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As I am new to Bark and need to build reviews, I am offering a huge discount to the first 10 people who hire me. I will be dropping my rates from £500 a day to £330 and from £250 for a half day to £200. This is to allow me to build reviews and get a presence on Bark.


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Sue Wilson

30 May 2019

John did some pictures for my new website. I’m ridiculously picky normally but the difficulty was in actually choosing which ones to use. Highly recommended


I love finding the best views to photograph your room or space from. Spending the time getting the composition right, taking the images that I use to create the one and then editing al the images together to create that moment in time. I love the concentration required and the fine-tuning the camera angles to get it perfect. Then the hours spent in post-production making the pieces of the puzzle come to life.

I love photography and I love architecture. I tried to work for people, but everybody was afraid to train their competition. So I thought I’d go for it myself and I haven’t looked back! I love being my own boss and not having anyone tell me how to do stuff. This way I can experiment and come up with beautiful images.

My attention to detail. My customer service and my images speak for themselves. Also, unlike other photographers I charge a set rate. £300 for half a day, £500 for a full day. The only extra may be travel if you’re far away. All post and all the images I take I provide to you at no extra charge.


Interior Design photography for builders, architects, interior designers, suppliers etc

Mostly exteriors and large commercial spaces.

Quick photography of residential or commercial real estate listings.