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A very experienced Marketing company based in Crawley, West Sussex. With a nationwide portfolio of clients of all sizes across many business sectors we are ideally positioned to help companies with

Building the perfect business website £1495+ vat
All in one Blogging, Social and Seo £199 + vat / pm
Logo Design £750 + vat
Marketing Planning £295 + vat

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MarketingAction Reviews

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MarketingAction Q&A

MarketingAction Q&A

What makes a great website?

The right combination of functionality, design, seo, content and conversion factors expertly put together with the customer in mind and suited to the industry and product/service positioning of the business.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What products / services do you offer?
Who are your buyers / customers?
What is your financial scenario? ie startup / existing turnover / pushing for growth, etc

Describe your creative process.

Understand business backdrop
Establish client specific requirements
Explain perfect business website delivery
Get client go ahead
Supply site map for approval
Build live demo of front page with menus
Client approval and comments
Final build and populate with core content
Sign off for completion

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

Briefing meeting / discussion to discuss requirements and availability/plan for content, design preferences, etc

What do you love most about your job?

Helping client businesses to succeed through effective marketing.

What inspired you to start your own business?

A belief that all business can benefit from high quality marketing regardless of budget as long as they are prepared to plan and invest in the right activities.

Why should our clients choose you?

20+ years marketing expertise
Existing clients including small businesses and global brands
Cost effective pricing that doesn't undermine business survival but does deliver quality marketing that can grow the business.
Genuine provable rationale for all activities.
A clear logical path to take businesses from startup to profitability.

Services provided by MarketingAction

MarketingAction Services

We build the Perfect Business Website in Wordpress

You need a website to tell your customers about what you do. If it's not right you could lose '000s in missed sales. Our Perfect Business website build will deliver the optimum site for a price that you cannot get elsewhere with the same provable levels of expertise. We also offer 12 month payment plans to help with your cashflow. Take a look at our offering and learn what you need to think about on a new website before you make a buying decision. Our sites come with: Marketing Expertise, Design Expertise, Sales Expertise, Customer Focus, Latest Wordpress Software, Business class hosting, Seo Expertise, Social Media Expertise, Online Advertising Expertise. Can you afford to take a chance on a freelancer with unknown experience, and no customer or marketing experience to save a few £s when you are trying to build a lasting and successful business that's going to pay for your family, your house, your holiday and your pension for years to come? Work with experts and reap the rewards you deserve from your hardwork.

All in One Blogging, Social and Seo

We all know we need to do these things for our businesses but where do you get the money? How do you know what's being done and if its actually good for your business? Answer: Use an expert with a provable product and the confidence and expertise to explain exactly how it works before you commit to buying. A high quality process and provable ROI as well as cost efficient implementation mean your business can get on with business knowing that your blogging, social and Seo is working hard to drive online traffic, increase awareness and convert customers.

Marketing - Needs Analysis

Are you worried that you aren't doing your Marketing properly? Are you even doing the things you should be for your industry. Our service will get you up and running with total clarity over your Marketing activities and allow you to move forward confident in the decisions you are making. We answer all the big questions: Is your website good enough? What should you do on Social Media? How can you advertise effectively, are your customers getting the right messages? Our expertly developed process ensure you go away with all the answers and actions in a format you can use and refer to going forward.

Business Logo Design

Is your logo good enough? Are you starting up and want to get your logo right? An expertly designed logo always stands apart from amateur efforts. If you are a professional business owner that wants to do it right and not pay over the odds we can deliver the quality and expertise you need at a price that will ensure the job is done properly without breaking the bank. Unlike the so may designers and freelancers we do the job properly with a written brief, researched concepts and a deep understanding of markets, customers and sales dynamics.

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