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Land of coder is founded on the ideas of marketplace for extensions, apps, plugins. These items are created for popular CMSs such as Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and other individual scripts.We are passionate about the web design and web application, custom work.


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8 July 2019

We bought 5 extensions from Landofcoder namely,

1. Advanced Magento 2 Product Reviews
2. Magento 2 Mega Menu PRO
3. Magento 2 One Step Checkout
4. FAQ Extension for Magento 2
5. Magento 2 Preorder Extension

But Magento 2 One Step Checkout was turned out to be a nightmare for our store, it was not working properly. So we reached their support and created a ticket.

It was that day when the ticket was created and it is today's date we are forced to write a review now.

Actually, bad support will be an understatement here. I would like to call it a horribly nightmare support.

It has been more than a week, their devs don't care to resolve the issues of their extensions, no matter what you do and I have provided with the video recording of the issues, screenshots of the issues and their support is non-existent man.

Their live chat which will show you that they are online, but they don't bother to talk to you 90% of the time the chat was nitialized.

As being an online store, you know even a single minute counts and these people have wasted our 10 days...

Buy extensions from Mageplaza, trust me, you will have peace of mind and soundless sleep.



2 July 2019

I make a lot of comparison about marketplace extension for Magento 2 and found their extension is the best for price and quality. So I advice every one search for marketplace extension to purchase from landofcoder.com More...


Ha Phuong

2 July 2019

I really enjoy the product that Landofcoder provide. I have some favorite extension that have helped me lot since I started up in 2017. I have already bought some modules recently and I still love them. Their customer support is very great as they are helpful and responsible whenever I have any problem. Good job guys and keep going!
Will support you guy more in the future



2 July 2019

We have several components from LandofCoder and we use them as preferred vendors for any Magento Extensions. They have reliable support with good turnaround time. Highly recommended!



2 July 2019

A great team brings great extensions!

I bought the One Step Checkout extension and unfortunately, it was not fit for my needs
I was concerned that I had wasted my money, however, I am very impressed how LandofCoder was willing to be flexible and provide a fix to my issue, which took only 5 minutes to swap a file over and recompile.

Everything now works perfectly for me and is already a great timesaver.

Many thanks!



5 May 2019

I have bought Magento 2 Quote Extension. It comes with lot of errors. Everytime when we raise ticket it drags for Month. After few weeks they will reply, if you have requirement that time you might use their service. Even after their reply if issue is not resolved, don't worry again after few Weeks they will reply you. Anyway they wont complete their Ticket any time.
Such an Interesting company with no business ethic.
Don't Buy any extension or Themes



5 March 2019

We are trying to install this extension for a year. Our It team is facing to so many bugs this is insane!
Really you better code your own you will save time and money. The support is pathetic, really guys just run away More...


Nitish Chauhan

31 January 2019

The support i worse and the extensions not compatible with the magento versions if we ask then they do not replies for weeks.
very very very very worse..


Amir shahzad

26 December 2018

that is the reason I love Landofcoder services and support. Please send me link where I can write an article about you extensions and support positivities for magento 2


Igor Denisov

6 December 2018

Bad work. Support does not work .. Just cheaters. Silent ...



14 August 2018

Terrible experience. Poor extension and they don't respond.


James W.

4 April 2018

soo many issues and bugs in the extensions.. support the worst of the worst.. never reply!

ake reviews on their own site to boost sales and once they have your money, they do not respond!!

Site broken because of them..

Money lost.. Avoid at all costs...



6 February 2018

lot of buge
poor poor support - working hours ...



8 September 2017

lot of problems with extensions &support very poor :( disappointed in this company. not sure how it has 5 star reviews. possibly fake