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Jay is a seasoned professional photographer with a wealth of experience across a variety of genres obtained through his varied photographic background.

A published portraiture, interiors, events and extreme sports photographer, Jay has proven himself a dab hand at whatever niche of photography he turns his attention to.



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A good technical background is crucial to understanding how the camera will perform under different conditions and with a BA(Hons.) in Photography under my belt you can rest assured my technical knowledge is exceptional.

A great photograph must be carefully composed, with attention paid not only to the subject, but to the background and how the viewer's eye is led around the image. Subconsciously people know when they see an image if they like or don't like it, but would stuggle to tell you why they feel this way. Part of being a great photographer is knowing the theory behind a good photograph and knowing how to adjust the practice to ensure that every image delivered to the client is a great image.

Understanding exactly what the client needs is paramount to producing a project that is in line with their vision.
A dsicussion of time frames is important to keep everyone on the same page.

I will always agree on a delivery window with the client prior to shooting, how many edited images are expected, and a rough duration of the time we expect to be shooting together, simply for both parties to be able to book their time around the shoot efficiently!