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XDimensionz Media- Tech to You
Need help setting up ur gadgets?
Home Automation
Desktop Set Up
Network Security (domestic)
Social Network Marketing
Website Development
Photo / Content Editing
Account Administration across social platforms


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What i do is what I enjoy doing.
That's why I decided to offer my knowledge and ability as a service to you.
No job too small just give me a call.
While the business is young I've been doing what I do 4 several years as a service to help friends & family.
My mum is disabled and has very limited mobility so be I g able to control her tv lights & appliances by voice from the comfort of her chair is a massive help, she can also use her phone to control her automation.

Peace of mind seeing who's at the door before you get up to answer?

Let me take the "oh heck" out of your tech!

I can help you decide the best system 4 you & then install & set up & get you comfortable with using ur new tech.
I can bring my own tools 4 fitting brackets etc or use yours .
No job too small, need help setting up ur phone?
Want an email address , I can do that.
Need ur whole home automating?
I can do that!
Cctv no problem.
Online marketing I love it!

I love people.
Helping out and the sense of satisfaction from a satisfied client for a job well done!

I've helped my friends & family & spend time doing the same in my home .
I hear ]people struggling & I thought I could fix that 4 them abd take the stress out of the set up.

Bark clients have come in search of service providers because they have busy lives and want to seek out quality services on their own terms.
That is just what I offer: job done hassle free.