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The Inspire Fitness Group is led by a team of fitness experts who are motivated to help clients get fast results. Based in London, the Inspire Fitness team sets themselves apart by providing a tailored, cost effective and time efficient service.


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3 July 2018

Nice clean park with a play area currently being refurbished for kids.

23 June 2018

The cafe excellent friendly staff good drinks and pizza a must child friendly and a fun place ...

11 May 2018

Nice park with plenty of space. Well kept. A lot of dogs about though, so not the best place if you are nervous around them.

7 May 2018

Fave chill spot, especially in those hot sunny days.

19 April 2018

A beautiful park. An incredible place for rugby exercise.

17 March 2018

It's a great park in the hearth of Fulham which offeres different possibilities to spend your free time actively.
Theres opportunity to play football, tennis, go for a walk along the park.
Outside of the park you can find limited parking lots.

20 February 2018

Stopped off for a brew and a restroom break, quite pleasant surroundings and needless to say the facilities provided sufficed our needs.

30 January 2018

A great dog exercise area with a high fence so it's suitable for large dogs who can't be off lead outside for whatever reason

12 January 2018

Such a beautiful park with tennis courts

2 January 2018

Excellent little park for dogs who need to exercise in a controlled environment as there is a dog exercise area with a high fence, so also good for large dogs

27 December 2017

Nice park with good facilities.

27 July 2017

A nice park with a lot of activities going on, but there are quite a few dogs around!

9 July 2017

Good atmorphere. Good for picknick or just let the kids play.
Very clean park (not the bathroom that is in need of a refurbshment).
Always with loads of activitis going on.
Tennis court and the pizza is the high point of the park.
Highly recommend.

4 July 2017

One massive patch of green - great fun!

23 June 2017

Lovely place. Brilliant playground, tennis courts, table tennis, cafe with bbq. Just lovely

5 June 2017

South Park is beautiful! Lovely community. There's even a geocache in the park, so if you love treasure hunting, you'll really love this park. There are always so many cute dogs visiting the park! I live on a street which leads straight to the park, so I'm always so near to it. You wouldn't have expected it, but... sometimes, I take my cat for a walk (don't worry! I don't attach leads or chains to a collar on my cat) because my cat loves following me to the lovely green space and flowers! So glad to be living near South Park. More...

20 April 2017

Excellent Little Park in a Beautiful part of London, This Park is a gem hidden away in a residential area. Not that big, but a lovely local park all year round especially in the Summer of course.

26 February 2017

Beautiful and well kept park with all the amenities you d expect to find; children's playground, tennis courts, basketball court, toilets, and even a little food truck selling pizzas!

3 February 2017

It's fun for the kids.

31 January 2017

Nice little park, a small coffee run by lovely freindly Italians, they serve pizzas and BBQ I the summer. Very buzzy busy park and safe.

3 October 2016

Nice park, coffee shop/pizzeria/wc provided

19 July 2016

A big public park to relax and do sports with 4 tennis courts, football pitches and a nice playground. The only down side is the toilets. . Often closed or not clean when it is open.. More...

18 April 2016

Ruim demaos

17 July 2015

Kenny is the coolest guy around. Cartman is a fat little b@ßt@rd. Kyle is a jew.
Randy is the funniest crazy chap in town. Bar none. Love this little town and its humble folks. More...

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