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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You could be full of ideas about how you want your photographs to look, or keen to hear some suggestions. Either way, tell Bark exactly what you’re looking for.


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The average price of a Wedding Photographer in Kent is £650

Compared to a national average of £625

Wedding photographers in Kent

A beautiful wedding setting

Kent is known for its historical charm and natural beauty. This makes it a wonderful setting for weddings. Your venue could be a palatial manor or the sprawling countryside. Whatever the backdrop, you’ll want to remember just how special your day was. A wedding photographer will ensure you have photos to treasure for years to come.

You want every part of your wedding to be perfect, from the dress and venue, to the flowers and food. That being said, every wedding has a budget. Bark will provide you with affordable wedding photographers to suit all pockets. This means you can tailor your photography to your specific budget. For example, you may want to have a shoot after the ceremony. Alternatively, you could hire a photographer to be there for the whole day.

Those important finishing touches

Photos give you something to look back on. You’ll want them presented in a way that shows how valuable they are to you. Your photographer can provide digital copies for you to share with family and friends. You could also have them placed in an album, so you and your partner can spend time together looking back on your day. Many professional wedding photographers will offer framed photos and canvases. It depends entirely on how you want to remember your wedding.

A day you’ll never forget

Everyone knows there’s more to a wedding than walking down the aisle and saying ‘I do’. Every moment is something to be cherished. These could be the last minute bridal preparations, or that dad who’s saved his best moves for the reception. Your photographer will get it all on camera, so you can remember your day from start to finish.

It’s often those fleeting moments that are the most memorable. Your wedding photographer will keep their eyes peeled, and their camera at the ready. They could get things on camera that you and your partner didn’t even notice. This means you’ll get some delightful surprises when you receive your photos.

A wedding is a chance for loved ones to come together in celebration. Your photographer will coordinate group shots, family portraits, and photos of wedding parties. You’ll be able to look back fondly on your day, and be thankful for everyone who was part of it.
Sophie Liu Photography profile image

Sophie Liu Photography

Sophie Liu offers professional documentary wedding photography in Kent. Sophie consults with clients to understand their vision, delivering quality photos with minimal intrusion.

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Do you work exclusively in Kent?

Yes, we’re based solely in Kent. It has so many fantastic wedding venues. If you want a fairy-tale castle, you’ll have your pick in Kent. We’re therefore in high demand from local couples. We’ve been known to travel elsewhere, but that tends to be for weddings where we’ve worked with the family before.

How do you organise a wedding photoshoot?

We’re there to follow the wedding exactly as it unfolds. We’re very stringent in our scheduling! We’ll sit down with the couple a week or so in advance, so we know the exact logistics of their day and what photos they want. Sometimes there can be bumps in the road. Getting everyone in for a group photo can often be like herding cats, especially if they’re a bit merry!

How do you go about taking photos on the day?

We want clients to feel as though we aren’t even there. It’s our job to catch every moment without being disruptive. We’re just happy the couple has one less thing on their mind. We try and keep kit to a minimum so we’re not a hindrance. That isn’t to say that we don’t feel as though we’re a part of the day. For us, the value comes from when our clients see the photos. After all, we’re the ones who ensure the memories last forever.

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What parts of your wedding would you like shot?

Whole day from preparations to first dance

What is the date of your wedding?

20th July

What is the name of your venue?

Pilsbury Manor

Would you like a wedding album?


What standard of photography are you looking for?

Quality and budget are equally important

What parts of your wedding would you like shot?

Family and wedding party

What is the date of your wedding?

6th June

What is the name of your venue?

Shrewfort Castle

Would you like a wedding album?


What standard of photography are you looking for?

I want a premium service

What parts of your wedding would you like shot?

Reception and wedding breakfast

What is the date of your wedding?

29th September

What is the name of your venue?

Treble Oaks Hotel and Golf Club

Would you like a wedding album?


What standard of photography are you looking for?

Budget is my main concern

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