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At Cawley Marketing we like to build a close relationship with clients and we believe they should be able to watch their work being completed. To create a transparent service we provide new clients with a username and login to a website where they can watch their work being completed online.


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Matthew Body

16 June 2019

Harry has done a fantastic job overhauling our site! Very easy to work with.


Sam Vickers

25 July 2018

An absolute fabulous service provided by the team at Norfolk Web Solutions. They have produced a website for me that I can be proud of, and the back up support for editing, uploading data and pictures, and designing new adverts is perfect. A friendly and reliable service that I will continue to use and happy to recommend to others. I've had a very positive input through my website, with customers using the contact form daily. A top notch website is a 'must have' in today's business world, and this is exactly the place you need to be. Great work. More...


Danielle Christina

28 May 2018

I love my website, it looks amazing and is bringing in work. The service is great, with fast response time, I highly recommend!


Daniel Jenkins

28 May 2017

Harry has done a Suberb job with the new website and I can highly recommend him to anyone that needs web services! I have now had three websites built for me and his is the only one which has generated business and enquiries! Speaks for itself he knows his stuff. Thank you Harry More...


Robert Evans

28 May 2017

Great service and easy to deal with. Now have a brilliant new website. Thank you.


A great website should focus on user experience and promote the companies brand effectively. Website design is a rapidly changing industry so websites should be kept up to date with modern functionality and design trends to help create a great first impression with the user.

Not only should a website look good and display information clearly making it easy to navigate for the user, but it should also be use modern search engine optimisation techniques to increase traffic. There's no point in having a great website if your target audience can't find it.

Mobile optimisation is also key when developing a great website. Websites should display clearly on all devices and users should be able to navigate their way around the site and find it easy to obtain the information they're looking for.

The last point I'll mention is content. A great website shouldn't just be set up and left displaying the same information forever. It should be updated regularly with new content often in the form of a blog. Not only does this show visitors that the website is active and help display more information that engages with its audience, but it also helps with search engine optimisation.

A few questions I may ask would be:

- Do you already have a colour scheme & logo?
- Who's your target audience and what geographical area does your business cover?
- Do you already have an idea of the information you would like to display in the website?
- Do you have images you have taken or would you like to take some images to include in the site?
- Do you already have a domain name registered or would you like me to help you find one and register it for you?
- Do you have social media profiles for your business that I can integrate into the site?
- Do you already have a design idea for the site or would you like me to come up with a few ideas for you?

Being a small business owner myself, I understand the passion and time people invest into their businesses. Being able to help them generate more revenue and receive a great return on investment from my services is incredibly rewarding. From this, I see clients who are struggling to attract new business online go on to grow their small business through the consistency of new clientele online. This transformation is the aspect I love most about my job.

Having worked in marketing jobs previous to starting my own business I saw many clients spending money on print advertising and online marketing and not always receiving a good return on investment. For the larger companies I worked with it wasn't as much of an issue if they spent a few thousand pounds on a magazine advert or online marketing each month and didn't always see much of a return.

However, when the smaller businesses & small start up businesses spent what was large amounts of money for them on online marketing and print advertising and didn't always receive a good return, it didn't feel great for me and I knew it felt worse for them.

I wanted to help small business owners attract new business without having to risk spending large amounts of money and struggling to get a good return from it.

This is when I came up with the idea of starting a website design & maintenance business that focused on providing a low cost service that was affordable for all small business owners.

I already had experience with creating and developing websites which started from when I was studying business and marketing at university. Website design was always something I had enjoyed but it was more of a hobby for me before I started my business. I had already created websites for friends which worked very well for them and maintained them as well so I knew it was an business idea that had potential.

I have already helped many small business owners succeed online and grow their businesses and I can do the same for you!


I can design and develop a website for you.

I can work on both the back end SEO (Bits the website visitor doesn't see) and front end SEO to help your website be found online and consistently attract new visitors.

If you have already purchased a domain (Web Address) that's fine. If not I can register a .co.uk domain for you free of charge if I am managing your website. I also offer a web hosting service so I can host your website on UK based servers with guaranteed 99.9% up time so there's very little risk of your website going offline due to server issues.

I can create a website for you which displays clearly on all mobile devises.

When you go ahead with one of my monthly web packages I can design a new logo for you free of charge.

Just let me know what information you would like to include in your website. Or just some bullet points and I can write the content for you.