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Kerry Belba

14 May 2019

Carolyne has been instrumental in guiding me during challenging times in my life. Her coaching helps all areas both personal, work and business. You arrive at her sessions feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, and leave feeling a million dollars! Her ability to inspire and to enable you to see and deal with your challenges in a completely different way is what makes Carolyne unique. The effects of her coaching permeates every area of your life, not just the issue at hand. I look at my entire life and reason for being here with entirely new eyes. If you come across Carolyne, it's no coincidence. It means it was meant for you - so grab the opportunity and don't look back! More...


Louise Furmenger

My sessions with Carolyne transformed my life. I was stuck and struggling in many areas and with her gentle caring way she helped me become a much stronger person and truly find my way. Carolyne has so many techniques and tools to offer to help you really get in touch with yourself and find your way back to happiness and a more fulfilling life. Thank you Carolyne xx More...


Helen Lane

I started life coach sessions with Carolyne last summer, I was looking for support to improve self belief and confidence in both my work and personal life. Little did I know that she would stretch me beyond any expectation and help me discover my true purpose, bringing me a huge level of self fulfilment I didn't have before. I always look forward to our sessions and am excited to see where this year will take me with Carolyne's coaching and friendship. More...


Terry Bolton

Carolyne Bennett offers and gives a totally professional service.
A bright light of compassion, knowledge and guidance. She has,and continues to help those find their way onto a more enlightened path of peace and positivity.
Highly recommend.


Michelle Tricot

I have had many sessions with Carolyne over the years and also taken part in many of her workshops and they have all been transformational. I gained much more from each one then I thought would be possible. Carolyn has a lovely style of teaching and is so warm and friendly you can't help but feel at ease. I love working with Carolyne and she has been a key part of my progress over the years, so much so Im still coming back now! Thank you xxx More...


Abbie Whiddett

I cannot rave enough about Carolyne and what she does, she has helped me change my life for the better. After working with her for only a short amount of time, she has helped me to look past living day to day and look towards the future. Thank you


Kelly Eastland

I have attended many courses and retreats with Carolyne, from reiki level one and two, mindfulness and meditation and 2 day retreats. I have also had ongoing one to one help in NLP.
I have also received reiki healing from Carolyne which was unbelievably amazing.
I have learnt so much from all of her help, wisdom, knowledge and kindness. I have become a more calmer, positive and confident individual. I felt from the minute I met Carolyne that I was in safe hands and her warm, friendly and understanding approach was just what the doctor ordered (a doctor of the soul ). I would highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone looking for help in discovering their true more positive self. Thank you for everything.


Toni Woods

Carolyne is an amazing, insightful, knowledgeable and respectful professional who has helped to transform my life through life coaching sessions. I have known her for 2 years and in that time my world has changed significantly for the better. I would highly recommend her if you want to have a richer, far more fulfilling life and know yourself better than you ever have before. She's a star and the best at her work - you can change your life working with Carolyne xx More...


Sarah Ironside

I have just finished the Meditation and Mindfulness course with Carolyne and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I loved this class! It was of huge benefit to me. I had never practiced Mindfulness before and it has really made me slow down and appreciate each moment. I have learned to be kinder to myself, and live a more positive life and not to let the stresses of everyday life get me down.
I looked forward to Monday evenings and setting aside a bit of time for myself and my own self development which is not easy with the busy lives we lead. It was a great course with a great bunch of people, and I learned a lot. I will miss my Monday night classmates.
I highly recommend taking Carolyne’s course!


Carol Gregory

I love attending Carolyne’s groups. Over the years I have known her she has been my rock, my confidante, my teacher and my friend. Carolyne is one of the most caring people I have ever met and her insights on what is needed is second to none, she has changed my life more than I ever believed possible. I am privileged to call her my friend More...


Mel Newman

I have been working with Carolyne for nearly 18 months and it has been an incredible journey and the most wonderful experience.
I have used life coaching and mindfulness courses, as well as day retreats and reiki and if recommend them all!
Looking back at my self a year ago and realising the amount I have achieved, and the skills I've gained to keep on improving myself, has given me a new lease of life. I have learnt to be the person I always wanted to be but my anxieties got in the way. Carolyne is a wonderful teacher mentor and an inspiration, she is down to earth and I've always felt comfortable in sessions.
I am so greatful to have found a way to overcome anxiety without touching medication!!


Amy Moore

I have attended 4 of Carolyne's courses (meditation, heal your life, law of attraction and the visualisation board) and have loved them all! Since my first course in July, I have changed so much and for the better! It is safe to be me, I can be happy, I can love myself, I can be confident. Thank you Carolyne! Looking forward to more courses... I am addicted to this wonderful life :-) xx More...


Yehuda Goldfiner

Awesome coach ! Carolyne will take you to your next level. Her friendly and loving approach and her true care makes her so special :)


Kate Waring

Carolyne Bennett is the soul of Yoda reincarnated.
Listen to everything this woman has to tell you, then go out there put it into practice and watch as all your dreams come true.


Yvette Pickard

I immediately felt held as soon as I met Carolyne. I had become exhausted by the 'traditional' approaches to coaching (even though I'm trained as a coach myself!). Carolyne lives and breathes her purpose, and its refreshing to be around someone who has fully embraced their spiritual path with zero f*&@ks given about what people think. We get to the actual root cause at an energetic level of the things that are getting in my way. I'm at the beginning of my journey with Carolyne and I can already feel that its going to be like being on a spiritual tour bus with Metallica. Its going to ROCK!!!! I'm so grateful that our paths crossed, and I know it wasn't by accident. More...


Lizzie Houlbrooke

Carolyne is the most beautiful person. She teaches self awareness and improvement from personal experience and extreme dedication. Just being in her presence empowers you with self belief and love. She makes me aspire to being the very best person I can be and she has given me the belief that I can achieve anything I wish for. 💖 Thank you so much 😊 More...


Graham Emery

Carolyne is amazing and helped me turn my life around in all parts of my life. I have had about a dozen one on one life coaching sessions and attended two or Carolynes meditation courses.

My friends have noticed how much I am chilled and not so stressed - work colleagues have noticed how I manage people differently and I can now relax.

I have lost my anxiety and I have learned to put me first and not feel guilty.

I cannot thank and recommend Carolyne enough.


Sarah Kerr

Thank goodness I found this most amazing, inspiring and wonderful person, coach and teacher. I have attended several of Carolyne’s courses and through each one have developed and learned masses about myself, gained invaluable tools and have taken so much from them that has helped my everyday life, work and relationships like you wouldn’t believe.

I have also had one to one coaching with Carolyne and it has truly changed my life for the better. I feel
more focused, am acheiving what I want in life, my self belief has grown, Im pursuing my dreams, am so much more relaxed and have clarity on moving forward, enjoying the present and not dwelling on the past. This is due to the work we have done together, and the endless support and help Carolyne gives me. She is infectious, funny, caring and knows her stuff!!

I would highly recommend working with this gorgeous soul - she really is a true magic maker!!
Thank you x


Darren Hart

Wow this lady is truly amazing she has the power the inspiration & knowledge & wisdom to change your life in the up most positive way .. her soul is connected to us all allow Carolyne to be part of your soul and you will never look back,, she's realy has a fantastic sense of humour and you will learn about yourself as she has the access to help you to discover you More...


Louise Fuller

I was feeling really lost and stuck in my life and needed some help.
I came across Carolyne's website and contacted her and I am sooooo glad I did!

Carolyne has helped me reconnect with myself again, she has taught me many tools that have helped me believe in myself again, found my true purpose, see my life and myself from a completely different perspective and I have feel so empowered and back in control of my life again <3

Carolyne is very caring, easy to talk to, fun and encouraging, she is inspirational and she will help you in any way she can, I have had 121 coaching sessions with her which I highly recommend and I have attended her 8 week Law Of Attraction course too, which was fabulous and just magic. (I highly recommend that too)

I am looking forward to many more sessions and courses with her and I have also met lots of new lovely people from these courses, its all fun, fab and life changing!! <3

Thank you Carolyne, you are helping me make my dreams come true <3 xxxxxx


Isabel Johnston

Carolyne is amazing. She lights up a room, makes you feel at ease straight away and her laugh is infectious! She’s professional and really knows, lives and breathes what she teaches you – making it feel so much more real. Her passion can’t help but become yours. I was sceptical going into the one-day mindfulness and yoga retreat, unsure of what to expect, but it was warm, welcoming and opened my eyes to a new way of looking at things. I’ve since had one-one coaching, which is a real life-changing experience. Carolyne is such an expert within her field. Her hands-on tips, exercises and advice, as well as compassion and genuine interest in making you live your life to the fullest has taught me a lot about myself in a short period of time. I can’t recommend her enough! More...