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Domestic Frontline Cleaning

Manchester, Lancashire

34 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Domestic Frontline Cleaning logo

Domestic Frontline Cleaning

Manchester, Lancashire

34 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We're all about quality of service
Local cleaning service with Written Guarantee
Reputable local family business
Best value for money around
Professional and reliable team
Totally honest and fully insured
Absolute privacy assured
Most rigorous cleaner selection process around


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Dynamic Ladies

23 September 2017

We recently used Domestique Cleaning at our offices in Chorlton and I have to say what a fantastic service we received, the staff were very professional and cleaned the office to a very high standard. We highly recommend this service.


Denise Chapman

31 July 2017

I have booked a one-off deep cleaning, I was really pleased with the quality and professionalism of the service. The cleaning staff, and the management were all amazing. The office support and communication was great. I have ever since booked for a regular cleaning service with Domestique south Manchester. Our cleaner Marry Ann is fantastic! More...


Zeina Khan

25 July 2017

They came within time as promised. The property was cleaned very well to a professional standard and they communicated with me well too. I would recommend them any time.



14 June 2017

Brilliant service. Did an amazing job. Would definitely recommend to anyone ????????????


Paul Davies

12 June 2017

I had some tenants who left my apartment very dusty and dirty , nothing damaged luckily. The oven also required a deep clean , and there was also a stain on the carpet in one bedroom. So I called Christophe who dealt with everything fantastically including picking up the keys from the estate Agent. I had new tenants going in a day after so I was in a bit of a panic. I shouldn't have been as Domestique dealt with everything perfectly. I was left with a very clean apartment and 2 new and very pleased tenants. Highly Recommended ! More...



11 June 2017

Very average work - the supervisor christophe was all ears to listen to corrections, but nothing got improved second time. We got two houses cleaned, he specifically said after first house that we will do better job. i gave him second chance, and we ended up with dirt under a bed, 3 dirty bags that were untouched - a rug with black stains, and then he sent me more bill to what was agreed in first place. When I questioned things were getting argumentative, that I felt was my mistake to give them the second job. This is where I learnt my lesson that other cleaners who are local may charge more money but are professional, and admit and improve on their cleaning mistakes. Unfortunately, christophe being nice and positively talking did not show any improvements. I did not argue about money so paid what was agreed, but is definitely not recommended. More...

This customer is not honest unfortunately. He tried to over use the service. He wanted to have more hours than paid for. I tuned a blind eye by offering 4 extra hours, i.e 2 extra hours by each cleaner to provide him with a very cleaned house on both occasions but he always tried to cheat by making unusual claim to paying the correct amount including a missing tool box that he admitted was found in his stuff. All attempt to cheat on us did not work for this customer as we were polite but vigilant. He paid a discounted price but he should have nothing to complain about the quality of the job. I took pictures to back up my claim.



7 June 2017

They are thorough and do a fantastic job

Thank you


Rosa Kason

7 May 2017

Very efficient and friendly staff, so pleased with the services, can't ask for a better cleaner. Would recommend everyone.



6 May 2017

Very efficient and friendly staff, so pleased with the services, can't ask for a better cleaner.
Would recommend everyone.


Maggie Lo

28 April 2017

Great staff, high cleaning standard, and great management

27 April 2017

They were three quarters of an hour late and said it would be an extra ten pounds on top of what quoted to clean the oven although this was included in the original quote. The windows are streaky other than that the cleaning is very good. More...

Sorry we couldn't be on time due to reasons beyond our control. Had no network coverage to retrieve your number on motorway. I charged you less than agreed check your email trail on bark. You paid £11 less not more!



24 April 2017

Great job and nice people honest worker and management

Thank you very much

14 April 2017

They came within time frame. The property was cleaned very well and they communicated with me well I would recommend them any time

Thanks for the review. Very much appreciated


Rosa Kason

24 February 2017

Excellent carpet cleaning service. The cleaner was polite and did manage to get rid of dog urine odour.


Randeep Assi

31 July 2016

Amazing. Spent a great deal of time doing an end of tenancy cleaning. Really impressed. Thank you.


Julia Ward

31 July 2016

I used Domestique South Manchester my end of tenancy cleaning in West Didsbury. What a great job! My partner and I were really impressed at the level of their cleaning standard. The all house was professionally cleaned and we were able to secure the total of our deposit. Thank you Domestique Team More...

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we have been in business since July 2005 and serve the all of Manchester and surroundings including Altrincham and Stockport

We provide own equipment and products for end of tenancy and one-off cleaning only

We love reaching customer satisfaction all the time by delivering excellent cleaning standard. Our team of experts understand the requirements of most customers including tenants, landlords and letting agents. Our standards are designed to unlock you rent deposit too.

Domestique began offering successful cleaning services in 2005 after working successfully in customer support, sales, administration and account in the varied industries. When the business was launched we made a conscious decision to ensure the support is always readily available and consistently provided to all our customers and staff.
We're here to share all our experience and help you to go on top of your house cleaning requirements and to engage with you at all levels of support.
Many customers of all ages are turning to domestic cleaners to get back quality and support. Most of our customers come from recommendation from existing customers.

At Domestique Cleaning Excellence, we clean it the way you want it cleaned!
We are the only cleaning company with quality guarantee scheme. This is our guarantee to you. If you don’t like the first Housekeeper we supply after the initial two cleans we will supply you another. If after two further cleans, you are still not happy, then you can cancel and we will refund all monies paid to us in the first month. We also offer free re-clean for one-off cleaning services if you are not happy with the initial clean. Provided you have been fair to us, we will be fair to you – thus to claim on the guarantee, you need to have complied with the terms of this contract yourself.


We provide spotless end of tenancy cleaning with all the equipment and products provided

All cleaners are vetted, reliable and fully insured

Professional carpet cleaning using dry and wet methods