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I have been writing my entire career. Have a BA Hons in English Language & Lit. Worked for nearly ten years in the public sector, preparing papers, articles and presentations. I have compiled press releases on delicate ministerial announcements as well as good news updates for department.


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30 May 2019

Straightforward understanding of what I need after a short conversation, beautiful words written with effective too! Love the artical very much! Thank you!

Thank you Liping. It was a pleasure.


When someone lets me run with it. I am a creative person with lots of ideas and particularly when I'm offered a bit of rein I find that's when the best inspirations come. A formal approach is preferable for specific requirements, such as corporate correspondence, etc.

I love the variety of working in PR and Press. I spent six months working on a detailed medical brief for an international Andrology Clinic. Not only did I learn so much in terms of terminology, statistics and public perception, but it was refreshing to write about something so specific. My forte is in researching and then writing about any given subject, and being freelance enables me to supply this service to numerous outlets.

Because I take great pride in what I do. It's important to me that you succeed and that you are pleased. Better still, that you have enjoyed your part of the creative process, even if that was only to supply the brief. I will take some time to understand exactly what you need and endeavour to get it right first time.