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Services include:
Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Print Material from Wedding Stationery, business cards to flyers, posters and catalogues.

We also offer Print Management from Design Verification taking care of your printed items until they are delivered to your door.

Studio Printmysoul is a creative practice serving startups to medium sized businesses with a super flexible design consultancy.

High specialization and maximum care for our customers.

  • 31 minutes average response time
Studio Printmysoul Reviews

Studio Printmysoul Reviews

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Radim Malinic
5 15/12/2017 Radim Malinic

Innovative work and great service. Recommended!

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Mohammed Ali
5 18/06/2017 Mohammed Ali

Review of Studio Printmysoul by James Spencer
5 05/05/2017 James Spencer

Review of Studio Printmysoul by An Sant
5 An Sant

Reliable professional always kind and available with great aesthetic . Strong problem solving attitude a pleasure to work with.

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Claire Mcdivitt
5 Claire Mcdivitt

Print my soul is a wonderful and professional company to work with. Amazing communication and a pleasure to work with

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Mariusz Kuc
5 Mariusz Kuc

Fully professional servic
Thank You

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Gregory Steel
5 Gregory Steel

Claudia has been incredible in producing my companies branding. From start to finish she has been professional and helpful. Claudia looked into aspects of design that I never would have thought of to produce a finished product that truly represents my company. I will certainly be returning with more work in the future.

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Bill Hughes
5 Bill Hughes

Kladi is a real talent with the ability to convert design concepts into hard commercial and effective communication.

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Duran Vincenzo
5 Duran Vincenzo

It’s been about six moths that we work together. I can say she done something magical for our business. With small details and wide vision. Let’s not make it longer.
One word perfect. Thanks very much. Hope to work with another project

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Miça Townsend
5 Miça Townsend

Kladi has gone above and beyond for my project and has produced a high quality brand that has helped me to stand out in my field. Her knowledge is vast in branding and visual communications and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to establish an outstanding and strong brand. Clearly passionate and driven by high quality and wanting the best for her clients xx

Review of Studio Printmysoul by Andi Ferguson
5 Andi Ferguson

From the first day Kladi has shown a professional eye for detail and a creative flair that combines into something magical. I now look forward to seeing what she brings to the table as it always surprises and amazes!! I strongly recommend her services to any and all.

Studio Printmysoul

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Studio Printmysoul Q&A

Studio Printmysoul Q&A

What makes a great website?

Your website is your first digital impression and you want to make sure it’s a great one. It should reflect everything you want potential customers to know and remember about your business and how can they immediately reach you. Often times, people are visiting your website because they are seeking out something. You want to ensure that they are finding what they are looking for quickly and with ease. You may have the most amazing business model and offer extraordinary customer service, but with a poorly functioning website, you could miss out on a significant amount of business and ultimately make a bad impression.

Describe your creative process.

We start by asking questions and listening. We listen to you. Really hard. We ask and dig in our client interest and industry to make sure we know precisely how we can help them.
Then, it's all about the colours, the form, the images, the typography... The creative fun. The piece of excitement that draws people in.
We produce designs by working hard to create something special. Happily exploring all the possibilities to deliver a unique, memorable result that will make our client proud to be represented by their business.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

It's all about us really getting under the skin of your business so that we understand it as well as you. We have a set of questions specifically designed to collect precisely the right information.
This means we can efficiently generate an accurate brief, and start work on your project fully understanding your requirements.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing people smile, there is nothing like seeing or hearing a satisfied customer.
Of course the final objective of a new brand, of a print or web campaign or a new website or signage is to attract attention , signal the clients brand on the market promoting their service and products and appeal to their target audience in order to generate or increase conversion. But nothing of this could without empowering our client allowing him/her to became fully proud of their business by making them look professional and up to date in their positioning.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I use to work with big companies and massive budgets and I gained enough experience to deliver a full package with my small team. Therefore I decided to dedicate myself to offer to hard working small / medium companies or family business all the big attention, professionalism and glam that the big brands usually get. Delivering high quality products and bespoke design on budget.

Why should our clients choose you?

I will be personally available until the client is satisfied. We are an award winning company and we strive to keep standards high from beginning to end. Check my Adobe Live

Services provided by Studio Printmysoul

Studio Printmysoul Services

Logo Design

ARE YOU STARTING A NEW BUSINESS? HAVE YOU DECIDED TO BROADEN OR REVAMP YOUR CURRENT ACTIVITY? This is the right place to START! From full visual communication consultancy to memorable design, we will offer the creative support to take you on a colorful journey. Creating a Brand that will empower you to make your business distinctive, attractive and memorable for your audience.


From integrated visual communication consultancy to memorable design, you will find the creative support to develop your new business. Receive caring help all the way through! We aim to build a professional coherent image that represents and communicates effectively for a long term success. Tackling business problems with intelligence, using cutting-edge thinking, keeping budget sustainable offering you the same attention and glam the big boys receive.


BUSINESS CARDS, FULL STATIONARY, FLYERS, ADVERTS, POSTERS, FOLDERS, STICKERS, MENUS, BOOKLETS... Print industry is where the Studio true craft is. Each project will see a different approach in terms or printing techniques: designing for litho printing, riso, screen printing, vinyl print and digital. This in order to deliver the results that will better adapt to your requests and goals. Also we will help you to choose finishing and the right paper fit for your purpose giving you the chance to choose from normal stock or the premium GF Smith paper collections. There is a constant celebration of paper and printing process in other to make your business stand out! ASK FOR A QUOTE


WE WILL HELP YOU FROM THE VERY FIRST STEPS TO BUILD YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE WHICH IS CRITICAL TO GETTING NEW CUSTOMERS ! Find below a list of the web services provided within the range of Advertising Online, creating a Website and dealing with Social Media. WEB ADVERTS Adverts & Banners Design Facebook Adverts Twitter Campaigns Instagram Campaigns SOCIAL MEDIA We advice which channel is more appropriate for your industry and help you set up your social media. Social Media Creation Social Media Management Social Media Images Package Social Media Campaign WEBSITE Domain Name registration Email set up Web Design Basic ( up to 3 pages ) Web Design Advanced ( 5 pages ) Web Design Plus ( 5 pages + ) E-commerce Blog Coming soon page Bespoke icon sets Website Translation


MAKING FROM SCRATCH WHAT YOU NEED TO PROMOTE AND SIGNAL YOUR BRAND IN A UNIQUE WAY From uniforms to van wrapping, big signs, cards, mugs bespoke promotional material built ad hoc, wedding invitations, labels and stickers, stamps, 3D pins, brooches, gifts complementary marketing, corporate gifts, complementary marketing, you can order to make literally anything from scratch.


WALL DECORATIONS: INTERIORS AND OUTDOORS Wall decoration can be easily associated with graffiti art and street art does play a significant role within the background of the studio. A mural is an artwork painted, stenciled or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface which aims to blend and harmoniously incorporate the company ethos and colors into the architectural elements of the given space. As much as they can look very fun to make, murals require times and the studio fee starts from £ 470* per full day of work. *( fee does not include initial Concept Development & Artwork Design )

Work history from Studio Printmysoul

Work History

Creative Director

Studio Printmysoul

From February 2013 to present.

Studio Printmysoul services include logo design, corporate identity, print material, web design, custom objects and interior decorations (walls)*. It was established in Manchester in 2013 by the Italian dreamer, communicator and visual designer Kladi. She utilises her strategic problem solving background within areas of corporate identity, PR & innovative marketing practised while in Italy and Australia, alongside exciting experience gained in art direction and design in the UK. With roots as a Southern Italian street artist, underpinned by a HBA in Corporate Communication and a Master’s degree in New Media, she has combined more than ten years of roaming the world studying and visiting the most prestigious university and museums to create an exquisite mix between explosive colors, geometry, consumer psychology and communication. Kladi has built an invaluable bond with a broad network of talented professionals including developers, printers, street artists, performers, writers, illustrators and makers. Any form of interaction with businesses, dreamers, doers and creatives is highly appreciated and valued.


Anatolian Grill

Branding, Menu, Full Print & Bespoke Marketing Material, Website Successful Turkish restaurant, Anatolian Grill, was in need to refresh their business visual identity to better communicate the high quality, typical cuisine served in their fun and warm restaurant. Chef Duran, who is also the former director of the restaurant requested a full branding lift and the creation of a modern and unique solution for their menu and associated marketing materials, uniforms, livery and POS to promote his successful business. We consulted with the Director, Manager and the lovely staff of the restaurant to understand the core value and work ethics they operate with and their long term goals, in order to develop a brand that would accurately reflect the food and atmosphere that customers will find in the restaurant. We selected a color palette of green and gray to appeal to their two primary target audiences – young professionals and families – but also to stress the fresh organic ingredient picked by the Chef and the sharp, clean and professional ethic of the kitchen. The result was a brand that recalls traditional Turkish treasures, like the gorgeous rugs made in the Anatolian region and the unique writing calligraphic elements. The full stationery for their business, was followed by the creation of wipeable menus that sit on gorgeous stained wood laser-cut boards to both hold the menu and display the beautiful pattern alongside the new brand. We have just finished to direct a major location and food photo-shoot and we have recently built and launched their new website.


An illustrated guide to taking care of indoor plants Today plants are in the spotlight, as they become more and more important to the modern home. They can now be found in any sort of shop, places you’d usually only expect to find furniture, clothes and books. They are a focal point of interior design in restaurants, hotels and museums. This first little volume, was created with the hope to help nursing the unaware victims of this trend: plants! Plant Therapy aims to support beginners and to inspire professionals who junglise their homes, shops or offices; it’s a prescious ally in creating the perfect indoor environment for all types of plants, using heat, shade, humidity or ventilation, making it possible for plants to thrive. It also contains exclusive artworks which boldly stand out against the deep blue cotton paper stock insert. The book was written and illustrated in-house and the text is curated by Ian Hughes. Printed on premium luxurious papers, made in Italy by Fedrigoni, with an elegant black rainbow foil by Foilco studded on the completely biodegradable cover. Top and bottom white sections of the book focus on selected plants likes succulents or the much loved Monstera by giving cultivation information, SOS info, pet toxicity and tips on how to purchase a plant; the middle section contains stunning full page illustrations, printed in two layers using white ink and CMYK creating a lush finish that contrasts with the dark paper. The result is a useful book which looks and feels great.


Hand Decorated Wall, Bespoke 3D Paper Geometric Deco & Lasercut Fluorescent Perspex Type insert Wall Design created for a restaurant in the vibrant Northern Quarter in Manchester UK. The objective of the artwork was to promote Absolute Vodka as sponsor of Arts and Creativity. We used geometric hand made decorations which were installed on the wall using transparent wire and displayed alongside the hand painted design. After the launch and due to the fact that many of the paper decorations on display began to disappear, we felt the need to share with the public printed instructions of the wall decoration using a bespoke riso flyer which allowed them to reproduce the decoration at home. A laser-cut fluorescent perspex and ply type insert was made to promote the name of the location of the event in the Northern Quarter. Because the project was in support of local art and creativity we decided to utilize the skills of students from Manchester School of Art.


Branding, Menu, Full Print & Bespoke Marketing Material, Website Popular Turkish restaurant, Topkapi Palace, was in need to refresh their business visual identity to better communicate the traditional quality, traditional cuisine served in their fun and cosy restaurant. Mete Dursun, who is also the former director of the restaurant requested a full branding lift and the creation of a modern and unique solution for their menu and associated marketing materials, uniforms, livery and POS to promote his successful business. Located in the heart of Manchester, Topkapi Palace is a purveyor of traditional Turkish dining from the esteemed and renowned Chef Seref Dursun. The original Topkapi Palace branch was established in 1979 in Deansgate and throughout the years has been one of Manchester's most successful and tastiest restaurants and take aways. This family run loyal business, run by head chef Seref Dursun and the family has been serving fabulous Turkish food on Deansgate for 36 years We selected a color palette of blue and read to appeal to make their brand stand out to their target audiences – young professionals and families – but also to stress the fun and lively atmosphere of the restaurant.


Photoshooting Direction, Promotional Concertina Fold, Business Cards, Riso Print After being approached for stationery set by the lovely Natasha Gooden, who is a successful performer based in London that tours the entire UK, we decided to support the business card with a small marketing brochure. This choice was made to deliver across the variety of her stakeholders all the most relevant information about her professional experience. To make the brochure easy to carry around and hand out we came up with a fold that holds the business card inside. The fold is designed to engage the readers inviting them to move around the paper with rhythm in order to follow the content and to discover the final poster held inside. Directing the Photo Shooting with Natasha is an unforgettable memory, as we had the chance to watch her perform in front of us!


Branding, Stationary, Website, Full Print & Marketing Material Furniture manufacturers, Manor Interiors, were developing their business to offer complete furnishing packages to property developers, student accommodations, housing associations, hotels and landlords. An established furniture manufacturer and importer, for over 20 years, they requested a full branding and associated marketing materials, uniforms, livery and POS to promote their new service. We consulted with the CEO of the company to understand which direction they were heading and their long term goals in order to create a brand that would accurately reflect their business. We picked a colour palette of blue and yellow to appeal to their two primary target audiences – professionals and students. We also created a full stationery for their business which was followed by furniture catalogue, packaging guide, student accommodation brochure and marketing products. We also recreated in paper origami a full range of the furniture they sold to be inserted into the catalogue, interior layouts, maps and leaflets.

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  • 31 minutes average response time

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