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Jn Photography is a small company set up to advertise the work of Jarl Hobbs who is a professional and trained photographer in many different areas of photography and videography.

Jarl has got certificates in the following areas of photography:


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1 July 2019

Jarl did 5 head shots for our marketing brochure - excellent professional service and great value for money.

Thank you Alec, very kind.


The secret in a good photograph relies on the eye of the photographer, being able to spot the different ways a photograph can be captured as well as seeing past the normal way that everyone will capture a photo.

The second secret is knowing how to use your camera and your equipment, to be able to push it and use it to its full capabilities to capture stunning images. This would be part of understanding the principals of photography, knowing about depth of field, focus points, light, and how the camera processes each image.

I always want to understand the details. I would generally ask the following:

- What is the Location of your photography?
- How many images do you require?
- What images are you looking for? (action, portrait, detailed close-ups, atmospheric etc)
- What is your budget?
- When is your deadline?
- Any other details I need to know.

All these questions help me to build a project portfolio and understand all of the clients needs and wants. From there I can then work on pricing and how to work it.

Photography is an amazing way to capture things within the world, from a totally different perspective. Looking through a small viewfinder can change the way you look at items, places and people.

I absolutely love travelling to new places, and meeting new people. And undertaking photography and videography whilst travelling is something of a dream for me.

The freedom of being able to look after own projects and work with people on a personal level, rather than through a big company where the customer doesn't know who is going to be helping them.

I have some big clients that require my work for around 2-3 days a week, meaning that I am able to lower my prices for other clients and everyone knows that getting a freelance photographer in is expensive, therefore meaning I am able to meet your budget with a lot more ease than other photographers.

Any prices I give will always include travel costs and post processing costs, whereas other photographers give a price and then tell customers that they will have to pay extra for processing per photo.