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Telecom9000 is an engineer led, service centric business ,which has been providing telecoms and data services to businesses in London for over twenty years . Our value lies in our approach to telecoms for your business and our objective is always how to simplify and best serve your needs for today and tomorrow .



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Working with businesses and their staff to help resolve issues that make a massive difference in their everyday work operations . The appreciation from clients who acknowledge your efforts is a great driving force and motivation to continue everyday relentlessly to achieve the same outcome every time.

Our inspiration was simply the massive divide that existed and still exists in telecoms companies between the technical side and the sales side . The sales team works in their own interests and the technical side usually has to clean up their mess afterwards and ultimately it is the customer who suffers . We believe promises should only be made based on capabilities and many times because so many different departments and companies are working together to form one solution ,most promises cannot be adhered to . Our aim from the beginning was to work within our means and this still remains the case today - If you are business that has over 10 offices world wide and a service level agreement of 3 hours then we are not for you and nor will we claim to be . However if you are a business with the offices in the UK ,or just one office and need a company that will give importance to your needs and treat you with utmost importance then we are for you .

Clients should chose us because we work in their interests and we have the capabilities to serve everyone of their telecoms needs .
Every company works in their clients interest ,right ? Well in theory they all claim but somewhere along the line due to short comings particularly on engineering side most compromise and offer what best suits them .
We view ourselves as merely the resources and whatever the client wants then we will simply deploy the necessary resources to achieve the customers goals .
It is a benign process ,client needs a telecom system and we have the skills and tools for them to have one - we both win !