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We are qualified in fitness, gym, Pilates and nutrition and specialise in working with people with bad backs, shoulders and hips, chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, and with older people. Immune conditions, balance issues, prehab and rehab, anxiety and stress are other areas where we have been able to help.


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Kathy Sanders

Amazing perfect totally blew me away with her knowledge and sympathy


Fiona Forth-Collyer

Done as I was advised got my bike out and also have exercise bike in the garden. Thanks for inspiring me to motivate myself


Neil Edward England

Sarah, If it wasn't for you I would be a wreck, So great with the exercise regime you designed for me, I feel able to get out of bed happy to stand and run around. The exercises shown to me I can work in with my krazy schedules. My new wife is amazed how fit I am, (she is really fit as most Chinese are). The type and range of heave and ho you are giving me is a good all round workout (God I sweat sometimes). I work too long at my desk and so suffer... I am a lazy sod but you keep me going.

From my Jamie and I ... Thank you.


Natalie Grace England

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She is experienced, knowledgeable, patient and, importantly, great fun to work with.
I started Pilates with Sarah about six weeks ago. At 5'10, I suffered from bad posture. I also had a weak shoulder which caused me regular discomfort and issues with my lower back. Since working with Sarah these problems have eased off significantly. My posture has improved and I can see and feel the differences in my body, e.g. stomach and waist. I feel stronger, I'm improving with every session and I look forward to the classes.
Thank you, Sarah! x


Simon John Hawkins

I have known Sarah for many years and seen her development into a caring and extremely knowledgeable and experienced therapist who has helped me greatly in my recovery from the most invasive surgery imaginable. When my co-author and I started writing our new golf book for the more mature golfer and decided to include some exercise advice, I immediately contacted Sarah and as expected was not disappointed. Her response was immediate and incredibly helpful. More...


Turid Ganendra

I’ve known Sarah for a long time and know that whatever she puts her mind to she does intelligently, sensibly and with others in mind. Unfortunately for me, we live continents apart. Otherwise, I know I would be tapping into Sarah’s skills and knowledge to improve my own levels of fitness and wellbeing without it being a dead bore. More...


Ozden Belcher Esensoy

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She is extremely experienced, incredibly patient, knowledgeable also she is so fun to work with. Every session is different and I am learning new thing all the time with her.
I started Pilates with Sarah months ago. I suffered from bad back/ lower back long time. Also nature of my work involve a lot of sewing therefore some posture problem needed to be adjusted as well. Since working with Sarah these problems have eased off significantly. My posture has improved as I have and I can feel the differences in my body. Lost some weight even thou I still eat my cake and biscuits. I'm improving with every session and I look forward to the classes. Now my daughter Jasmine joins her class with joy every week.
I cannot thank you enough Sarah for all your help to me and thanks for inspiring me in many ways!

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Get to know them, their real aims, the time and money they can dedicate and, above all, what they really enjoy. Over a few weeks, a client's programme might include weights and salsa, hula hooping and Pilates, walks or jogs on the beach and the green gyms in the city's parks – or all of these and more options. But if you need to be at home, we can work in your sitting room or garden. It's amazing how much you can achieve with the right help. We'll bring any equipment, by the way.

The body of your dreams functions well and allows you to do what you want and need. It may not be perfect but we promise you'll feel better and happier if you use it well. Having said that, most clients change shape and are really happy with how they look as well as how they feel.

Helping people to feel and function better. Whether our clients are 20-something or 80-something, they all experience tangible improvements in their wellbeing. One might deal with crippling stress and anxiety, another might no longer find it difficult to get up from the sofa or climb stairs, a third might drop one or more clothes sizes. It's their sense of achievement that makes this job special – it really can be life-changing.

It gives me the opportunity to work with the people who will most benefit, in the way that they prefer, rather than imposing a profit-based, one-size-fits-all approach.

I really care about them – and I get great results.