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Fourth Estate Creative works with businesses, organisations and individuals to create bespoke, print, web, digital and video content – from full contract publishing to simple copywriting jobs - and helps to market that content to a relevant audience.


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19 September 2019

Fourth Estate Creative offers quality at reasonable prices while always maintaining a smile on their face. Outstanding work delivered over the years, and the team is brimming with ideas.
Created top notch podcasts, videos, video animations, adverts and various content for us-always delivered. Well done.



5 September 2019

Fourth Estate Creative made three videos for us, two for internal communications, requiring a lot of creative graphic work and photo manipulation, and one with a 3D model representing part of our service offering. They have also worked with us to create a new section of our website with the 3D model embedded as a scrollable object. The Fourth Estate Creative team worked hard to produce content that all of our senior management was happy with and to hit our deadlines - even helping us to embed the content in our internal presentation. Their work was consistently good, they were very responsive, hit their deadlines and were good value for money - we’d definitely recommend them to other companies looking to place video, web or design work. More...



26 August 2019

Fourth Estate Creative produced two short promotional videos for my clients - Vo1t and PR9.Network, to be used at the same industry event. They wrote one of the scripts and consulted on the other. They created the design and storyboard for both videos and used a mixture of stock footage and bespoke graphics to support the script and the style concept for each. They worked through several rounds of edits - through evenings and weekends - to ensure that we could meet the tight deadlines we were working towards, while also ensuring all stakeholders were happy. They have since made some further changes to the Vo1t video to make it suitable for more long-term use on the company website. If you are looking to produce video content as part of your business or marketing strategy then we would recommend working with 4EC - the work they produce is high quality and on brief, they are competitive on cost, they make themselves available whenever you need them and can work to tight deadlines. More...



29 July 2019

In the last year of running my freelance consultancy – Muve Media and Marketing, I have turned to Fourth Estate Creative many times for a wide variety of tasks – all of which were on brief and delivered to a high standard and on time. This included designing and formatting press releases, long form reporting documents and presentations, print and web advert design and build for my clients, writing articles and blog posts and the creation of marketing materials for my company. More...



23 July 2019

Fourth Estate Creative were tasked with a new build and re-design of the Reader's Digest UK website. The old site was incredibly content rich but the navigation and user journey was not very smooth, the layout was dated and didn't maximise the richness and sheer volume of content available and it also needed to be optimised so the site was mobile and tablet friendly. The team at Fourth Estate Creative worked really hard to understand the needs of both the organisation and of the audience. The web development was really smoothly managed, even though we had editorial and marketing teams pulling in slightly different directions - they ensured all departments were happy with the outcome and their designs and writing were always to a consistently high standard and delivered within the required time frame. They understood our multifaceted needs, were great at providing ideas and designs that met with our objectives, were friendly and professional and worked within the desired time frames. More...

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You can't separate form and function in web development - websites should look great and work seamlessly, with content where the user needs it, but not intruding on their journey.

What impact do you want to achieve and how much do you want to spend?

We start with the messaging. Whatever we're creating - copy, web development, print design, video - we always start by asking what you want the finished article to say. Then we work backwards to identify all the steps to that destination.

It really depends on what we're creating. Often, just a clear idea of what needs to be achieved and the budget available is enough.

When we work hard to create something for a client and it's just how they hoped it would be.

I started my own business for two reasons: First, because I have built up such a great network of talented creatives over the last decade that I know they can achieve anything. Second, because I love running creative projects and am hugely driven to make better content for clients than I see them currently putting out.

Because of our business model, we're really good value for money - you get access to brilliant creatives without paying what it would normally cost. We're devoted to doing a great job for everyone we work with and we never stop until our clients are happy - which is why all our reviews are five star.



Our expert content team will help you develop and shape any message, story or context.

We’ll develop organic and paid-for social campaigns from an existing social presence or help you to develop one.

We’ll help you shape your message and put it in front of the right journalists and organisations.

We offer a full service from planning, production, design and editorial content right through to marketing and sales.

We’ll help you develop a detailed but accessible print guide, getting to the heart of even complex or dry topics.

We’ll help you boil down your company mission to its key elements and lay it out in a stylish print format.

Our copywriters, designers and marketing team will help you develop print advert artwork that gets responses.

We'll work with you to create digital or print posters, from infographics through to high-impact promotion.

Our design and development teams will work with you on every aspect from concept to completion on every platform.

We’ll design, write and build a fully responsive, dedicated microsite to drive a single campaign or product type.

Our team will develop a responsive, web-friendly version of your literature, with interactive motion or video.

Our skilled team can design and develop an app to suit your business on iOS and Android platforms and more.

Our motion team will script, storyboard and animate your message in a single video or video series.

Our content team and videographers will help develop a simple message and deliver it in the most powerful way.

Our journalist will carry out an interview, captured by our experienced video team at your offices or in the studio.

Our team can help to develop your podcast content strategy as well as providing professional recording.

Our talented voice artists will work with you to develop the right tone and pace for your project, perfectly recorded.