly
Review of 28West  by Iya G
1 year ago

Nice venue, interesting decor but i wouldn't have food here again .....the smell of the toilet as you go down the stairs is very off putting and the toilets are dirty, never been cleaned in the corners so if you are here all drunk you probably wouldn't notice....coffee was served in a dirty cup and when I mentioned that they just poured me more coffee to hide the dirty rim....

Iya G
Review of 28West  by Michael Barry
1 year ago

Nice atmosphere and good staff. Little more expensive than other places but cocktails are worth it

Michael Barry
Review of 28West  by Nishant Mittal
1 year ago

This place is great for after work drinks. It has a really good location by the river and the décor is impressive. It gets quite busy so it's sometimes hard to order but good overall.

Nishant Mittal
Review of 28West  by Jules decol
1 year ago

Lovely outdoor seating by the Thames and the food is pretty decent !

Jules decol
Review of 28West  by VijayAnand Vasudevan
1 year ago

The place has become absolutely rubbish, used to be great when it was Jamies and Kaminos. Now its not worth a visit apart from those who was a good view. But better to avoid..

VijayAnand Vasudevan
Review of 28West  by Xiang Li
1 year ago

Good place by the thames, good place for drinks after work

Xiang Li
Review of 28West  by Georgi Tsatsev
1 year ago

Amazing place. Great indoors and outdoors and quite stylish. Has nice view of the Thames too

Georgi Tsatsev
Review of 28West  by Merryn Bishop
1 year ago

Great bar but drinks were very expensive and it's in a bad location when the weather isn't great

Merryn Bishop
Review of 28West  by Luis Miguel
1 year ago

Nice place to have a beer after work, with good views a d baby football

Luis Miguel
Review of 28West  by Alicia
1 year ago

The place is nice but they dont have any idea about serving a drink. The beer was much hotter than it should be and there werent bubbles on it!
It is really hard to believe that it was actually 100% beer.
Go somewhere else if you appreciate a well poured beer

Review of 28West  by Jack Lancefield
1 year ago

Nothing special, could do with a better selection of beers. Good outside on a hot day

Jack Lancefield
Review of 28West  by Sam Meir
1 year ago

Nice place, great location. Was a little disappointed with the organisation of the food, but it was quickly rectified by the staff so can't complain!

Worth going for the lovely area and view of the Thames. On a summer evening, it felt more like being in continental Europe than in London.

Sam Meir
Review of 28West  by Alicia
1 year ago

The place is nice but they dont have any idea about serving a drink. The beer was much hotter than it should be and there werent bubbles on it!
It is really hard to believe that it was actually 100% beer.
Go somewhere else if you appreciate a well poured beer

Review of 28West  by Nishant Mittal
1 year ago

This place is great for after work drinks. It has a really good location by the river and the décor is impressive. It gets quite busy so it's sometimes hard to order but good overall.

Nishant Mittal
Review of 28West  by Milena Maneva
1 year ago

Terrible service, overcrowded, bad tasteless meals. Most of the times they have nothing on their menu saying they run out of it or other excuses. The only good thing is the music and view to the river. Most people do their birthdays or party gatherings there.

Milena Maneva
Review of 28West  by Aman Chopra
2 years ago

I came here 6 months ago, and the burgers were burnt. I sent the food back to the kitchen and the new burgers came back burnt again.

After visiting again recently, hoping they had fixed the problem, the exact same thing happened. I don't understand why they burn all their food. I'm starting to suspect that they don't want people to eat there. The easiest part of cooking a burger is to ensure it's not black when you're done cooking it.

The bar is really cool though, they had the sign from the movie Cocktail, which was awesome. Their food is just burnt, and everyone in Canary Wharf actively avoids going there because of that.

Aman Chopra
Review of 28West  by Amod Rode
1 year ago

Ambience ok, location great, food ok!

Amod Rode
Review of 28West  by James Barton
1 year ago

Nice views and great atmosphere. Very casual place for socialising after work. Only downside is that it can be very very crowded.

James Barton
Review of 28West  by Emelie Lindohf
1 year ago

It's a nice place to relax in the summer, great staff last time and ok service. Royal China that is on the other end of the building is strongly recommended for food though.

Emelie Lindohf
Review of 28West  by Jess Tse
2 years ago

The shared platters were pretty good.

The bar can be quiet crowded on Thursdays due to lot of small corporate gatherings.
They have a indoor and out door seating area, indoor area a little small. Service was pretty alright.

Been here a couple of time, not bad.

Jess Tse
Review of 28West  by Neil Fuller
1 year ago

Plenty of space for large groups. Best on days with good weather where you can use the outside area

Neil Fuller
Review of 28West  by Gary Fenn
2 years ago

Food and ambience is really good. Prices are expensive but in line with the area. Great for a work lunch catch up.

Gary Fenn
Review of 28West  by Ben Beaumont Shaw
2 years ago

The bar is great, the atmosphere is class and the bar staff is friendly.

BUT: I've now been here three times of the last three months and every time the food was really really burnt. Not slightly crispy; actually cancerously black. I don't understand how a chef can be this incompetent!!

Ben Beaumont Shaw
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