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17 September 2018

Constant professionals and extremely helpful. As a customer it’s important to be informed and reassured at every point of the process - I would highly recommend.


Alex Curtis

3 May 2018

What an excellent workshop from an experienced and friendly professional. Would highly recommend his services and workshops.


Jules Goldsmith

3 April 2018

Mark certainly knows his stuff! Attended Video Effects 101 today - Adobe editing condensed into a 2 hr, easy to understand session, which focused on using the right tools for the job. Highly recommended - thank you Mark!! More...


Bridget Cook

10 January 2018

Yesterday I attended a begginners class in how to edit home film for fun and business. Mark Mountford presented it in such a way that even a techniphobe like me could follow, understand and come away having lost the fear that a previous experience with editing had created. Thank you. Would highly recommend. Mark is a gentle giant and made us all feel at home, welcome and not idiotic. More...


Joanne Hayes

9 January 2018

I attended a video editing workshop run by Mark Mountford. It was a very thought and ideas provoking workshop, thoroughly enjoyable. I have a number of holiday video footage that I have not known where to start with putting them together. I now feel confident to have a go and see what I can achieve. It wont by any means be near the standard that Mark would produce but I am looking forward to having fun trying. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone attending any future workshops that Mark runs to go along. Thank Mark, it was a great morning. More...


Alex Beehoo

2 December 2017

Great company, excellent communication and support throughout the process. Always do their best to accommodate your needs and produce great quality. Highly recommended.


Cara McWilliam-Richardson

30 November 2017

Fantastic company which not only produces great results, but is brilliant at making you feel at ease and talking you through options and ideas. Would absolutely recommend, without a doubt. More...


Marcus Boland

30 November 2017

A very professional, friendly and helpful company, would highly recommend.



30 November 2017

Constant professionals and extremely helpful. As a customer it’s important to be informed and reassured at every point of the process - I would highly recommend.


Ajay Sabharwal

22 May 2017

Not enough stars in the ratings. Top notch professional and very easy and accommodating to work with. Mark is awesome! The proof is in the pudding..check the video he did for us :)) Hope more to come :)) More...


Emma Freegard

10 May 2017

Attended a workshop run by Mark from Peterborough Films "Video Strategy for Business - where to begin". A very informative & enjoyable session, learnt some great tips on what not to do. Thanks Mark.


Paul Cooper

9 May 2017

I have only known Mark a few months but we almost instantly clicked. Very easy going, friendly and knows his stuff. I am always looking for opportunities to work with Peterborough Films as their work is extremely engaging and exciting.


Deborah Wylie

7 May 2017

Mark is really patient, knowledgeable and fun to work with. Great professional whom I'd recommend!


Graham Casey

24 April 2017

Excellent service, very professional with all deadlines met! Mark has a passion for making films. Thank you.


Mateusz Opiela

13 April 2017

Great people to work with!!! 100% Recommend!!!


Charlotte Thorn

5 April 2017

I have known Mark for a year or so now after working with him on a film project we were both involved with, and knew from this his level of commitment to his work. We spent a day with his colleague having a chat about my work which was filmed and edited beautifully with shots of me working as I usually would. The whole day was very relaxed, and they really took time to find out about my business and what drives it to show it off to it's full potential. I was contacted a couple of times throughout the editing process to get my feedback, which was great as I could change any parts I didn't like (there were none though!) I was not disappointed with the end result, it's something worthy of an award and makes me look far more professional than I actually am! Thank you Peterborough Films for your hard work and very quick turnaround on the finished edit. More...

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