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I offer Personal Training in Core the Gym located in Maidstone. I love training at this gym because of the range of equipment. I can meet every clients needs at this gym. I specialise in helping women feel more confident in their body mentally and physically. I also offer private Pilates sessions.


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I offer my clients continuous support and motivation. By building a good relationship with my clients, i learn more about everyone individually and they trust me. This gives my clients amazing results, as we work together as a team. I will push my clients to the best of their ability, however i won't belittle and make my client feel like they are underperforming. My clients always leave a session feeling fantastic, worked hard, motivated and confident.

There isn't a secret! Its all about BALANCE and finding a diet and fitness regime that's fits you.

Helping people reach their goals, making new friends and meeting new people.

I started my own business at 18 years old when i decided that sitting in an office wasn't for me! I didn't know what else i wanted to do (other than be outside or moving) So i followed my gut and here i am 8 years later !

I am reliable, professional, have heaps of experience in the fitness industry and can make exercise enjoyable.