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My name is Kim Roberts
I am a sort after Life Coach and Therapist and well known for my motivation, enthusiasm in helping make changes for people at the depth level of your personality without the labels. I have a work history both in the NHS and the Private Sector as a psychiatric Nurse practitioner.

I specialise in supporting you with a Mind-Body Connection Approach to Overcome Emotional and Psychological or spiritual struggles you may be experiencing, such as;

Stress, Depression, Trauma, Abuse Issues, Anxiety, Low Self Esteem & Confidence issues, Low mood
Relationship Issues, Communication Issues, Personal Conflicts, Suppressed Negative Emotions - Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt & so much more...

I offer Tailor-made Packages - to meet Your Individual needs using Powerful Techniques using NLP, Time Line Therapy and or Hypnotherapy ,that work sometimes where other therapies or counselling have failed?

Free 2 Flow is an integrated service and can adapt itself to meet the need on every level you need help with. Free 2 Flow uses techniques that are proven to be effective and have longer lasting outcomes. Our approach is not just simple and light-hearted, but also thorough and powerful and can be done in less than half the time of other counselling or psychotherapy services with lasting results.


This therapy helps clears, unblocks and rebalances negative suppressed emotions stored in the human physical body restoring the natural flow of energy in your Meridian Channels. IET clears also blockages in the human energy field of a person in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of it.

Integrated Energy Therapy is a very Powerful Therapy in bringing about Holistic changes bringing benefits the type of change that empowers you in all aspects of your life for all people from all walks of life, whatever your age or circumstance.

I look forward to speaking to you soon

Kim Roberts*

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Free 2 Flow Coaching limited Reviews


Review of Free 2 Flow Coaching limited by Christina
5 01/08/2016 Christina

I feel meeting Kim was no accident... our paths crossed at the right time for the right reasons. I remember having a free consultation with Kim and knew instantly this lady was there to show and help me overcome past life experiences.
Firstly I booked for an IET session, not really knowing what to expect. Oh my word it was just something else! Such a huge shift in energies and clearings were felt... You have to experience to believe.
I went on to have Timeline therapy and again the results were phenomenal. Kim asked me how will you know if its worked for you? I guess only you as an individual truly know what you carry! I had carried a guilt in the deepest pit of my stomach for 30 years. I want to tell you that after one session, Kim was able to completely rid me of such feelings. It took me a little while to come to terms with no longer having that heavy burden to carry! There was such a that I can happily say I have now filled with doing things that bring me joy and happiness.
I can't express how grateful I will always be that our paths crossed that day! Thank you Free2Flow

If you feel like you need help with certain aspects of your life, past or present, then YOU do. I would urge you to contact Kim at Free2Flow TODAY for a brighter, happier TOMORROW!

Review of Free 2 Flow Coaching limited by Stacie Whitmore
5 01/08/2016 Stacie Whitmore

I recieved IET And Time Line Therapy with Kim and can happily say it's made a huge difference to my life, how I see things and how I approach life now - both the Therapy and Kim made me understand why I do what I do, say what I say and behave the way I behave - it's enabled me to move forward in such a positive and profound way - it's changed my life and left me confident, positive and eager to move forward with every aspect of my life - Thank You Kim you've made such a difference to me in every way !!!

Review of Free 2 Flow Coaching limited by Jenni francis
5 30/07/2016 Jenni francis

Free 2 flow have enabled me to understand the experiences in life I have encountered.i received both time line therapy and the integrated time line therapy which I found really helpful. Would thoroughly recommend .

Free 2 Flow Coaching limited replied:
Thank you for your feedback and so glad you have found Integrated Energy Therapy and Time Line Therapy effective in helping you overcome your emotional issues and are now able to move forward with your life.
Review of Free 2 Flow Coaching limited by Kim Roberts
5 Kim Roberts

Feedback from Shinning Star

I had been through a lot of difficult times in 2014 with health concerns and taking exams to name a few and stress had built up over the months, spilling over into 2015. I didn't feel depressed but I just didn't feel like myself. I was worn out. I entered a relationship and for a while, it was lovely but because of misunderstandings and miscommunication, it ended. It was from this moment that things surfaced. I blamed myself for not speaking out when I felt unhappy with something or even expressing how happy I felt when I was at the time. Afterwards, I wasn't even sure how I felt about him at all, n fact, my emotions were pretty numb. It was very confusing. A few weeks afterwards my nan passed away suddenly and it was just a very distressing time for me and my family. I was close to my nan and again I felt numb, which didn't help with the grieving process at all. I felt great sadness inside, my head was screaming but still I could not really cry to let it all out. I knew I had to grieve properly for both the end of my relationship and the passing of my nan to help me move forward.
I had pushed a lot of men away for most of my adult life as I disliked feeling vulnerable. I wasn't sure what triggered this pattern but it was something that I usually did. Now I was emotionally blocked.
At the beginning of 2016, my confidence was still low and I decided that I'd had enough of feeling this way anc recognised that a relationship with any man wouldn't work unless I sorted myself out emotionally. I couldn't make anyone happy unless I was happy with myself. I still had one foot in the past because I felt so rejected and just couldn't get passed that feeling. I remember crying on the phone to a family member and that's when she told me that she knew someone who had had a type of therapy and it worked for him. That's when I gave Kim a call to see if she could help me.
At the end of my consultation with her, she said she was confident she could help me overcome my difficulties. I received Integrated Energy Therapy and Time Line® therapy
Through therapy, I was able to unblock suppressed emotions that had built up over many years. I understood why I behaved the way I did, even though my behaviour was mostly done on a subconscious level.
Now, I am looking forward to meeting someone new this year and feel more confident that I can be more myself and let my guard down and express myself better emotionally.

Thanks to Kim, she's helped me do all this.

Review of Free 2 Flow Coaching limited by Katie Bowden
5 Katie Bowden

I started seeing Kim at the beginning of November after 18 months of being in agony 24/7. I was dismissed from work through ill health in May 2016 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in September. I use a wheelchair for long distance and a walking stick for short distance journeys and I have been on the strongest painkillers available, however since I began having intergrated energy therapy with Kim I can go about a week without being in agony. I still get tired but that is nothing compared to the exhaustion I felt before the therapy began. I have since decreased my medication, I walk with my wheelchair as far as I can and I am having more good days physically than bad. Thank you for helping me to get my life back Kim xxx

Free 2 Flow Coaching limited

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What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is moving people forward from where they are, to where they want to be with long-term results that last. The testimonies speak for themselves visit and see what my therapies have done for others
I Passionately believe that with the correct therapy and coaching anyone can achieve a more fulfilling and rewarding life in overcoming Emotional & Psychological Struggles; using powerful techniques that work clearing up negative suppressed emotions using a 'Mind-Body Connection' approach.

What inspired you to start your own business?

What inspired me to start working as a private therapist was after 8 years working in the field of psychiatry, seeing the revolving door of psychological issues and the reliance on medication and harmful side effects I set out to discover alternative ways of helping individuals with amazing results. I am now a sought after Therapist and Life Coach and are renown for my motivation and enthusiasm to move people forward with a Holistic Approach to Health and Wellbeing without the labels whatever the issue.

Why should our clients choose you?

I now Help countless people every day offering a 'Person Centred Approach'; to empower themselves in bringing about Life changes at the 'deepest Level' of their personality with amazing results. Sometimes even where other therapies or coaching might have failed you.
The vision of Free 2 Flow takes a holistic approach to humanity's suffering and struggles today, no matter what your situation. Treating the whole person on a mental and emotional level which will have an effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of an individual's life. The focus of Free 2 Flow aim to bring about hope, empowerment, harmony and balance, equipping you with the tools you need to have the life you want and deserve.
Free 2 Flow give you the opportunity to become aware of how your thinking can affect your whole being and how suppressing negative emotions held in memories or stored in the body can hold you back in life creating all kinds of issues, struggles and concerns.
Free 2 Flow work with the unconscious mind in unhooking, banishing or eliminating negative emotions in the gestalts (memories) dealing with the root cause on an unconscious level. Main areas of working with negative emotions are anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt. We work with you in identifying limiting decisions and beliefs, that could affect your personal life, relationships, career choices or difficulties, balancing work and life and so much more.
I offer a FREE Consultation which allows you to talk through your issues and for us to help put together a plan to move you forward and for you to see if this kind of therapy is for you.

All you need to be is 100% at wanting that change, to bring about a positive result.

Services provided by Free 2 Flow Coaching limited


Integrated Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is a holistic therapy that focuses on unblocking the Meridian Channels in the body and the human energy field of a person. These blockages can be created when we have suppressed emotions. These suppressed emotions are stored within the cellular membrane of the human body especially if we have experienced trauma, long term illness or suppressed negative emotions such as grief, hurt, anger, stress, guilt and emotional, mental or physical crisis to name a few. IET is a powerful therapy, much more powerful than 'Reiki' which only clears energy blocks on the physical level. Whereas clearing with Integrated Energy Therapy will clear the blocked energies stored in the body and the human energy field, be that in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual realm. Energy Blockages Limit Our Experience of life and sometimes are the reason for some of the issues we experience in our day to day lives Energy Therapy focuses on clearing these energy blockages of suppressed emotions bringing healing and release to you. Allowing you to be free to flow with ease, bringing about the body's own rebalancing of energy flow, creating the restoration to the mind, body and spirit. How Does it Work? Energy Therapy works on identifying where specific emotions in the body, within the 9 primary areas of the energy anatomy. These 9 areas are similar to acupuncture points on the body; hence whatever is brought to the surface is released as you are supported through the healing process. What Energy Anatomy is Not! Energy Therapy is not intended to diagnose disease. Although reports of physical health changes in the positive have occurred after sessions of having this kind of therapy. Your own experience will be proof of how this therapy will work for you, Check out - Our Testimonials Page and see for yourself what others are saying. The Benefits of Energy Therapy Supports your healing process in the physical, emotional, mental and the even the spiritual level Brings release and clearance by clearing energy blocks that limit your relationships, your health, your creativity and your life’s purpose

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