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L'amour Cabaret Bar

Scarborough, North Yorkshire

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L'amour Cabaret Bar

Scarborough, North Yorkshire


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25 July 2019

If I could do a 0 star review I would. Me and my boyfriend got nothing more than attacked by two meathead ‘bouncers’ because apparently we where taking pictures?. After getting my phone TAKEN off me to look through the photos and to see I didn’t take any they still went on to grab my 9 stone boyfriend by the throat and threaten to ‘knock his teeth out’ leaving him with bruises on his neck, then grabbing me and dragging me out leaving me with bruises all over my arms and body. Never have I ever been treated so disgusting in my life and would never pay my worst enemy to step foot in this place. I have pictures and videos so if anyone wants to know further please message me. I am beyond disgusted. Scarborough is such a lovely place and for this to happen has tainted this get away for us. Never experienced anything like this is my life. More...


Holly Mcallister

really Is a bad place after tonight omgg


Kelly Woods

Really enjoyed it last night for the Kylie Minogue tribute. Really nice staff and the 3 andys that own it I hope you do very well as you've done a good job and you guys are really nice people ☺ x


Alison Mitchell

Well this was the place to spend new Year’s day, we had a fantastic afternoon at L’amour place was buzzing.
Highly recommend if you want to spend your evening dancing laughing or just chilling on the couches & enjoying the quality entertainment on offer, well run immaculate safe environment a massive congratulations to the three Andy’s its spot on, just what Scarborough needed.


Tiger Moreno

One word... Amazing... �

A few more words would be... Such a lovely night out, relaxed and fun... And takes you back to when nights out were actually fun and not full of drama and idiocy totally recommend �


Becky Clark

bad place bad people really is thoooooooooooooo


Chloe Jeffrey

I love it at lamour and I just love all the staff and the cool atmosphere and it is an amazing place to go for a great night out and for any celebration and thanks for my making my birthday great


Jamie Huggins

Went on a Thursday. Great bar. Friendly staff. Brilliant DJ.


Michael Liever

We was here on Saturday night just gone and to be honest I wasn't very impressed from the start I thought the Bouncer at the door was rude and just not a very nice man and then we went downstairs and I don't know why but the place seem to smell like an old charity shop.. and there was just no atmosphere what so ever I was struggling to stay in there but there was a hen party of 28 women and 4 gay men and then I'm led to believe he wouldn't let a couple of gay women in because they said they looked underage and when I got down stairs there was kids in there as well..well they look like kids... and I've seen on reviews saying that the bar staff were nice and friendly well I didn't have that experience they seem rude and rushed behind the bar.. and don't even get me started on the gent's toilets something like out of Trainspotting.. and also you know what girls are like they go to the toilet together in the same cubicle and next minute the door is being kicked in by some Bouncers thinking they were taking drugs and they were treated absolutely disgraceful thinking they were taking something and wouldn't let them leave the toilets which was so untrue..... so my experience in this bar club was not great and no I wouldn't recommend it to anybody if I ever came to Scarborough again much better bars in Scarborough....... oh yeah and the music with bobbins.. proper throw back to the 80s cheesy shit.. More...


Allison Fielding

My husband and I went to Scarborough for the weekend from Hull and to the L'Amour especially to see an act we really like who was playing there and what a place it is! Very friendly and clean with an amazing atmosphere. Couldn't fault the staff or the service. Will definitely be returning to Scarborough and the L'Amour soon. What a fantastic night we had! Can't wait for the next time! � More...


Helen Morris

Great night there for pink tribute friendly staff great seating areas and good dj and dance floor brilliant night


Carol Sawyer

Just paid to see a Tina Turner tribute. No Tina Turner songs in sight. Not impressed


Margaret Kenningley

great place and great staff cant understand why people moan about it if they dont like it just leave as the saying goes you can please all of the people sometime but you cant please all of the people all the time


Nikki Chatt

Went in last night and we lefted with out finishing the drinks. The loos was a shit hole


Stacey Mellor

Me and my partner visited here on Saturday night on our weekend break from Manchester. If I wasnt impressed enough by the venue and friendly service, the DJ made the night even more special. The music was brilliant anyway but finishing the set with a tribute to the Manchester victims was a lovely thing to do. His heartfelt words and choice of songs meant a lot and to see support like that so far from home was such a nice yet emotional experience. I can't thank him enough for the amazing show of unity and the comfort he brought to me personally. L'amour is a lovely place with lovely people and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good night. More...


Karen Derry

Visited for the first time on Thursday,with my partner.outside wasn't very inviting ,people on door were friendly but didn't give you the impression they worked there . Made us a bit apprehensive to venture in .as it was the space down stairs was set out nice.
Some of the pumps were empty and not changed and there were no crisps which after a skin full of drink I was in need off �
Music good old 80s with extended tunes . Compare very funny if a few too many expletives ,even when they went head over heels they made a joke of it .

Only saw one act from Manchester's golden girls.really enjoyable talented act .

Disappointed though that it was more a disco than show .a lot of waiting ..

Was a mix of people there ,gay or straight .not too chuffed to find tranvestites using the female toilets .partner did say young lads were cutting coke in toilet too . Have to say it didn't improve the young lads dancing though �

Would revisit but maybe on a weekend as very few people in there .hope it does go from strength to strength ,more acts and better welcoming committee and it should be a success .


Ty Chapman

Always have a great laugh in here, owners are all excellent and always make sure your okay and well looked after, top notch 👌🏻


Steph Sawden

Brilliant venue, makes me proud to work in the security industry when there’s great door staff backing up our reputation like Jeni and John, keep up the good work guys


Philippa Baddley

Always blown away with how wonderful the owners of this bar are, always looking after their customers and made my birthday extra special��


Gordon Bradshaw

Was in other week when cher tribute was on... First time in the L'Amour bar staff where friendly and to say it was my first night out in 8 years lol it was a great night not danced like that in long time... The cher tribute was great apart from the mic problems but guess if people will use there phones to record....... But apart from that great night out in Lil old Scarborough � bring on the next night out think it's going to be pink tribute....... Or so my mate tells me...... More...


Jamie Ellis

General nights out are awesome in here ( Divina D’campo is amazing )
Booked a joint 21st birthday party with a friend and hired the place for the nice. Could not recommend enough! Staff were fantastic from owners, bar staff & door staff. Not one person had a bad experience, food was brilliant & general atmosphere was great, thank you so much again. We’ll see you all soon I’m sure! And special thanks to Big Andy & the young man who worked all day and night for us, (sorry I can’t remember your name) have a lovely birthday yourself hun � More...

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