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we help clients to make great business by providing strategy and high-quality design.
I specialise working for clients world-wide, giving each client a personalised one to one service to ensure the best possible outcome.

My design is professional, dynamic and passionate.



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• Help you to Generate more business.
• One to help you to develop relations with your clients, and that helps you to generate new ones.
• Is a 24 hour Sales representative. Yes, a 24 hour, non-stop, hard worker, that never complains and get his job done. Even when you sleep your website is still working hard for you.
• Your own social media hub.You can decide everything on your site, without the restrictions that social media platforms may have, and the great thing about it is that your customers can enjoy it without interruptions. Your website is the only platform you have full control over.

I will need to know what they do and for who they do it,
Know the business is great because you may be thinking you need x design ,
but maybe what solve your problem will be something different.

I love to hear the story of the business so i can get a big picture of past , present and posible future.
this is extremely important because would make your project more fitted to your own business needs.

the first part is to get to know your business, understand your clients and your revenue strams, whats the goal you want to archive with the project, evalute the situation actual , what has work in the past , competition, mensaje.

I will need to understand your business to know what aproach will be the best acording to your specific needs.
• Whats the goal you want to archive with the project?
• Who are your clients?
• What do you do?

No project is the same, and thats really inspiring,

To know that there is so much i can do to help business to grow.

• Consult, so we get to the root of the problem and we find ways to solve it.
• Help you to find the best solution to your needs
• Work with you as a team
• Honest, will tell you why and how to improve.
• Interested on your project
• Easy to work with
• Efficient
• Great listener
• Proactive
• Experienced
+ Plus great design!



• Great Website design • Easy to use and Update (by you or staff) • Responsive ( will adapt to tablets and mobile friendly for google ) • Social media integration (facebook, twitter ...) • Contact Form ( for your customers contact you ) • Blog/ news page • option for SEO (for add keywords, descriptions, improve how website appear in google )

Achieve a powerful brand by having an effective strategy and not just a logo design, a brand is much more than a graphic sign, it is also the way that your brand is integrated and displayed to the public by using a range of media from your business cards to the package of your products, it is also the name to which people will refer to. Your logo gives the business a visual identity that can be recognised, not just locally but worldwide. It is the identification that is an exceptional characteristic of each business. Your image is as unique as your product, service or business. • Brand definition • Brand Values • Logo Design • Colour Palette • Stationery • Collateral Material Brochures Catalogs Presentations and all graphics that will make your brand consistent across all channels.

We discuss your business and ways that it can be improved, this may include review of your current materials, the services is to give you the clarity of what and why something is not working right, and providing you the direction to solve it. You wil need consuting in any of this cases: • Inconsistent graphics. • Your image dont match the quality of your services or products. • Your website is old and looks tired. • Your website is not helping you to get more business. • You know something is not quite right but you dont know what is. • You dont know how to diferenciate from the competency. • You want to have a profesional brand

This service is tailored to your unique product, that means that you will get a bespoke design based on your own requirements and the professionalism that I always offer to my clients.