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Carefully crafted videos that get targeted messages across in a succinct way and include a call to action. Videos are subtitled to enable watching on mobile devices and in SME’s where the sound is turned down or disabled.

We work with you on the script and may go through several iterations before we agree it hits the desired spot.



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Creating a story that makes a successful video. I also like seeing clients cry with joy when they watch their video (and it has happened) when they are so emotionally connected to the material, it creates a positive emotional reaction.

I did an electronics apprenticeship and was involved with computer peripherals for some years. In parallel I have been involved with sending and receiving TV pictures via Ham Radio since 1977. Radio friends of mine promoted me as a video expert and around 1999 they referred me to people that needed a video making, so I decided to take them up and start making videos commercially, which I thoroughly enjoy, and I have never looked back since.

You get:

A video that is delivering its intended purpose.

You get:

Care guiding you through the process , bringing together all the elements needed to make a great video.

You get experience:

I have been making videos for 20 years now, and my colleague describes me as having an encyclopedic knowledge of video, and we can call on a pool of experts to cater for specialisms within the production process.


Client testimonials, technical topics, how to video, a day in the life of documentary, promotional video, explainers, business pitches, video blogs and training video.