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Twelve Dots provides Learning and Development consulting and solutions specialising in:
- leadership development & coaching
- team effectiveness & development
- organisational development, engagement & change

Claire and Dan use their extensive experience and ability to understand organisations, teams and individuals to facilitate realistic results that lead to long term, positive change in tough situations.



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Connecting with our clients and getting under their skin so whatever our solution, it works perfectly for them, for that particular situation, at that time. The ultimate feel-good part of our job is knowing that we have enabled our clients to get the results they need for themselves and will carry on doing so after we've gone because of what we've done for them.

Between us we have nearly 50 years experience in Learning and Development, through full time senior roles within international organisations and 15 years of working as independent consultant. Creating Twelve Dots was a logical step in combining our expertise ensuring our customer get the benefit of our joint thinking snd solutions leading to genuinely tailored solutions that are perfect for each business and needs of each specific project.

Because we love what we do and care about how we do it.
Because we're straightforward and believe in creating solutions that work.
Because our clients and the results they achieve are genuinely important to us.
Because we have a wealth of experience in our field and are excited to share it.