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SEO services in Jakarta, managed by Indonesia SEO master and professionals to get top rank visibility on Google. If you are looking to enter Indonesia market, we can help you through marketing localisations and it is optional for regional common market expansion.



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We feel most satisfied and accomplished when our clients' websites begin to rank on Google and the traffic starts to click in. The websites sustain good presence. We get to expand our network of new friends offline and online.

Fabian Lim inspires us until today as we keep close watch of his journey in internet marketing , literally from zero to one just as the title of book by Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal may be used to depict his achievement.

We are one of the rare SEO services that maintain good relationship with our clients. We provide reliable services considering what we do can only come to fruition after few months into partnership.



This particular service deals with transformation of your brand or profile online by engaging positive contents to search engine first page rankings, because your are not happy with what others see about you on Google search prior to that. There could be unfair reviews, comments, posts, or articles that can be damaging on your brand or image because they are accessible to the searchers. You can also make it as your preemptive measures to protect your brand or image. Media monitoring tool from us will monitor any keyword associated with your brand or name when any of them is mentioned on the public sites and social media. The wonder works of SEO will be one of the campaigns to move down the negative contents from the first page.

It is important to have online presence at the right media for the right purpose and audience. Galaseo helps to identify different online media for buying and placement. This process will involve analyzing the real estate on a site for prominent position and contextual targetting and the price tag attached to each of it. We make understanding of your business will make it more relevant to ad placement in niche media. This one stop service will give effective and efficient negotation when it needs to work out a package and specific arrangement for certain period. We help to spread your budget to get to the audience spread among many media. We will help to spot opportunities where your ad can appear.