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"Everything worth having requires some effort and attention".

Begin where you are, doing what you can.
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3 July 2019

Had an introductory session with Alex. He was very patient and asked questions to coax information from me. At the end he provided a summary of our discussion and a couple of suggestions. I don't think online coaching will work for us as a couple. More...


Peter Szetyan

16 May 2019

Alex is my first call when I feel unwell in my body. He has advised me and my friends on several occasions for the past 5 years. He is also a very personable and reliable guy. Definitely recommended! More...


I love understanding. I enjoy exploring the reasons why we do things in a certain way and make the choice that we do.
For the past 17 years, I have been learning about human behaviour and how our habits and world perceptions create our situations.
Now I am applying this knowledge to help others.

I strongly believe that we all have a talent, something that we enjoy and are naturally good at. Understanding situations and getting to the bottom of the issue is something that I enjoy.

I have a personal passion for understanding relationships. It is who I am.



Work at your own pace Explore your situation Set your goals Develop new skills Unlimited messages Response within 5 hours

Explore the possibilities Assess your options Make a plan Choose the direction Take your first step towards the change Extra material to help you along Session notes and reminders

4 x 1 hour Live Sessions Unlimited chat support between sessions Understand where you are in your relationship Discover what do you really want Start building a harmonious relationship Create an easy to follow a plan Keep track of your progress Session notes and reminders