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JPT is new to Cheltenham and offers specialised personal training. Jake is a fully qualified personal trainer, with a BSc in Performance in Sport from the University of Bath.

Jake formed JPT Fitness to give people the tools and support to achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be, whilst continuing their life-style.


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Victoria Maskell

28 August 2019

I signed up to JPT fitness very sceptical & apprehensive! I really wasn’t sure it would work but I’d got to a point where I felt like I had to do “something” Session 1,2, & 3 were hard! So hard I was worried I’d never be able to do 6 weeks! But after week one I really started to enjoy the classes & the support on the FB group. I looked forward to seeing the lovely face 3 times a week! I started to notice the changes in my body after about 3 weeks, and then at 6 weeks had my final weigh in. I had lost 16lb & 7% body fat! I am so so happy with my progress that I have committed to a further challenge & 12 month membership. I cannot recommend Jake & JPT fitness enough. Not only has it helped me lose weight but more importantly it’s helped me get my confidence back! Thank you so much! More...


Natalie James

11 August 2019

Completing Jake’s 6 week challenge has been one of THE BEST decisions I have made in a long time. Always being a “diet starts tomorrow” kind of girl, I really needed the accountability, close guidance and support from JPT fitness to help me achieve my goals. I feel great and energised, I’m absolutely blown away by my results and I don’t want to stop. My pre baby body is back and I’m feeling lean and strong and I wouldn’t have achieved that without Jake’s support. Jake’s training sessions are a lot of FUN too. The programme is tailored to your personal needs and goals which you set in your 1-2-1 sessions with Jake and the exercise delivered in an awesome group environment. He’s a great PT, so supportive and encouraging and it was a no brainer for me to keep training with Jake to achieve more long term goals. I usually find the gym and training environments intimidating but Jake made me feel welcome and comfortable from day 1. More...


Gina Sonrisa

8 August 2019

I am so glad I signed up to Jake’s 6 week programme, beforehand I struggled to stay motivated and found the gym intimidating. Jake has introduced me to loads of different exercises with a focus on correct form and building up slowly which has given me so much more confidence working out. I am amazed at how quickly I am seeing results, I feel a lot stronger and can already see some changes in my body. Only 3 weeks in and I’ve lost over 4% body fat! I absolutely love the group element of the training sessions as everyone is really supportive of each other. Jake is really approachable and makes getting into shape an all round positive experience. He’s completely changed my view on getting fit, what I had previously thought was impossible he has shown me to be very achievable! 100% recommended More...


Rich Grover

6 August 2019

Signed up for 6 week challenge after attending a consultation which I was sceptical about beforehand. Honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. Jake is fantastic and the group training is really enjoyable. Highly recommended! Great results. More...


Steve Bishop

12 July 2019

Great trainer. highly recommended.


Robbie Dee

17 May 2019

Jake is a very motivational character who makes long goals seem easy to achieve! He tailored a specific programme for me which worked around my everyday life


Louis Deacon

15 May 2019

Set me goals that I didn’t think I could reach in the time frame given but with his constant support, contact and motivation I was able to. Great coach and great guy!


Ben Vincent

15 May 2019

highly recommended! I play a lot of rugby and Jake has been able to really work with me to set out specific goals for this and achieve them. Whatever your goals are I'm pretty confident jpt will also be the best platform for you too! More...


Tom Doughty

15 May 2019

Probably the best trainer I have worked with! Knows his stuff and very supportive


Tony Rastelli

17 December 2017

Great gym. Owner trainer knows his stuff.


Mark Smythe

18 September 2017

Excellent cross fit gym which is well run with good equipment


Richard Hounsome

14 August 2017

Top gym - great equipment and fantastic programming. Suitable for all abilities - mixture of high performance athletes, weightlifters, general fitness enthusiasts and absolute beginners. Very inclusive environment, kept clean and the head coach is a good man. More...


1) We will organise a free consultation, where we can discuss; your goals, life-style and needs.
2) I can then develop a programme that will get the most out of your training, based on the information acquired.
3) We get down to the training.
4) I make progressive changes to your programme as you develop and improve. (Or changes when something is working well/not so well)
5) You keep smashing your fitness goals!

Getting a progressive exercise programme that can still fit into your lifestlye.
Getting a nutrition plan that works, alongside a family or lifestyle.

+Commitment and consistency

I love positively influencing peoples lives. I know that the time I put in, will have a positive influence.

What inspired me was a passion for fitness and the want to share this with others. I love helping people get the results they deserve for their training.

Clients should choose me beacause:
1) I love what I do, and I care about the outcome. I will do my upmost to help you achieve your goals.
2) The app we use allows more than the traditional model of personal training!
3) I'll get you results!
4) I practice what I preach- so I know it works.


Professional training. Tailored plans. Nutrition education. Support.

Nutrition plan fitness plan access to the app video-calls and catch up. (with option for 1-2-1 training)