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Bespoke IT & Creative Digital Services - Including software development, web development, mobile app development, tech support, digital marketing & business growth, videography, graphic design, digital animation, and digital paintwork

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17 February 2020

My name is Keenan and I am the founder of the NeoTripper enterprise.

We reached out to Sapphire Arts because we had a complex project with many moving parts. We required the development of web portals for tourists, vendors, and merchants.

Not only did Sapphire Arts develop the portals that each depend on each other, they also used their understanding of gamification and user engagement to propose a new USP for NeoTripper, which is the challenge feature. This feature helped to define the brand in ways we didn't know were possible so I recommend Sapphire Arts to everyone who has a simple project or a complex one. They won't disappoint!

14 February 2020

Whilst setting up my company I faced the daunting task of 'branding'... Sapphire Arts helped me create a cool looking logo and brand that I now show off everywhere I go

14 February 2020

Sapphire Arts completely caught our vision for Clarity Magazine and its website. The design, sales and content have been seamless and we couldn't have launched our business without such a smooth online presence. Sapphire Arts has been able to turn our jumbled ideas and lack of website knowledge into something beautiful. Love it! More...

14 February 2020

I can not be more grateful for the support that Sapphire Arts have provided to our company. They go the extra mile and more! They are great at simplifying the technological side too. Definitely recommend! More...

14 February 2020

A MASSIVE thank you to Sapphire Arts, for bringing to life our website! You have supported our charity and developed an innovative website for our organisation, which has made a big difference directly to our work and service users. In addition we have received outstanding technical support throughout from the founder Michael Clarke. This company is truly ahead of the curve, working with their clients vision to create tailor made software that even enhances the client's brand and customer experience. HIANA highly recommends! More...

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We provide businesses with bespoke software solutions that are designed and developed according to the specification and the exact needs of the client

We provide businesses with the mobile app that will add value to their business based on the desires of the business, coupled with our research on how and which type of app could benefit that particular company

We offer websites and web apps that will capture the attention and imagine of every viewer. Our websites are designed to be fully optimised for every browser and every mobile device - with a keen attention to slick, modern presentation

We will look after all the technical needs of the client, help to streamline and improve the IT infrastructure, and also be on hand to fix any technical issue that may arise

We provide our clients with the highest standard of marketing services including business growth consultation, search engine marketing, & social media marketing

Whether you need a logo, website image, or social media promo image, we aim to bring your pictoral ideas to life

We offer our clients a videography service, where a fully qualified, experienced, and expert videographer will be assigned to the client and will produce the video content that the client requires, as either a one time action, or an on-going thing

Have you got a powerful message that you want to convey? Or do you simply need to sell something? Our expert team can create a range of different type of animated videos for your company to use and enjoy

We provide clients the option of purchasing bespoke high quality digital paintwork. Simply send in a photograph, specify a canvas size, and sit back whilst our digital artists work their magic