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I am a yoga and somatics coach with 26 yrs teaching experience.
I offer 1-2-1’s in yoga, somatics ( movement therapy for pain relief) Ayurvedic massage therapy & meditation.
I run weekly local classes in gentle somatic yoga, dynamic hatha yoga and SUP yoga.



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I love making people feel better. I like the fact that my role as a yoga & somatics coach brings positive change in my clients. Whether it’s that the sleep much better or have learnt to remove muscular pain, reduce anxiety or just improved their well being .
It all makes my job worthwhile.
I also love the variety of my job, teaching in schools, working outdoors on the beach and SUP yoga. Working in local Hotels and therapy centres, this job is never dull. I also teach workshops, facilitate and construct somatic courses and offer 1-2-1 sessions.

I started my yoga business back way back in 1996, I was inspired to start teaching by my own yoga teacher, Kim . Kim was vibrant, thought provoking & positive. The energy yoga gave Kim inspired me to learn.
I realised how amazing yoga was how it could change the way you think & feel about yourself & others.

I have 26 years teaching experience in yoga and fitness. I now focus on a movement therapy known as somatics. I have also been a massage therapist for over 10 years.
I have many amazing testimonials from clients. I run regular weekly classes that are well established through years of teaching experience.
I make the sessions nuturing and fun.


1. Ayurvedic massage therapy (75 minutes) Traditional herbal ayurvedic oils are used for these massage treatments. The oil is warmed and prepared for your comfort and according to your dosha. The style and flow of the massage is determined by who you are, and what your body needs for balance and wellbeing at the time. Traditional, well-known massage techniques are also used to create a treatment that is just right for you. Each treatment includes a 15-minute consultation, 45-minute massage and 15-minute guided meditation. Time: 75 minutes Cost: £60 per session / 3 sessions for £165* 2. Ayurvedic Marma massages Each treatment includes a 10-minute consultation to find your dosha and agree on most suitable massage techniques for your needs, and which oils will be used. This is followed by a 35-minute massage. You can chose from four areas of the body: 1) Scalp, neck and face (Shiro marma) 2) Lower legs and feet (Pada marma) 3) Back, neck, shoulders and pelvis (Amsa marma) 4) Torso, arms and hands (Urvi marma) Time: 45 minutes Cost: £45 per session / 3 sessions for £120*

This is one of the best ways to learn how to improve the way you move; and an attentive and thorough investigation into your muscular pain. Each session has 3 stages: 10-minute consultation, 55-minute guided exercise routine and a deep, 10-minute relaxation. Consultation: This is all about you; we look at your medical history and shine some light on your troublesome body. We will look at your posture, and find out about the common reflexes that occur within your body to cause pain. Exercises: I guide you through a series of gentle micro movements specific to your injury which empower you to release your own muscular tension. This session will include hands-on adjustments if needed to facilitate your learning process. Relaxation: We finish with a guided relaxation technique known as a ‘body scanning’ to help you to learn how to deeply relax. Yawning is encouraged to let go of inner tension and remove fatigue. We integrate mindful awareness of the breath and connection with the stillness of your body. Time: 75 minutes Cost: £55 per session / 3 sessions for £150* The price includes a home study pack, video clips and an audio tailored to you and your injury.