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Molokini is a vibrant marketing agency in the heart of Worthing, West Sussex (UK), that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

Delivering engaging marketing campaigns, we put our energy into showing people who you are (not just what you are), through progressive PR, web design and development and digital marketing.

The Molokini team comes from an interdisciplinary mix of strategy, creative, design, marketing, technology, product development and business backgrounds. We are constantly exploring new disciplines and evolving our existing offerings to best meet our clients’ needs.

Molokini Marketing Reviews

Molokini Marketing Reviews

Review of Molokini Marketing by Ilda
5 31/01/2019 Ilda

We were introduced to Molokini via our PR team and now wonder how we ever managed without them. They made rebranding such an easy experience for us (although we were probably the cause of many a headache at their end). Always pleasant, professional and an endless vault of great ideas.
We have continued our relationship with the team as it would be foolish not to!

Review of Molokini Marketing by Katie
5 29/01/2019 Katie

Molokini is an inspiring and creative agency!

Review of Molokini Marketing by Hyster Forklift
5 Hyster Forklift

An exceptional agency that we can rely on no matter how big the challenge!

Molokini Marketing

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Molokini Marketing Location

32 Rowlands Rd, Worthing BN11 3JP, UK

Molokini Marketing Q&A

Molokini Marketing Q&A

What makes a great website?

For human consumption, visual over verbal always wins. It's with that in mind that the web developers at Molokini in Worthing, West Sussex create engaging, bespoke websites with a strong content strategy that has a real, measurable impact. Built to perform on search engines, our in-house website designers create custom sites that you can update yourself.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

1. What does your organisation do?
2. What do you want your site to accomplish?
3. Do you have a website already?
4. What makes your organisation stand out? How are you different from your competitors?
5. Who are your competitors?
6. What other websites do you like and why? Thinking about both functionality and design...
7. Who exactly are your customers and what problem do you solve for them?
8. What features / added functionality do you want your website to have?
9. What would you consider to be a success? More web traffic, blog views, social media shares?
10. Do you have a brand guide or any existing collateral?

Describe your creative process.

Our creative process start with a kick-off meeting where we address all of the aforementioned key questions, which we then digest and bring back in-house to review with the wider team.
Following this initial review, we will then send the client a suggested sitemap (model of the website's content and how the structure of the site will be laid out) for review and approval. Once this sitemap has been approved, we then use it to 'sketch' each page of the website in a wireframe (an illustration of a page’s interface that specifically focuses on space allocation and prioritisation of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviours), which we then send back to the client for final review / revision. After the sign off of the wireframes, we then either get started writing the content for the client or have the client use the wireframes to product the content themselves (depending on our agreement). In the meantime, we will get started setting up the skelton of the website and send over initial site designs in jpg format.
As soon as the content is provided, we then populate the pages of the site and complete the build.
Following go-live, we always allow for a month of 'snagging' issues whereby we fix anything that might not be working as it should.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

What are your hosting details (if any) or requirements?
What are the CMS requirements? I.e. WordPress, joomla, HTML or other?
Will you will need an SSL certificate?
Will there will be any 3rd party integration to take into account (i.e. Sage Pay, PayPal, custom CRM, etc)
Are you are planning to integrate any on-site downloads and, if so, will they need to be gated (i.e. users need to enter in their details to download)
Will you need multi-lingual functionality?
Will you need live chat capabilities?
Do you already have an existing Google Analytics account?
What social media channels do we need to integrate?

What do you love most about your job?

As a team, we thrive on collaboration and innovation. This leads to some cutting-edge websites that both our clients and our team can be proud of.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Founded by directors Nik and Katie in 2006, the ever-expanding management team works with local and international clients, to develop ingenious ways of connecting brands with customers.

Why should our clients choose you?

The Molokini team comes from an interdisciplinary mix of strategy, creative, design, marketing, technology, product development and business backgrounds. We are constantly exploring new disciplines and evolving our existing offerings at fair rates to best meet our clients’ needs.

Services provided by Molokini Marketing

Molokini Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing campaigns are as diverse as our clients, but they all have three key things in common; engagement, interaction and momentum. Our digital marketing services include: Digital Marketing Strategy (multilingual / multi-national), Analytics, Paid Media Optimisation (PPC and social media advertising), Social Media & Outreach, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Email Marketing & Campaigns

Public Relations (PR)

Specialising in PR for Logistics, Materials Handling, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy Supply Chain, Safety, Luxury Brands and more. Molokini PR increases visibility and tells your story through a combination of: Copywriting & Proofing, International Media Relations, Awards, Events, Acquisitions / Crisis / Internal Communications and more.

Web Design and Development

For human consumption, visual over verbal always wins. It's with that in mind that the digital architects at Molokini create engaging websites with a strong content strategy that has a real, measurable impact. Our web design and development services include: Responsive Web Design, Website Updates & Re-Design, SEO Web Optimisation, CMS & eCommerce Integration (Joomla, WordPress, CrownPeak, etc.), Web Hosting, Web Support Packages and more.


Design experiences should be unexpected yet familiar. Molokini plans and executes visuals that will both enhance your brand image and audience experience. 3D Modelling & Animation, Video Production, Infographics, Design for Print, Branding, Photography, Video Production and more.


MENCK - Web Design

MENCK is the world's leading provider of equipment and services for the installation of piles. Their top-of-the-range pile drivers come backed up with over 145 years' experience of establishing foundations and structures of any size, anytime, anywhere. Serving the oil and gas, windfarm and civil construction markets, MENCK's hammer technology is able to operate in some of the most hostile climates around the world. MENCK came to Molokini Marketing looking for a modern website which incorporated a Joomla CMS and seamless functionality to improve the user journey of both returning and new clients worldwide. Molokini delivered a leading-edge design including an interactive map, simplified navigation, fully responsive design and stunning pages that contain engaging imagery to enhance customer appeal. The overall design aesthetic is clean, modern and simplified. Relying on a combination of research, carefully tailored design and measurement, we have developed a user experience for MENCK that is simple yet striking.

Pyroban - Multi-lingual Joomla website design

We have a long lasting relationship with explosion protection company, Pyroban, which began more than 10 years ago. Over that time, the Molokini team has developed an in-depth understanding of the safety critical products and services provided by Pyroban, and how to market them in a complex supply chain. The new website design reflects the current business model which allows for flexibility of growth and change. The website is on Joomla CMS and is being rolled out in several languages. There is an intelligent contact form which quickly finds the contact name according to product and country. Visit: /

Richstone Properties - Responsive website design on Joomla CMS

Long time Molokini client, Richstone Properties, turned to Molokini to help re-design their, luxury property development website design for a contemporary, innovative, and mobile optimised design. The Richstone Properties website is the centre of their marketing strategy. This recent re-development showcases their past, recent and upcoming sustainable, high-end properties in the London area, as well as key industry and brand specific news. Visit:

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