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The OFG philosophy is all about supporting businesses as part of ‘Your Alternative Board’.
With more than 100 years experience of growing businesses from the board room to the sharp end, we have learned a thing or two. You can trust us to deliver on all those areas that are holding your business back.



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We see opportunities everywhere in what we do and there is nothing more satisfying in being able to assist a business that has lost its way a little and to help it not only get back on track but to understand how to continue to grow.
The early stages can always be a painful experience for a company. Letting go of the past is never easy. It is considered to be safe ground and stable, however companies often fail to realise that in order to grow they need to stretch the boundaries and build a safe step ladder to climb to new heights. We love to see businesses move forward again, and we love to tell their story to others.

Starting our business was exciting but moreover fun. Having been working in within the corporate merry-go-round all our lives and always working hard for others we all found ourselves at the same crossroads in Spring 2017. Having completed a Non-Executive Director course together we believed that we had enough about us to offer a creditable business solution for companies wishing to grow. As a result we formed OFG and we have never looked back. We are hungry ourselves to stay ahead, to keep learning and too react quickly to changes in the market. Moreover we understand how to adapt to the changes in the most easy and cost effective way and pass this on in helping to execute new strategies.

We are not typical business consultants and we remain grounded and proud of that! We do have an army load of material and an arsenal of personal experience and we don't take 'off the shelf' remedies to try and sell. Many of those solutions are difficult to understand, seldom implemented to great effect and actually are out dated! We pride ourselves in creating the bespoke solutions to solving your own business challenges and we do it in the most easiest way that enables you to continue to grow pain-free. We are very approachable, never had an ego, we are down to earth, hard working, customer driven and always demonstrate respect for people.