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Private counselling and mental health services for adults, children, adolescents and young adults.
Are you or someone you know experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm or any other mental health issues?


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18 April 2019

Was definitely not what I expected and that’s a good thing. It’s made me a better person all round and I feel confident in myself to deal with certain situations. Don’t be scared to try it!


Bridget spooner

5 February 2019

Our daughter was suffering with anxiety and depression, we took her to the drs where we were put on the NHS waiting list, this being feb 2018.
She had an assessment in the June and was told they would find the right person to work with her.
Come October still nothing and she saw her dr every month in this time and all he could do was apologise.
I was flicking through fb and saw the post for Teenage mental health so I sent an email, recived one back the following morning, had a phone call a few hours later and an assessment appointment had been made with Fiona Hannah.
Where our daughter was to were she is today is incredible,
As a parent you want the professional help ASAP and it was so frustrating seeing our daughter and not knowing what to say or do, and couldn’t do right for wrong.
Fiona’ Sessions are in her home with her therapy dog and kitten. Our daughter felt safe and what was discussed was between them . Fiona is someone who our daughter could open up to and Fiona gave her the tools and advice to help her through what was a dark lonely place .
The service is 5 star and we as a family will always be grateful that it is there. Can’t recomend them enough



4 February 2019

Several years, numerous doctors appointments, battling for help and support for my teenage daughter. I was recommended the services of Fiona at Teenage Mental Health in Ipswich. Fiona made my daughter feel safe and provided her with a comfortable surrounding to which she has been able to open up and share her feelings. I cannot thank this lady enough and after several one to one sessions I now have my daughter back and she’s doing what all teenagers should be - living her life to the max!

Keep up the good work - it is truly appreciated.



4 February 2019

Fiona Hannah and the individuals at teenage mental health are extraordinary! After my sons diagnosis of depression, I took him to see Fiona with the hopes of helping my child deal with their mental health condition and she did not disappoint! After these private sessions with Fiona my son has felt better in himself and it truly has helped the family.
Also, I was feeling extremely isolated after the diagnosis of my sons depression, but after going to their support group, I felt as if I am not alone and I left every Monday feeling better about myself and how I can help support my son.

I cannot recommend Teenage Mental Health enough


We love that we make a real difference to peoples lives. Clients come to us a shadow of their former selves, looking for help and support to be the best that they can be, helping them achieve this is amazing!

Too many people can't find the help that they need when they need it, they get stuck on waiting lists and feel overwhelmed, Being able to offer immediate appointments and help them on the road to a better life without the confines of NHS waiting lists is brilliant!

Because we care and feel passionately that everyone should be able to work with someone who will positively impact on their life, and help them work through their problems, without feeling patronised or judged.