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Manchester, Lancashire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Manchester, Lancashire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Textmimedia is a Manchester based web and bespoke software consultants and marketeers. we take time to understand your needs and help advise on what web and cloud technology bespoke or pre built can solve your needs cost effectively and timely.


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23 July 2018

Textmimedia is a great service provider for marking and PPC.

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Simple easy to use, no clutter and clear English to explain your proposition.

we live by the 3 second rule. within 3 seconds a user should be able to:-
- Have a sense of what you are about.
- See a clear call to action, next steps.

- What do you want to achieve from your project, what will be a success indicator?
- What website have you seen that inspires you that you wish your project to be like?
- What is your budget to get the project completed within? This will dictate the technology strategy we will propose.
- Do you have a clear specific understanding of what you want your technology project to do? what buttons, pages, features. Do you have Technology Specification Brief? If not, we recommend our architecture consultancy service which as independent consultants we will advise on your idea and document this into a technical specification document that you will own. This can then be given to any agency to quote for. As independent consultants we are here to advise on what coding languages, how it is to be built, features, how it can be monitised, pitfalls etc.

- If it is an existing project we would need to see the original specification document.
- access to the code to review its quality
- detailed specification of what is to be completed

if the project is from scratch then we would want/expect the above to be in place so we can quote correctly. How can you quote for something that is not seen or written down??

we can cater for 1offs, digital runs and large run full colour projects with various finishes. We would always suggest an initial call to discuss so we can clarify and quote correctly.

our initial consultation would be big picture wish list. We would ask the client to suggest images or sites they have seen to explain to us in pectoral form their likes and dislikes.

we would go away do an initial set of mock ups, from here we would look to get feedback from the client to help finalise and meet their expectations.

if it is artwork or branding a "design brief" with what is required to be delivered and their likes and dislikes.
if it is a technical project we would like a technical specification document with wireframes ideally. if not we can help produce these documents to help clarify in the clients mind what it is they want, what they expect to be delivered and affirm we will meet this expectation.

bouncing clients ideas around and adding value to their dreams.
getting involved for the start, seeing it through being built and helping with the launch.
hand holding clients through the process and educating them that with technology there is no word as "just". Everything needs to be written down and scoped out and investigated for feasibility.

once I was on the other side with a princess youth trust loan, no idea of tech and a big dream. Armed with a copy of the yellow pages I set about ringing tech companies and asking for quotes. From ridiculous numbers and bamboozling conversations I found a single developer. he built what I asked for and once I had seen my vision I asked 2 magic questions.
- how do I get people to the site?
- how do I keep people coming back?

his answer, not my problem "I built what you asked for"! From this moment I learnt that I will never take on work without explain to client any pitfalls or answering the questions the clients didn't know to ask!!

a side note, I took the project in house, built it from 0 to 280,000 members and it became the second largest clubbing website in the UK.

for the above reasons.
- I have been on your side
- I will answer the questions you didn't know to ask
- I will probably talk myself out of your work once I have opened your eyes to what is involved.
- should you choose me I will be honest in setting your expectations, I will hand hold you through the process explaining at each stage a decision needs making with all the information so you can make an educated decision.
- my client roster speaks for itself Kelloggs, Vauxhall Cars, Crocs, David Haye Boxer, Venture Photography, Edinburgh Zoo, Start ups, schools, local gyms, personal trainers, entrepreneurs and hopefully you!! Get in touch lets have a coffee.



from service based websites to commerce sites and bespoke web solutions. We will help consult and deliver to meet your companies needs.

mobile apps for the iOS platform built natively or hybrid solutions.

mobile phone apps built for the android platform built natively or hybrid

bespoke web based software to meet your companies requirements, linked in with business work flows or Crm systems. whatever a bespoke web software can do to help you streamline your company and make it accessible for you and your team in the office and outside the office we can build it.

from logos to full branding projects covering logos, websites, apps and print. We can design it.

Managing the interface of your mobile apps or website to get the best user experience and conversions requires the best design experience call us to discuss how we can make this happen for your ideas.

We can help clients migrate over to AWS hosting or take over management of clients existing infrastructure on AWS. If you would like a cost review to see is it being run in the most efficient manner and securely then please contact us to help advise how we can help save money or move you onto the most cost effective hosting platform.