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Palazzi Ltd

London, Greater London

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Palazzi Ltd

London, Greater London

1 hire on Bark


Palazzi Ltd is a company of accountants based in London who specialise in all aspects of accountancy and business consultancy. At Palazzi we offer a high quality service to all our clients with the ultimate goal of 100% satisifaction for both the client and Palazzi.



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: Annual Year End Accounts
: VAT Returns
: Corporation Tax
: Company/Self Assessment/PAYE Tax Return
: Management Accounts
: Budget & Financial Planning/Forcasting
: Taxation
: Bookeeping
: Payroll
: Setting Up New Companies/Dissolving Existing Companies
: Business Consultation

Palazzi offers very competitive prices for a weekly/monthly Bookkeeping and Payroll service. This can also be found with all services that Palazzi ltd offers as we strongly believe in VFM(value for money). Palazzi will always give the very best service which is second to none.

It is very important for businesses to hire a great accountant to achieve the goals and ambitions you set for your business. Business is like a ship, the owner is the captain, but without someone at the wheel to steer the ship then the journey will not be a smooth and calm. Hence why businesses need a great accountant who would give knowledge, options, maintain that the finances are kept in order, forecast the financial and company growth and assist the owner to guiding their business to where they wish to go.

I love my job as I get to meet and help likeminded business persons to turn their dreams into reality. Also like the problem solving aspect of my job when you find irregularities in the accounts and is down to you to correct and reason why the accounts were wrong in the first place. I love to grow Palazzi Ltd to become the number one Accountancy in the United Kingdom and become a global brand for international clients.

My inspiration came Sir Richard Branson to start my own business. I used to work in a 9am - 5.30pm job in a office while I was studying Accountancy. Working so hard each day but not getting job satisfaction that I really desired. After reading Richard Branston life story I was inspired to start my own business where there would be tougher challenges than going to work for someone. Being so hungry I planned what was needed to be done to make the jump and I went for it. I never looked back only forward as the rewards for everything you put in you really live it as long with the freedom, independence and the difference in responsibilities that comes with being your own boss.

Why choose Palazzi Ltd Accountants of London? This is a very interesting question and putting myself as a prospective client looking for a great accountant for my business, I would be looking for various skills, qualities, professionalism and can he fullfill my requirements I need for my business?!

Looking around there are many Accountants, Accountancy firms and Tax Advisors. Firstly the name Palazzi, is a Italian name for "Palace", meaning all those can take refuge in our company with faith that Palazzi will cater to all the clients business needs. Palazzi is a company of accountants, as our primary goal is for our prospective/existing client businesses to reach their business goals and ambitions. Also to build long and lasting business relationships with our clients. Palazzi Ltd stand out from other Accountancy companies in that we are contactable anytime or day of the week. For example you get a letter from say HMRC which can cause distress and you cant wait till monday or the next day to deal with the matter? Palazzi clients can contact Palazzi at the weekend or late at night and the matter will be resolved there and then.